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  Well, it's only in beta, and these things take time.  I expect to see a great deal of the new design language by the final release.  Don't feel disappointed.  Your expectations are probably just unrealistic.
Shadow of a doubt.
It's local news coverage that will suffer here. Most newspapers use syndicated images and copy, particularly for national and international news. Im sure there were several great photographers who've been let go, and that's a mistake. But likely the staff was mostly semi-pro level (I'm guessing this based on my experience as a freelance photog with the Chicago Tribune). Still, I think they'll run into many cases where local news covered with an iphone will result in...
Yes screen sharing is a joke. But what the heck are you talking about with the menus? Reviewers don't talk about it because it's a non-issue. The elephant in the room is Windows, talk about menus all over the place. You're just used to it and the menu/button redundancy in OS X is confusing for you. But forMac users they have very real and practical use. Buttons in the windows are graphical shortcuts, and the complex stuff resides in menus at the top of the screen,...
Ugh. FCPX is just fine after a few point updates. Please. The only people who can't handle X are old guys too set in their ways to try new things. For them there's Avid and Premiere.
File this under No Sh*t. I'm pretty sure iOS 7 will follow every other major release with at least 200+ new features. Did anyone actually think the supposed new interface design was the only new feature? On the other hand, you can also file this under Doing It Wrong, because feature mimicking just for the sake of "me too" has not and never will serve Apple or its users. In fact, I'd say the reason we don't have such great and obvious ideas as Contacts data detectors and...
neither of you knows squat.
Fortune is Samsung's little bitch.
Waste of money if you ask me. I don't understand this pandering to shareholders and market hacks. Apple has enough money without requiring capital investment. Honestly, if I were them, I'd just let Wall Street play its little game and focus on delivering more great products. If the share price goes up, great. If it goes down, super. Buy it all back when it hits $50 and take the company private. Dividends are for companies who need investors.
The App Store should roll over 50 Billion app downloads sometime today.  At the current rate it's a little under two hours from now.  There's no way to be precise, but if you watch the countdown, you can take a good stab at winning the contest.
New Posts  All Forums: