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back screen?
oh give me a break. if they're ready then release them.
exaggeration is not an effective legal strategy.
RFID is a really bad implementation for this. why not use wifi or USB and some form of real authentication. Proximity is pretty shaky.
Switzerland had two iPhone carriers from the beginning, and now their third and last carrier has the iPhone 4 since August. You can get it for CHF1- with a two year contract.
I said it before and I'll say it again. Apple is using the white iPhone as an excuse to redesign and fix the antenna issue as well. They don't want to admit there's a flaw with the antenna design because that will mean massive recalls, but if they happen to redesign the iPhone so the white works, then the black will follow and they kill two birds with one stone. I'll bet you a quarter.
filed under China gives two shits about its workers
And where the hell is iWork in all this? I want to use iWork on the iPad, but I have '08 on the Mac, which isn't compatible with the iPad version. Since there's no upgrade pricing for iWork, I didn't want to buy the almost 2 year old '09 when '11 was just around the corner. But how far exactly around the corner is it? sheesh.
How ridiculous. They should have let them stay. I'm sure it would be nice to live in the middle of the parking lot and then be left with a worthless piece of land.
Amazing how many people don't know shit. Do your research, people. You just love hating on things you don't understand.
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