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Waste of money if you ask me. I don't understand this pandering to shareholders and market hacks. Apple has enough money without requiring capital investment. Honestly, if I were them, I'd just let Wall Street play its little game and focus on delivering more great products. If the share price goes up, great. If it goes down, super. Buy it all back when it hits $50 and take the company private. Dividends are for companies who need investors.
The App Store should roll over 50 Billion app downloads sometime today.  At the current rate it's a little under two hours from now.  There's no way to be precise, but if you watch the countdown, you can take a good stab at winning the contest.
Say it with me boys and girls: Shipped does NOT equal sold!
It's the only way they can generate clicks.
Betcha it'll go for a million space bucks.
I calculate it'll hit 50 billion in 9 days. Anybody want to double check that for me?
Attention shoppers: shipped does not equal sold.
Obviously they're promoting the phones that need promoting. AT&T wants to sell ALL their phones, naturally. They don't need a promotion to sell iPhones. So they pump up the others because they don't want stock sitting on their shelves.
Yeah my iPad Mini causes me to light up a big ol spliff and all I see is production constrain.
When Apple creates a stupid policy like this, it's like pulling teeth to get around it, even if all the Apple reps know it's a stupid policy. It just takes so much time and energy to get to some one who can actually do anything about it.
New Posts  All Forums: