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This guy and the judge are both working for Amazon.
Well, that should make all the douchebags happy.
No Aperture update? I guess we'll know in two weeks whether it's really dead or not.
never had multitasking crashes on my 4s.
Why not?
I've been hoping that Apple would buy Pixelmator and merge it into Aperture to make a start to finish non-destructive editing workflow. Why not?
It's very apparent to me.  The roadmap was for cross platform parity.  In order to do this, now was the time to bring things down to the common denominator and develop them side by side.  It had to be done eventually and bulking up the OS X version wasn't going to make it any easier.
Welcome to the world of computers.  But you should probably just go back to using a typewriter. 
In that case you'll have to find a copy of the old version.  Or have them export it as a PDF or .doc
You can get the old version for a new machine by using the Migration Assistant when you set the new machine up, or even afterward by dragging the application over File Sharing from the old machine, or a Time Machine backup.  Apple will never remove the old version or files.  They will always be there.   iWork was rewritten to achieve parity on a roadmap to the future.  It was critical and necessary.  Like FCPX, the features will be restored in time and until then, '09 will...
New Posts  All Forums: