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1)*** to all those disrespectful enough to say anything but nice about MJ right now. He influenced good in your life much more than you realize, and swallowing everything the media trumped up about him even after due process is ignorant and foolish. 2) I'm pretty sure MJ's estate can sell off a few goodies to recover $400M in less than a month. 3) Apple might want to think about the image of profiting heavily from a star's death so acutely, and consider donating those...
I'd love an MBA with a smaller footprint. I'm sure it'll come when they can squeeze a little bit more in a tighter space. The heat issue is just a matter of design and/or fans (I think the MBA is fanless, right?). Really it's an amazing machine, but not practical for most people. It's exactly an Engineering marvel, but it needs to find a better place in the lineup if it's going to survive. I suspect a bum machine in these tests anyway, though there's not much...
who the fuck cares?
Um, who cares what the 35-49 segment thinks? I'm in that range, and I certainly don't drive the market. Let them have their crappy machines. They should know better. Let's see what the kids think.
-Do you have any idea how fast you were going? -55? -53. -But officer, isn't the speed limit 55? -Yeah, it is. I had to read the title a few times, and then read the sub title before I knew what was going on. It should read, "AT&T pins neutered SlingPlayer on iPhone's not being a phone." Conditionality is possesive. I'm going to let you go with a warning this time.
yeah maybe, except the quality of the panel makes color correcting pretty pointless.
sounds really boring.
just buy a used iPhone and, *gulp*, jailbreak it.
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