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oh god, not again.
Well, they have MobileMe and iDisk, but somehow they just haven't put them to good use for the iPad. That needs to happen asap.
Not true. Licensing is different from rebranding. Duracell rebrands Eneloops for their precharged hybrids. You have to find the 1900 mAh ones with the white ring around the tip and made in Japan on the cell. These are referred to as Duraloops on candlepower forums and such. Apple's cells don't have the white tip, but they're the right amperage and origin. Eneloops and gp are great but you need the right charger to really max out their potential. I use the powermax...
so, f that guy. What's next? Oh, and bad press is better than no press.
interesting, but who cares?
no, Apple has a 1 year warranty that can be extended to 3 years. AT&T give no warranty on the iPhone.
Why does AI so emphatically use the word "hacker" when reporting on jailbreaking? Just curious.
Notice there's no "New" tag on the Mac Pro in the Apple Store. They're not available just yet.
The vocal minority. How many times do you go to hundreds of websites after a purchase to spread around how much you're pleased with what you just bought? No, just the complaints are spread around. That makes any issue appear greatly inflated. Don't get your hopes up- this will not sink Apple or the iPhone. The press is the only one perpetuating the problem, for their own gain, and that's keeping some people from purchasing until an acceptable fix is produced. Some.
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