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I cannot for a minute imagine that Apple will go wholesale to a larger format. A new format will be an addition to the present size - which I am pretty sure will remain the better seller, at least in North America and Europe.
You don't have to. I think you already know who and what. And seriously, its not worth it. I should have let it sail by but.... aarrrrghhh, DOH!
Only if you were of the opinion that sexual orientation is a matter of choice. If you are not then equality under the law should be non-problematic, non?
It is a matter of principle. It would state that officially, in the USA sexual discrimination is a not approved, it is a thing of the past. In the end the discussion comes down to whether a person's sexual orientation is a matter choice. I would argue that anybody who thinks so is basing that on the fact that their own sexual orientation is beyond choice. If not I would dare anybody to chose to change their sexual orientation for a week. Nothing is lost, just one week....
I don't for a moment think you are confused about yourself, but your lack of insight, understanding and empathy would point to some kind of condition, or just lack of people experience. Be that as it may, your previous comment was ridiculous.
Except this concerns basic human rights. It is long overdue and I take my hat off to TC for using his position to encourage decision makers to challenge their own bigotry.
Sometimes you come across as confused pre-teen. Seriously.
Music never really sounded great in the vinyl days unless it was played loudly (probably the same now). The thing is that audiophiles in those days (probably same now) spent a shocking amount of money on their gear. I had a teacher whose record player cartridge alone cost a couple of grand. No wonder it sounded better than some $200.- Bluetooth speakers.
An interesting review (of sorts) and good comments on the Pono and audio quality generally. http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/apr/05/pono-neil-young-24bit-192khz-review
Really? I wonder if you have just failed to figure the 'new' iMovie out. I don't use it that much but I did recently and was amazed at how simple it was.
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