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In my case, on a 5s, Siri s much like my kids. She no longer listens when she no longer wants to.
Even a salaried position is based on hours, is it not? Can an employer offer a salaried position and insist on limitless hours? I know nothing about employment laws but I'd imagine it is supposed to be fairly tightly regulated.
Seasonality has nothing to do with anything. If anybody anywhere is contracted to work a set number of hours per week they should be paid overtime if they have to work more. An employer who doesn't pay overtime in such circumstances is a bad employer and should suffer whatever consequences. A worker that accepts overtime without pay is a mug (unless they will be fired or otherwise ostracized, and they have no other choice). I have no idea if these people have any kind of...
Well that would be the holy grail and Apple and others are continuously trying to develop such 'magical' material. But yeah, this sounds like a bag of hurt to me, and it will add bulk.
Cutting the cord and going the way of the TV was never going to be cheaper, but hopefully not more expensive, It was supposed to be simpler, give more choice, and be more elegant. At this point in time I don't think any of this has been achieved. Navigating the available options looks nightmarish. The TV is preloaded with junk and subscription services that lock you in to a collection of programming you don't want in order to get the one thing you do want. I see this a...
Thanks for that. (I am interested in the details so not too long a reply). And I guess it is obvious that you need to read your HR at a glance. My thought was that this was a sensor band for use with a smart watch. I was thinking someone ought to bring out a sensor band with advanced sensors that beams the info directly to an watch. Maybe this even exists?Personally I don't go running so I am not in the market. I do my workout in the gym with weights, mostly. I do walk a...
Just curious - why a screen at all? Why not just a band with an app?
Solips will provide a much better answer than I possibly could and he uses the app in more depth, I believe, but I have used it virtually since its introduction and I will not change at this point. I don't use the service in question either and yes, it should not have happened, but the app is awesome, they will fix this very quickly their livelihood depends on it. I'll be following wiser people's lead but I won't be din't no knee jerking yet.
A real shame Apple didn't buy Waze. I no longer use it but Apple could have kept it as a stand alone app but used the data to inform Apple Maps.
Nice. I hope they appreciate you. Like Paul Getty said - “Money isn't everything but it sure keeps you in touch with your children”.
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