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True, and I would never suggest that Apple enforced such a policy. It was more of a philosophical thought. The implementation of any such tax, or wealth redistribution, or whatever you'd call it would have to be with a general consensus among artist, big and small. The idea would not be to penalize the successful ones or to rob them of their hard earned cash, but rather to foster a sense of 'community' for lack of a better word, and a spirit of 'giving back'. Any artist...
Maybe there ought to be a pay scale based on units sold. So if you are a very successful artist (often played) you get paid very little for each play and if you are a little known (rarely played) you get much more. The goal would be for the highly successful very rich artists to subsidize the up and coming artist. I am all for success and rightfully earned riches but also for a little wealth distribution. The important thing is that for the fledgeling artist it is about...
I wonder how much Beats Radio will affect the success of Apple Music. I suspect BR1 (and more to come) will be hugely successful. An important part of Apple Music is music discovery for its customers and a exposure for musicians. So far I really like what I see and hear but I suspect the make or break ultimately lies with people half my age. Edit: Option/Shift-k no longer works for apple icons? And - I agree with wood1208 below
Ah, yes. You are right. Someone rang the bell and I paused it. When I came back I wrote my comment. Hmmm.... I must be eating too much sugar or something. I watched the trailer again and really do not like it. Maybe when I have seen it a hundred times on television I'll warm to it. I am no Danny Boyle fan (loved Trainspotting) so perhaps biased. But it is not possible to critique a movie based on a trailer so we'll have to wait until it is released.
Sugar is indeed 'evil', both in terms of individual and public health, as well as business. 'Big Sugar' is similar to 'Big Tobacco' in many ways. It doesn't take much research and thought to discover who the 'Big Losers' are, as ever.An interesting fact... The average American consumes 3 pounds of sugar each week—or 3,550 pounds in an entire lifetime. This is equivalent to about 1,767,900 Skittles, which is enough sugar to fill an industrialized dumpster.
I kept thinking it was Sculley I was watching and not Jobs. I don't think it is essential for an actor to look like the person they are portraying to be good but everyone looked so odd I found myself thinking about that rather than the story. He appears to be dressed in a suit most of the time which certainly is not the way he is generally perceived.This is not the movie so perhaps it will work, but I have my doubts.You have to accentuate the drama in a trailer for it to...
Yes, absolutely. Only I have logged in so far but if my family have to sign in as me it completely defeats the point of everyone having their own playlists and collections. That was the point of the family plan. The point was also that there was one person paying so Robin Huber, I am not sure what you were thinking.
I'd say it is the beginning - act 2. I notice all my radio pre-sets disappeared this week. I am looking forward to the new Apple Music.
Hatefull and angry. Angry and religious. Right wing and intransigent. Homophobic and cold hearted. Vitriolic and narcissistic.As Apple has become very mainstream over the years the fan base has inevitably changed in nature. Certainly if these forums are a guide the intellectually curious and liberal thinkers (all requisite for creative thinking), are in the minority. Anonymous forums clearly draws out the narcissism in people. It is a pity. Occasionally there are good...
Well put!
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