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It depends. Are you a cute fourth grader? You do sound like one.
The difference is that in 1984 IBM was making this. That future was pretty bleak. I mean, you can't turn this around on Apple, considering their shit rocks, and IBM's, well, didn't.
Both of those things are not at all true. mpeg-4 and pdfs display fine. it's not Apple's fault you're one of 7 people who used jpeg2000.
This will fail for the same reason Apple TV fails. Most people who would consider this will also easily figure out that you can just hook up a bigger monitor or tv to any old computer.
This whole thing makes both companies look bad.
If this guy really wanted to stick it to Apple and get rich at the same time he would put it on Cydia and Rock for 99cents, even for just a few days. Everyone would get it.
I didn't like the voice until I realized the connection to the Newton ads. I still don't like it, but at least it has a reason.
And you'll still pay a lot less even after import taxes. I'm still waiting for pricing info ("infos") in Switzerland. Bet it's at least 150% the US price.
um, GPS can't be used to track you. It's just a receiver. Location services can be (and they're watching you right now!!!)
good stuff.
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