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Exactly. I haven't looked into the details of this case but it looks topsy turvey to me. As far as I am concerned it should be a case against the carriers for not extending the same deals to IOS devices as everybody else. 
Just anecdotally form my own experience, they just need to look at historical pricing to discover that carrier packages are always more expensive for iPhone owners. Every time I have looked at plans for my own, my wife's and my kid's iPhones I have spotted great deals only to be told those deals do not apply to iPhones. I'd go and check right now but looking through the carriers' plans is such a mindfu*k I won't subject myself to it.
Unfortunately people no longer want to pay for it, and few people have the time to appreciate it.
Actually, I believe there is a lot of good music out there. For me it's a matter of time. To get to know new music takes time which I just don't have. That's why I look forward to the Beats streaming service.
Often the carriers have great packages that apply to all smartphones except iPhones. It is frustrating and I totally approve of government intervention.If Apple has struck a deal with the carriers it is to screw the customers by insisting that the carriers charge higher package prices for iPhones than for competitors' phones against a cut of the profits.Pretty sure that's not what this is about but it is the only way it makes sense.
The deal breaker with Family Sharing is that it doesn't work with iTunes Match. We shared an Apple ID for all purchases and with iTunes Match everybody had access to everything we shared. The downside with that approach is that it is harder to manage ones own music and apps as a separate group from the main library. Once converted to family sharing however, managing ones own music is easier but now only I have access to the library stored on Apples servers. New purchases...
And then some. People here are still suspicious (gay, liberal, not Jobs), and and unhappy about him using his position for the greater good. Out there in the real world I don't think anybody is complaining.
Yes, you are right. Placing the sensor within the trackpad is pointless. On a laptop there's plenty of space outside the trackpad.
There is a compelling reason to have a fingerprint sensor on a mouse, a trackpad and a keyboard and that is ease of password authentication when accessing web services of any kind where a username and password is required. For me that is many times per day. 
I REALLY look forward to a finger print sensor on my MBp / MBa. The question isn't whether it will come but why on earth wouldn't it. I have friends that have been using it for years on PC laptops and loving it in spite of it not being 100% reliable.
New Posts  All Forums: