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If Cook is ever going to run the company, he's going to have to learn the Jobsian art of saying very very little. He's already said too much. Does he imply that Apple products have been only for the rich up until now? If so I strongly disagree. Me and my friends are some of the least wealthy people I know, while still having jobs in a major city. We all have Apple gear, and we don't consider the money spent on it "disposable". I think he's falling prey to the...
One more thing. I think the Aperture team should design the next Finder from the ground up. It needs to be a modern DAM tool, rather than the OS 9 gimp it is today.
Hooray for more date added functionality. But hopefully they're working on getting find/spotlight results bit more comprehensive. I'm using Find Any File anytime I need to dig in to the library or system files. I know they don't want the average user messing around in there, but the option would be nice for admins.
I think the problem is with bonjour in general. They aren't prepared to offer bonjour services or afp because that would require opening up the filesystem for filesharing etc. If they open iOS to a built in AIM client, and they don't include bonjour services, then it isn't really iChat. Adium says they want to start on an app for iOS, but they'll wait until they build a desktop version that doesn't support PowerPC macs, which will be simpler to port directly.
I mean, come on. What level of reasoning does it take to know that Verizon wasn't going to be selling tens of millions of a phone that's been sold to the point of saturation for over three years, mere months before the next upgrade model is due? They knew they wouldn't have the same type of launch as AT&T. Nobody knew exactly what to expect. And to assume it was a failure just because there weren't queues around the block is just plain ignorant.
And yet quite ironically, a half dozen sites are already citing Gruber's carbon fiber rumor in their front page headlines. No shame.
Technically, you shouldn't end a sentence in a preposition. So for those of us who love the English language for its regaled beauty, "Come see of what 2011 will be the year" is preferred. However, for those of us who more so love the English language for its flexibility, ease of evolution and expressibility, and appreciate the beauty of slang, the phrase is just fine. Have it how you like.
Big effing deal. Comments much more interesting than the story.
Aside from being misleading, that was one of the worst ad formats ever. OK, we get it, lots of stone ancient tablets (along with stupid jokes) and then a few computer tablets. Is there really any connection other than the word "tablet"? boring music, boring repetition, predictable old punch lines. boring boring boring. And also this revolutionary wonder is vaporware. Won't it be just a giant Razor? Also, they broke the number one rule in advertising: never show your...
We're already way ahead by almost -12 months.... when we finally release it in four months. What math?
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