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I don't watch tv all that much but I don't want to have to choose between HBO or Showtime or whatever. That is why I'll never signup.I agree. Purchasing from iTunes is not hat expensive and the best part is that is advertising free. A streaming service would be fantastic though I am not sure how they will sell it. New content comes at a premium price so some kind of differentiation would be required. Apple would be going head to toe with Netflix and were Apple to introduce...
I have options. I have three competing cable companies as well as independents. These rent bandwidth from the cable companies but under government regulation so they rent at competitive rates and they have package design autonomy. Personally I think broadband should be a service like roads, 'free' to all covered by taxes. We'd still be held to ransom by the content owners but I prefer that to cable middle-men.
Me too. I have always said that chord cutting will not save money for the average user, but I am also interested in some sort f comparison. I am thinking it might even cost more in the end. At the moment I get a lot of stuff from Netflix and anything I have a need to watch 'immediately' I'll buy from iTunes (or rent in the case of movies).It looks to me as if the Showtime deal (et al) are just like mini cable deals - you pay a subscription for a bundle and only end up...
It is more like the color of what would come back up after a couple of those glasses. Euech!
OK, thanks, I just assumed (Google, and all). I am trying to point my kids towards Apple Music (family plan), but they are resistant to change. The way they listen to music is VERY different than older (20 and up), folks do. I despair.
Not arguing with that (though I am sure he'd be offended by your suggestion he might be playing down at the local pub or bar , but the same can be said of many past greats. I have no idea what his popularity is or what the demand for his music is anymore.
I don't listen to music on Youtube but my kids do. They also use an app called itube or some such that caches the music and lets them create playlists etc for offline playing. Everything appears to be available. The question is wether YouTube have licensing deals with all the rights holders? I assumed they didn't but I could be wrong, of course.
How is it that Youtube and the other services that ride on its back can stream and cache music unfettered?
Who cares? The minute apple starts listening to those people is when the end begins.
But this is not a personal soapbox. Apple has clearly stated that it is an inclusive non-discriminatory organization. Apple believes in diversity. So for Apple to officially support the LGBT community is par for the course.
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