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Who. Cares.
or it could be the iWatch will actually be called iRing, like, a larger ring shaped device that you can wear around your wrist, hold in your hand, whatever. But I doubt any of this is true.
I don't know how you can credibly make that statement as a non-Aperture user. I use both, and those "advanced" features are nothing more than I can do in Photoshop. So I still stand behind Aperture as the superior DAM, my point all along. And the OP was switching away not for advanced features but because he refused to update his OS to support new cameras, a foolish move IMO, and my other point all along.And to say LR and Aperture are not comparable, well, are you high?...
Yeah, well plenty of most likely to succeed high schoolers went on to discover a new universe of drugs in college. What's the real definition of 'success'?
The guy said he loved Aperture but refused to update his OS to keep up with new features. That's his loss. Say what you want but Aperture is the superior DAM hands down, and the rest is about personal UI preference. It's silly to refuse to update your OS and expect to keep up with software releases. That's my point and the facts are self evident.
Your loss. If you want continued support and new features, update your OS. Apple made it clear that was their strategy years ago, and those of us who follow their advice don't have to deal with Adobe's bloat and bugs quite as much. Aperture today may be behind on features, but it's still the best UI and DAM out there. 4 is just around the corner.
That's the sound of Google gasping for air.   ah well, looks like Gmail is going to be my junk only account from now on.  No big deal.  They think they have everybody hooked.  we'll see.
Marketing language aside, resolution can be defined in terms of dots/pixels per inch or over all pixel count. 220ppi (pixel density) and 2880x1800 (pixel dimensions) are both combined measurements of resolution.
Bravo! Finally somebody has the balls to start publishing this stuff in depth. Joke's over. Thanks for showing up that this isn't actually SamsungInsider.
New Posts  All Forums: