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If this guy really wanted to stick it to Apple and get rich at the same time he would put it on Cydia and Rock for 99cents, even for just a few days. Everyone would get it.
I didn't like the voice until I realized the connection to the Newton ads. I still don't like it, but at least it has a reason.
And you'll still pay a lot less even after import taxes. I'm still waiting for pricing info ("infos") in Switzerland. Bet it's at least 150% the US price.
um, GPS can't be used to track you. It's just a receiver. Location services can be (and they're watching you right now!!!)
good stuff.
Generally, when you cross the border into another country, you start roaming and pay a lot for it. The only exceptions are some smaller countries are served my the same infrastructure as another neighboring country (I live in Switzerland and don't roam when I go into Liechtenstein). You really don't get much coverage for your money in Europe, not like it is in the US.
In Switzerland, I'd recommend getting a Sunrise "T@keAway" prepaid USB modem and popping out the SIM, trim to size. I think it's about $3 per day of actual use, unlimited 3G. That's actually what I use here in my iPhone, the non-prepaid version is about $50 per month unlimited, and it allows voice calls and text messages as well.
year-month-day is also the best way for chrono digital file order.
I'm American and I live in Europe, so I got mixed up all the time when I first came here. Now I've taken to writing the month out ("May") or using the international/computer format in most cases (yyyymmdd).
Now THAT"S analysis.
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