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Hah! I'll take that as a win, then. I have to admit that the spelling was not what made me thing of Werner instead of Michael - it was probably more to do with the fact that the word 'fascism' has a European connotation. If you'd ask me how to spell either person's name it would have been pot luck for me. So, OK, a draw, then.
Yup. Totally agree.
You don't think it is a big deal? Yes, we have been chipping and tapping but there is more to it than that. I think it will be a pretty big deal. The uptake will be slow as it seems to be everywhere, in spite of the fact that the terminals are ready. I bank with RBC and I wouldn't be surprised if they drag their heels. Their CEO was speaking out against pay because he felt it would detract from the direct connection with the customer a bank card affords the bank.
I knew where you were going with this, of course and my name calling was probably not cool, but I am generally very tolerant. If you read the first half of this thread I think you see what I mean. There are a series of posts that are so out of line I couldn't help myself. But when it gets vaguely political in this forum I am always shocked by some of the views on display. Those views are very often right wing. In this case it was more like paranoid and cruel intolerance,...
The best new feature of the MM2 is hands down that when it is dropped to the floor the flimsy lid and the two batteries don't explode all over the floor. The smoother tracking base is also welcome for me and my hard wood desk.
If it is someone's job to charge other people's keyboards, mice & trackpads I want the job those people have. In most settings a user would be in charge of his or her own keyboard so it all things being equal it sounds like a nice place to work.
So the perfect trackpad would be one with an integrated fingerprint sensor and the ability to be used with a pen. Technical reason why this is not possible aside, I would be all in for that one
Not the wish to control such a situation but the language used sugesting extreme intolerance, right wing nationalism, and let it be said, ignorance.
In terms of its historical significance the term is more complex but for here and now, this interpretation seems apt(in general use) extreme right-wing, authoritarian, or intolerant views or practice.
Damn! I meant to drop by Appleinsider but accidentally went to Fascisminsider.
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