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Big effing deal. Comments much more interesting than the story.
Aside from being misleading, that was one of the worst ad formats ever. OK, we get it, lots of stone ancient tablets (along with stupid jokes) and then a few computer tablets. Is there really any connection other than the word "tablet"? boring music, boring repetition, predictable old punch lines. boring boring boring. And also this revolutionary wonder is vaporware. Won't it be just a giant Razor? Also, they broke the number one rule in advertising: never show your...
We're already way ahead by almost -12 months.... when we finally release it in four months. What math?
haha, who's Apple's bitch now?
ok now THAT's the best idea I ever heard.
best idea I ever heard.
happy I don't use any of them. I like email.
go jObs!
Some people are claiming the Tab isn't an iPad competitor. Ok, I can see that. I'd say the Tab is the first real competitor to the Newton. ha.
email? really? with all the protocols they could have used, the printer gets an email address? pretty pathetic, engineers. I'm waiting for the gimp version.
New Posts  All Forums: