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best idea I ever heard.
happy I don't use any of them. I like email.
go jObs!
Some people are claiming the Tab isn't an iPad competitor. Ok, I can see that. I'd say the Tab is the first real competitor to the Newton. ha.
email? really? with all the protocols they could have used, the printer gets an email address? pretty pathetic, engineers. I'm waiting for the gimp version.
back screen?
oh give me a break. if they're ready then release them.
exaggeration is not an effective legal strategy.
RFID is a really bad implementation for this. why not use wifi or USB and some form of real authentication. Proximity is pretty shaky.
Switzerland had two iPhone carriers from the beginning, and now their third and last carrier has the iPhone 4 since August. You can get it for CHF1- with a two year contract.
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