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Yes, but to use Visa Wave you've gotta learn how to skateboard. ;)
Let's not underestimate the halo effect from virtually constant media attention. Apple is currently firing on all cylinders, the juggernaut has developed a seemingly unstoppable momentum. It proves that spending lots of money on select R&D projects is money well spent. The watch, even if it never really takes off will generate so much media attention it may have paid for itself before it even hits the market.
Sure, I was waiting for my Porsche to be delivered when Toyota brought out a new Corolla a week ahead of delivery.  Was I gonna wait? No way. Sorry Porsche. Got me a new Corolla!
You ask if they are "stuck there" as if somehow you have been wronged. No, they are not stuck there. You can move them wherever you want. If I were you I would at least make one copy of your library on an external drive. Whether you choose to store them online through iCloud or some other service is up to you but regardless, make a local copy. 
Ouch! Bad news for Bose.
Whoah. Careful there. :) Wasn't that always the Windows mantra, that more options were always better? I would argue that more options is definitely not always better, though in this case I know what you mean. I already have been doing this on my iPad and first time it completely took me by surprise. I was lying on the couch [cough] working [cough], when suddenly my iPad rang. The interface looked exactly like the iPhone and it just threw me for six. I answered and finished...
I thought iPhoto was becoming Photos. (?) Edit: just read story above - so yeah... 2015
Cross fingers.
All the broken records are back out. it's pitiful, really. So, so few people care. Even here I can virtually see the blank stares.
Its a plot. Its a distraction. We're all looking the other way!
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