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Well... Double the gravity will play havoc with more than the price of carrots I'm sure
Bring plenty food. I hear the shopping on Kepler-452b is crap. Allegedly. And you get ripped off on the vegetables, like about 3 carrots per lb!
The wait for a new model is an eternal one. There will always be a new model. That makes no sense. Or are you considering Windows 10 because you know what a nightmare a hackintosh will be?
As in Fish & Chips or Cricket? Either way it sounds brutal and I am glad no one does either. In fact, I'd definitely bat my eyelid if I ever saw a fellow Brit batter any body part, least of all an eyelid.
For me Pages is just fine but then I don't write many documents anymore. I run a small company but we have little use for word-processing. When we do we don't need many features. Collaboration is not relevant to us so Pages is fine. Ditto Numbers. I really can't fault either. I haven't used MS Office for years now. For power users clearly iWork will not suffice and Apple is not even trying to compete in that area. I still keep MS Office on my Mac for when I receive...
I do believe Tim Cook is passionate about this and believes in what he says but as Snowden pointed out, and it hadn't escaped me that it is convenient for him that his stance aligns perfectly with his business interests. IN many ways Apple is old school and has always been so. I mean who the hell produces physical products that are just good in their own right these days? I have always thought highly of the fact that Apple never fully embraced the 'free' advertising...
He has a sneaking suspicion.
On the contrary. Not that I would be walking around worrying about it personally, but these are larger philosophical issues that transcend party politics, and I suspect even religion, as witnessed by the views of these forum members. It is akin to the government having a master key for everybody's house. Clearly agents wouldn't be running around rifling through everybody's personal stuff in every house all the time, but the idea that our own government should have free...
Unless they do what we do - come from above. Shock and Awe terrorism.
I don't watch tv all that much but I don't want to have to choose between HBO or Showtime or whatever. That is why I'll never signup.I agree. Purchasing from iTunes is not hat expensive and the best part is that is advertising free. A streaming service would be fantastic though I am not sure how they will sell it. New content comes at a premium price so some kind of differentiation would be required. Apple would be going head to toe with Netflix and were Apple to introduce...
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