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so, f that guy. What's next? Oh, and bad press is better than no press.
interesting, but who cares?
no, Apple has a 1 year warranty that can be extended to 3 years. AT&T give no warranty on the iPhone.
Why does AI so emphatically use the word "hacker" when reporting on jailbreaking? Just curious.
Notice there's no "New" tag on the Mac Pro in the Apple Store. They're not available just yet.
The vocal minority. How many times do you go to hundreds of websites after a purchase to spread around how much you're pleased with what you just bought? No, just the complaints are spread around. That makes any issue appear greatly inflated. Don't get your hopes up- this will not sink Apple or the iPhone. The press is the only one perpetuating the problem, for their own gain, and that's keeping some people from purchasing until an acceptable fix is produced. Some.
I take back what I said about you being a fucking idiot and all that. I guess you're ok. Rare someone will own up around these parts.
personal attack removed
ok, ye of little intelligence, let me spell it out for you: UNLOCKING- #1 reason to jailbreak, if you travel internationally, it's a must. Winterboard- I don't use it, but many do. Intelliscreen- still no answer from Apple for this. SBSettings- crucial. Tethering- unrestricted and very nice. SSH- don't get me started. All-data SIM- I'm on a 100% data plan, like when you get one of those USB stick modems. There's a SIM card inside, pop it out and into the iPhone= superfast...
New Posts  All Forums: