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The message that the original "willful infringement" ruling sent out to the handset manufacturers of the world is clear today. Two years ago it was just Samsung whose lineup looked exactly like the iPhone - black and white models, no keyboard, rounded corners, edge to edge screen, chrome edges, single physical button. Today, now that they know it's "OK", every manufacturer's lineup looks like the iPhone.
Oh, he was kidding?
This is when Apple should be buying the company.
There it is again, that word. Innovation is not what Samsung is doing. Samsung is in the copying business. They're porting the Apple experience to Android, and a cheapened one at that.
Yes, lots of people use Passbook.
And this is the system that the world's financial well-being depends on. Nothing "remotely truthful". How is this allowed to continue?
"Samsung's Galaxy S lineup represents the company's flagship smartphone, which competes head to head with Apple's newest iPhone models." uh... Or so they think. That's like Hyundai's luxury Mercedes look-alike going head-to-head with Benz.
Hogwash. The value of tech stock in particular has nothing to do with a company's performance or dividends. I'd go further to say the any publicly traded company is foolish to issue dividends since the market is dominated by day traders and hedge funds, so what's the point? Why should Apple give away money to people who otherwise dump their stock and therefore undermine the value when the company has record quarters? It's better saved to invest in other areas that...
I'm surprised to see it's also been removed from the Swiss store.  I thought this was an EU thing.   Edit:  oh, it's the IEC not the EU.  
I think because the Mac and later the iPhone and iPad were premium products that many people couldn't afford, especially back in the 90s, the general response was a defensive one, contributing to class struggle in which poorer people naturally had to use cheaper computers. That's where the anti-Apple sentiment grew from. It continues today even though you can get an iPhone free, albeit an older model (again, poor people are relegated to older models). I find myself...
New Posts  All Forums: