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You can get the old version for a new machine by using the Migration Assistant when you set the new machine up, or even afterward by dragging the application over File Sharing from the old machine, or a Time Machine backup.  Apple will never remove the old version or files.  They will always be there.   iWork was rewritten to achieve parity on a roadmap to the future.  It was critical and necessary.  Like FCPX, the features will be restored in time and until then, '09 will...
Mikey, the article needs to be updated. There's no data loss since the autosave feature allows past versions to be restored, even without Time Machine. Please update it so the frenzy of panicked users calms down.
Don't be a dick, you can revert to previous versions.
I've been actively participating in the Apple Discussion Forums the past couple days, and I'm shocked at how childish some users can be. The guy who's compiling the list is a level 7 user, and he's been trash talking Apple on his thread, adding hopelessness to the already heated discussion by drawing conclusions about how Apple has abandoned its users and is intentionally damaging their data, AND HE HASN'T EVEN USED THE NEW VERSION! Of course if you try to jump in as the...
Try again. The selling price and monthly fee are laughable. A webcam and Evocam are a much better setup.
If your goal was to give me a headache trying to figure out the difference between the black and silver editions, mission accomplished.
Definitely should be 5GB per device minimum.
So sick of fickle investors. These poor saps have no idea how to estimate anything of value, just in it for the pyramid scheme of it. Buy low sell high. I hope the stock tanks and Apple buys it all up so they can stop having to pander to these bozos. My apologies to the reasonable investors. But I would certainly want out of this ridiculous game if I were you.
Caution, if someone has admin access, they can break in and get admin access!
If they release two new models of the 5, certainly the 5s will be A7 and the 5c will be A6. They need that for differentiation.
New Posts  All Forums: