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CD? Of what do you speak?
And the Relics of this world will finally realize that Damn! They should have bought a MacBook.
I am not sure but I think if you have an American Bank account that permits Pay you can use it at many places in Canada. i seem to remember there was talk of this. NFC terminals are everywhere, but the Banks haven't implemented pay.
I hope that goes without saying for most business users. If you know anything about technology you know that if it is not in you possession and fully installed and in working order, it is nothing but wishful thinking.
Really? I have never seen one. Do you repair iPhones for a living? (Honest question)
The office in All the presidents Men comes to mind Them were noisy days.
My thought exactly. Not everyone is cut out for public speaking. And I have seen nothing to suggest she is not doing a fantastic job.
I am not sure, it is hard to predict who will rise and who will crumble over time, but for anybody to challenge Apple in the relatively short term they need more than just good products. Microsoft is huge and an established player, so that is in their favour. They are also learning to do hardware and who knows where Windows will be in 5 - 10 years time. Just because Apple is firing on all cylinders right now that is no guarantee for the future. Playing devils advocate I...
Go to Settings / Language & Region and set Region to USA, and Voilà!Edit - just noticed caribbea_mac's post above. So...yeah, that.
Thanks for that info. When I worked for a large broadcaster in the UK I got time in lieu, not overtime. Time in lieu is good but most people never used it all up.
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