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 I don't really understand that point of view in spite of what Steve jobs said when he was originally selling the idea. Now that we are all familiar with touch input (i.e. no need for a hard sell), why, prey tell, SHOULD a stylus never be the main input device? I prefer to use a keyboard and would love the ability to use a mouse as well. I accept touch input but it will never be my preference even if at times it is very convenient. It just isn't accurate enough, and there...
I have used Wacom's tablet inputs in the past and they have been great. The Intuos Creative Stylus 2 for the iPad is not a great product (depending on which app you intend to use it with). An Apple developed stylus would be very welcome.
And Apple spends a lot of time on 'materials'. The way Jony Ive described designing the Leica Camera Red Edition illustrates the obsessive nature of Apple's design and build development. The fit and finish of Apple products have improved dramatically over the last 25 years.
A lot of people around here love ripping DED's articles apart. I love his pieces, smiling all the way through'em.But back to Samsung - that really must sting. :-)
That's not really R&D. I don't see how those smart people would think their way to better battery capacity, or which material feels the best against the skin on a wearable device. Etc.
Improvements in battery technology would make a big difference to virtually all Apple's customers. Greater capacity would be nice but reduced charge times would perhaps make an even greater difference.
I see - factually anecdotal.
Absolutely - ridiculously ludicrous, no less.
I was coming back at you commenting on the ridiculousness of what I can only describe as an involuntary curmudgeonly twitch but decided just to use an emoticon instead  -   
 I assume ALL Apple employees get paid well with excellent benefits 
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