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Tripe. That money can stay overseas or be out into foreign investments and nobody can "pressure" Apple or any other company into bringing it "back" to the US (actually not "back" because it was never here in the first place- they make it seem like Apple exported the cash to avoid taxes). This isn't news. Theres no flaw in the US tax code that's allowing any shenanigans here. This money was earned overseas, and that's where it will stay until they see fit to put it...
You guys are making this too complicated. You don't even have to turn these reports into a negative anymore. Good news, bad news, no matter. "Suppliers add 10,000 jobs as Apple set to post record sales and profits" Stock plummets to $200.
Oh noes, you mean we won't be getting a version update everytime we fire up our browser? Mozilla is late to the party. If they knew there was a party.
What's Chinese for shipped does not equal sold?
Samsung was found liable for patent infringement, not objective willfull trade dress violations, which any joe can clearly see beyond the shadow of a doubt. The jury did what they could do, awarded damages on the patents and also on trade dress, but the judges ruling nullified the trade dress award, which was the most obvious part. In this case, justice was clearly blind. So yes, legalized property theft. Now everyone else is doing it too.
Haha, This whole thing is like the story line of the Matrix: Apple is Zion, Google is the Matrix, and Samsung is agent Smith, replicating and taking control of the whole system. I can see Apple at some point approaching Google and saying something along the lines of: "the program Smith has grown beyond your control. Soon he will spread through this city, as he spread through the matrix. You cannot stop him. But I can".
The message that the original "willful infringement" ruling sent out to the handset manufacturers of the world is clear today. Two years ago it was just Samsung whose lineup looked exactly like the iPhone - black and white models, no keyboard, rounded corners, edge to edge screen, chrome edges, single physical button. Today, now that they know it's "OK", every manufacturer's lineup looks like the iPhone.
Oh, he was kidding?
This is when Apple should be buying the company.
There it is again, that word. Innovation is not what Samsung is doing. Samsung is in the copying business. They're porting the Apple experience to Android, and a cheapened one at that.
New Posts  All Forums: