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I'm American and I live in Europe, so I got mixed up all the time when I first came here. Now I've taken to writing the month out ("May") or using the international/computer format in most cases (yyyymmdd).
Now THAT"S analysis.
For the record, the iPhone is NOT a PDA/phone hybrid.
wow, where have you naysayers been for the past 20 years. Whatever Oprah endorses is immediate gold. She is by far the most influential person for American women, and it's people like her that get people elected, authors on the bestseller list and films made or broken. The iPad is going to sell like hotcakes.
Mine is sitting in my personal Apple museum. What, you don't have a personal Apple museum?
yes. exactly.
No matter how many times AT&T puts on a new logo, splits up, unifies, or "rebrands" itself (um, telephones, that's about it), they'll still be the same old bloated wasteful dinosaur of the 80's. They could never handle competition because they always seem to think they can't fall- even after they did. My father worked for AT&T for 30 years. They dropped him cold without notice in 1992 along with 1000s of other loyal employees. My family has been screwed ever since. ...
I'm not such a big poster here, but I do read almost everything, as I do many forums. I have to say it's the same everywhere. Trolls are here to stay. And every method of dealing with them is either ineffective or becomes just as bad, if not worse, than the trolls themselves. It's like, Digg being the worst possible example, everything is approaching that level of over-moderation slowly but surely. Slashdot, Ars, all the Gawker sites, anything with modding, ignore,...
I'll be somewhere in those 2011 stats, I suppose.
I need to see pixels. From far away anything looks good.
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