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Really? Rationale? Are you trying to convince a bunch of techno geeks that there is no Loch Ness monster? Get outa here!
  A couple of years old.
I am considering getting a mini to replace my old mb. I have a large monitor at the office and at home I could use the 27" iMac as a monitor. Generally the iPad suffices at home or when moving about.
Well, I'm in agreement. I think the bezel was helpful and I kinda struggle with the thin bezel on the air. Most of the time I have the Apple leather cover on it and that makes it worse IMO. When I use it for extended periods I take the cover off. I don't have a problem with accidental button presses but I find covering the screen with my thumb necessitates constant 're-grips'. Bezel reduction was inevitable, however.(It was the very whiny tone of your initial comment that...
Easy. Open a new FB account and friend everybody on your avoid list.
Which is pretty hilarious. Fox News is right wing reactionary and a long way from the centre. Actually, Fox is in a whole category of its own. I don't mind the right leaning politics as much as I mind the indignant nature and lack of intelligence. Tabloid? Nah, gutter, more like it. 
That's a good selection! I subscribe to the Guardian / Observer iPad edition. Worth the money!
The physical format is tabloid as opposed to broadsheet. But yeah, The Guardian is the antithesis of a tabloid newspaper. I wouldn't call all British Media left leaning - the Sun? the Mail? the Telegraph? the Times. I guess one's view of what is left leaning depends on one's vantage point - for some the Guardian is the centre and for others the Telegraph is.
TC is hardly riveting but in spite of appearing as somewhat 'presenting by numbers' with well rehearsed enthusiasm he still comes across as a 'normal guy' as opposed to a corporate bigwig, which I think is very important for Apple. The best presenter they have is Craig Federighi, hands down, but I think Ahrendts will be a great addition to the on stage mix of presenting execs. The fact that she comes across as genuine (not corporate), speaking from her heart rather from a...
Yes , I tried it the other day for the first time for ages and was impressed. A pairing with Siri makes a lot of sense.
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