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I calculate it'll hit 50 billion in 9 days. Anybody want to double check that for me?
Attention shoppers: shipped does not equal sold.
Obviously they're promoting the phones that need promoting. AT&T wants to sell ALL their phones, naturally. They don't need a promotion to sell iPhones. So they pump up the others because they don't want stock sitting on their shelves.
Yeah my iPad Mini causes me to light up a big ol spliff and all I see is production constrain.
When Apple creates a stupid policy like this, it's like pulling teeth to get around it, even if all the Apple reps know it's a stupid policy. It just takes so much time and energy to get to some one who can actually do anything about it.
He has no Mac Pro on his roadmap, so obviously this is all bunk.
Edit: oh, old joke.
Poor guy can't stand a little teasing on an Apple blog. Look, the reality is that Google and the millions of bloggers out there who love to champion them, claim that everything about Google is open and free, and that just turns out to be a bunch of bull in the end. So when this kind of stuff happens and people make a little fun of it, sorry, but they had it coming. Don't get your panties in a wad.
Apple has a standing policy to consider bringing back a former employee after a voluntary hiatus, so I wouldn't be at all surprised to see them bring Johnson back with open arms.
Business is slow? Say something negative about Apple!
New Posts  All Forums: