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Shouting, "follow that car!"
Exactly. I'm exercising great restraint by not lighting up the two whine-fest threads on the Apple forums with a huge told-you-so. The FUD spreaders will no doubt deny the whole thing, insisting Apple is trying to screw their customers. Haha
"Button shapes" is pretty bad. Very beta looking.
I think you're right.  Developers are not testing real-world situations.
The real question is why aren't these things caught in beta testing?  It's like they've only got a half-dozen people testing and they're all on brand new hardware.   For what it's worth, I've got a 2010 Mac Mini and airplay mirroring seems to be working fine to my Apple TV 3rd gen.   I wonder if it's a permissions problem?  Or perhaps a reinstall would fix?  
Holy tl;dr!
To say that Americans don't want to work in factories is complete bullshit. Go to Detroit or Dayton and you'll find 1000s of workers who'd jump at those jobs, if there were any jobs. The factories closed and moved to Mexico and then Asia a long time ago because of dirt cheap labor. To say that there's no skilled labor in the US is only half bullshit, but still bullshit. It's only true in the fact that it takes factories to train workers. No factories, no skilled...
It's not racist to point out that Korean firms have a bad habit of stealing IP. It's a cultural fact. They're proud of their copying. They do it shamelessly. Hyundai, Kia, Daiwoo, Samsung, LG, Hankook - Look at their products. Every one a copy of one or more successful products from someone else's hard work and talent. Asian copycat culture is a typical Stockholm Syndrome. We're so used to it we just assume it's normal and acceptable. It isn't.
Skins, ha! Skins.I actually prefer the new UI. Just takes some getting used to. Better to take advantage of inertia scrolling rather than flipping pages back and forth.
You're an idiot You're mistaken, not that Apple doesn't report units shipped but that they do in fact report sales. This is why these bullshit reports are always skewed. Not that it matters in the race to the bottom.
New Posts  All Forums: