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There truly is no end to these companies' acting like children on the playground.
Samsung is hilarious. First they rip off Apple's design, get their ass handed to them in legal battles, have their products blocked in several countries, and then they turn right back around and copy Apple's legal tactics! They're now asking for the very same injunctions Apple had placed on them, and even after being denied early access, planning on trying to block unannounced, unreleased products that they weren't allowed to preview for their case preparation. ...
What the hell are you talking about?
meh, it's just a shrunken-down iPad. Nobody will buy these.
In the land of fakes and ripoffs, this is a laughable exercise in paranoia. Move on, nothing to see here.
Desperation is a stinky cologne, Larry.
Fuckheads who make sweeping judgements on subjects they know nothing about are fuckheads. I suppose people who work on their own cars and prefer to do business with small independent shops are also dishonest. They're obviously stealing if they don't always shop at Walmart.
The only mistake apple made was to discontinue support for fcp7. Bad idea. So if they bring that back, problem solved. Major redesigns and overhauls need time to iron out the kinks and get up to speed. Most pros don't adopt a new release until it's proven in the field. This is certainly true of major studios. The majority of people who are trying fcpx and complaining about it are semi pro and amateurs. That doesn't make the problems less significant, but this is how it...
I'm not surprised. Of course the masses went out and bought the cheap/free model first, also satisfied that they were bucking the trend, and then learned what a piece of junk and compromised experience they were getting. Now they're more willing to see what all the fuss is about. That, and new availability on everyone's favorite network.
In other news, I just squashed a gnat that was buzzing in my ear.
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