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So sick of fickle investors. These poor saps have no idea how to estimate anything of value, just in it for the pyramid scheme of it. Buy low sell high. I hope the stock tanks and Apple buys it all up so they can stop having to pander to these bozos. My apologies to the reasonable investors. But I would certainly want out of this ridiculous game if I were you.
Caution, if someone has admin access, they can break in and get admin access!
If they release two new models of the 5, certainly the 5s will be A7 and the 5c will be A6. They need that for differentiation.
"Oh, I'm sorry, maybe you'd prefer to be a little closer to your northern neighbors. No? Ok let's stop the posturing and whining."
The ITC isn't a court. It's an executive agency that administers laws, and therefore is subject to the scrutiny of the legislative and executive branches. Obama was well within his duty to veto their decision. And yes, they were very willy nilly. If Samsung's prior behavior is any indication, perhaps they were even bribed.
No Ethernet, no digital audio. Typical Google half baked product. Needs other devices to function. Definitely worth no more than $35.
say it with me: open wins.
I swear these judges are being paid by Samsung. A tax on the court's resources? Really? That's a legitimate reason to deny? So a whole new trial won't be any more taxing? Give me a break. This is obviously a pro-Samsung move to keep the G4 on the shelves. By the time it comes to trial it'll be obsolete.
Because carrier services are so great. I'm sure customers would rather be able to read their horoscope than have the option of buying an iPhone.
Who really cares about the design. It's just something new to keep the look fresh. Smaller footprint is better for me. The previous time capsules couldn't fit in the space I had for them and I had to go with extreme plus hdd. Cat6 cables will probably be a bit stiff and pull it around, but anyone with experience can manage their cables better, or get some flat flexi cables. But bitches always gotta bitch.
New Posts  All Forums: