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The fundamental problem here is that people - you, me, writers, analysts, everyone - got used to Apple doing something nobody expected, didn't know they wanted (and now can't live without). This created a schism in "innovation". There's now Apple style innovation, which gets everyone on the edge of their seat, and there's normal (let's call it Samsung style for fun) innovation. So we expect Apple to give us something amazing that we can't imagine. Like children on...
I find AI and The Verge to be the most authentic when it comes to engaging conversation.
Plus there are trolls on that site just begging to be insulted. I've been reported and suspended a few times in my 8 years commenting there. Each time the a-hole had it coming.
Give the phone a soul says the company with an OS called Android.
Not focusing on hardware says the hardware manufacturer.
You sure are good at knowing what someone else thinks. Nowhere did your boyfriend clearly state what you say he meant. All of us non clairvoyants are going off what he wrote. Happy you can mind meld so well. Please, continue to defend one loudmouth against the rest of the Internet. Do you owe him money or something?
It is what it is. You can get some people to come over as first time buyers by bombarding them with advertising, but repeat sales will only come from quality products and good experiences, not to mention word of mouth influence. What's better, 20 million one time buyers or 10 million repeat buyers who bring their friends? We'll see who can endure.
Or you could, you know, make sure you know what you're talking about before spouting tripe. They aren't evading taxes. It's not like they're hiding earnings in an offshore account. That money was foreign earned and taxes were paid where it was earned.
New Posts  All Forums: