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You ask if they are "stuck there" as if somehow you have been wronged. No, they are not stuck there. You can move them wherever you want. If I were you I would at least make one copy of your library on an external drive. Whether you choose to store them online through iCloud or some other service is up to you but regardless, make a local copy. 
Ouch! Bad news for Bose.
Whoah. Careful there. :) Wasn't that always the Windows mantra, that more options were always better? I would argue that more options is definitely not always better, though in this case I know what you mean. I already have been doing this on my iPad and first time it completely took me by surprise. I was lying on the couch [cough] working [cough], when suddenly my iPad rang. The interface looked exactly like the iPhone and it just threw me for six. I answered and finished...
I thought iPhoto was becoming Photos. (?) Edit: just read story above - so yeah... 2015
Cross fingers.
All the broken records are back out. it's pitiful, really. So, so few people care. Even here I can virtually see the blank stares.
Its a plot. Its a distraction. We're all looking the other way!
In the end I doubt the average cost of television viewing will go down for cord-cutters. The best case scenario will be if we can pick and choose without having to succumb to packages we do not want in order to get the one channel or show we do want. The day the content creators can publish their shows directly to the iTunes store, or Netflix or similar, the price could conceivably drop, but I have my doubts. 
It makes sense. Though clearly out of their league and possibly incompetent (the stock sell offs making management look worse than incompetent), I cannot help but feel pity more than scorn. The moment they realized they could never deliver the goods they had signed off on life must have taken a seriously nasty turn for these folks. I don't think if it was my company I that had built from the ground up (not sure this applies to the CEO or not) and I had struck the mother...
That's how I read his complaint - that they were charging too much just because it was Apple related. The complaint seems misguided because if he had bothered to check it out he'd see that it is also Android compatible, but the fact that is exclusively physically available at the Apple store could have fuelled his fire.  Like Nest products, this is a very expensive product and is aimed squarely at the upper geeky end of the market. Personally I really like it and what it...
New Posts  All Forums: