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And where the hell is iWork in all this? I want to use iWork on the iPad, but I have '08 on the Mac, which isn't compatible with the iPad version. Since there's no upgrade pricing for iWork, I didn't want to buy the almost 2 year old '09 when '11 was just around the corner. But how far exactly around the corner is it? sheesh.
How ridiculous. They should have let them stay. I'm sure it would be nice to live in the middle of the parking lot and then be left with a worthless piece of land.
Amazing how many people don't know shit. Do your research, people. You just love hating on things you don't understand.
...because that's where the iPhones are.
RIM will soon discover the only secret to their Blackberry's success was enterprise saturation and push. And perhaps a physical keyboard. None of that will help a tablet.
Yeah, I'm so awesome. I'm not worried they'll leave my party- because I've got them chained to the wall!!
So if I want to sell a lot of, let's say, cheese, then my best marking strategy begins with, "this cheese is promising to be a hit this season, with pre-orders already coming in. It'll really blow away the iPad, this cheese. Anyone considering the iPad should check out our cheese first. You won't be disappointed."
How does this work?and Seems something is conflicting. Or some whacked stat interpretation is going on.
Except for the fact that iWork, for example, can't even save to the iDisk. Hmmm
What data? These are projections based on nothing. What do you think they did, poll the future?Anyway, in 4 years we'll probably not be using phones anymore, once the carriers hold on the illusion of voice/data distiction falls through and we realize they should be going flat rate like the isps.
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