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Google is NOT a technology giant. They're an advertising giant. Everything else up until Android has been offered for free.
Apple removes Wi-Fi scanners, 'minimum functionality' iPhone apps... and adds one more reason to Jailbreak.
Occam's Razor alone suggests nothing. There are too many factors. .Mac was crap only because it was slow. MobileMe is actually much much better, but still too slow.
Looks like I'll be sitting this one out, again. CS3 is just right and zippy, handles everything fine. Adobe had a real problem after Lightroom, trying not to make the two overlap too much so people would buy both. Now they've got a real weird model with LR, PS and BR. How they go together is anybody's guess. I'm using Aperture mostly now, with seldom trips to PS for the big stuff. CS4 added very little, and CS5 seems like another baby step. Adobe just keeps getting...
wow, they'll adjust prices according to market demand? Revolutionary! this is news?
these guys are freaking clueless.
too many buttons.
OMG I can't wait. It's going to be awesome! I'm already so bored with 10.6's bland and outdated look.
They said the same thing about Tiger when Leopard was released. Give it a few months. SL will be the best ever, for sure.
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