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I know this will never happen, but I'd love to see Apple offer some machines, such as the Mac Pro and the Mini server without memory or hard drives, perhaps at a slightly reduced price. They're never sufficient enough, and upon upgrading they've been basically throwaways on my last few machines (not that I throw them away, rather they sit in a drawer, but I can't even give them away).
MY thoughts exactly (though this is an OS issue not just Aperture).My issue with Apple regarding Aperture is not necessarily the major releases, but the fact that bug reports and feature enhancements (like naming and exporting options) go largely ignored. I mean, shit, another six months without some kind of update like 2.5 or at least 2.2, and Apple is going to lose a good many people to Lightroom. Just the fact that you can try the beta, which is still annoying with...
"an Apple TV upgrade will not be unveiled " that means it's definitely happening.
if anything, Apple is doing Palm a favor by dropping support. If that becomes a final motive for people to upgrade their aging device, surely some of them will buy a Pre. I doubt that has anything to do with it though. Supporting Palm devices isn't as much of a boon as it used to be. Anyway, Missing Sync was always better than the native Palm isync plugin.
While I'm completely in favor of dissolving exclusivity contracts, this is not the way to do it. Equal Rights doesn't mean everyone gets to have everything. Shit, if you want an iPhone, buy one off eBay and cross your fingers. While the end goal is commendable, the rhetoric is lousy.
Jailbreak, get Poof. You can delete the stocks icon too.
1)*** to all those disrespectful enough to say anything but nice about MJ right now. He influenced good in your life much more than you realize, and swallowing everything the media trumped up about him even after due process is ignorant and foolish. 2) I'm pretty sure MJ's estate can sell off a few goodies to recover $400M in less than a month. 3) Apple might want to think about the image of profiting heavily from a star's death so acutely, and consider donating those...
I'd love an MBA with a smaller footprint. I'm sure it'll come when they can squeeze a little bit more in a tighter space. The heat issue is just a matter of design and/or fans (I think the MBA is fanless, right?). Really it's an amazing machine, but not practical for most people. It's exactly an Engineering marvel, but it needs to find a better place in the lineup if it's going to survive. I suspect a bum machine in these tests anyway, though there's not much...
who the fuck cares?
Um, who cares what the 35-49 segment thinks? I'm in that range, and I certainly don't drive the market. Let them have their crappy machines. They should know better. Let's see what the kids think.
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