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This one?
I was imagining a separate app, or mode, that would be activated upon synching a wireless mouse. The 'app' would simply be a transparent layer that communicates with the active app by translating clicks into taps. Like I alluded to in the post to melgross, I am somewhat technically challenged compared to most people here so I don't understand the implications of what I am saying but I do know it would be awesome and would allow the iPad to be more things to more people. 
I think there must be technical reasons beyond my understanding that prevent a 'mouse layer' to be laid on top of whatever is going on on the iPad. But what you say about the keyboard sucks. I use the Apple keyboard with my iPad but have considered buying a 'keyboard case' instead. But then I think, who am I kidding - a MBA is what I need. I am looking forward to the new alleged unveiling :-)
Does any provider? The term 'Broadband' seems so ... quaint.
The Cintique Tablets are great and the Windows 8 one is has the advantage that is a stand alone device. But the video is old because the iPad stylus is las generation and the iPad is pre-air. Apparently this combo worked quite well but the Air and Air 2 and the 2nd ten stylus is a problematic combo.
Did you find your stylus looking like a paperclip porcupine :)
I don't actually care if Apple brings out a stylus or not but I'd love to see a technology included in the iPad design that would allow for 3rd parties to create styluses that will work as intended across all apps. I have no interest in promoting the use of any particular input device but I'd like for the option to be there should I so choose. As I have stated before I would love to plonk my iPad in some kind of a stand on my desk and be able to use a wireless keyboard and...
That's interesting. With a small pointy magnet - is there no lag or offset? And what about pressure sensitivity? 
Yes, I agree - an accessory. Including a pen with a touch based device would be like chucking money away. 
 I don't really understand that point of view in spite of what Steve jobs said when he was originally selling the idea. Now that we are all familiar with touch input (i.e. no need for a hard sell), why, prey tell, SHOULD a stylus never be the main input device? I prefer to use a keyboard and would love the ability to use a mouse as well. I accept touch input but it will never be my preference even if at times it is very convenient. It just isn't accurate enough, and there...
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