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Marketing language aside, resolution can be defined in terms of dots/pixels per inch or over all pixel count. 220ppi (pixel density) and 2880x1800 (pixel dimensions) are both combined measurements of resolution.
Bravo! Finally somebody has the balls to start publishing this stuff in depth. Joke's over. Thanks for showing up that this isn't actually SamsungInsider.
Sorry, there is NO WAY they'll launch a non retina iPhone when the freaking iPod Touch is retina. NO WAY.
In my experience, including sales, service and out of warranty repair/replacement, Apple Europe is a VERY different company compared to Apple US. They just aren't as focused on customer satisfaction, and much more prone to bullying. The good news is that Apple US is still the boss, and so if you have any real issues, you have to call them. That said, the EU is has a very liberal definition of "anti-competition" and are real keen on leveraging heavy fines against rich...
The fundamental problem here is that people - you, me, writers, analysts, everyone - got used to Apple doing something nobody expected, didn't know they wanted (and now can't live without). This created a schism in "innovation". There's now Apple style innovation, which gets everyone on the edge of their seat, and there's normal (let's call it Samsung style for fun) innovation. So we expect Apple to give us something amazing that we can't imagine. Like children on...
I find AI and The Verge to be the most authentic when it comes to engaging conversation.
Plus there are trolls on that site just begging to be insulted. I've been reported and suspended a few times in my 8 years commenting there. Each time the a-hole had it coming.
Give the phone a soul says the company with an OS called Android.
Not focusing on hardware says the hardware manufacturer.
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