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I REALLY look forward to a finger print sensor on my MBp / MBa. The question isn't whether it will come but why on earth wouldn't it. I have friends that have been using it for years on PC laptops and loving it in spite of it not being 100% reliable.
I can't imagine the busy multi windowpanes will survive (if that's how they are now). Large single panes is more likely unless local regulations won't permit.
At first I read 'dump'. Still, same difference
Ha ha. You have a point but I think adverts really need to be seen in the context of the target audience. There have been ads showing granddad reading for his grandkids, slowly and elegantly depicting the wonderment of the iPad. This ad is not aimed at the same demographic. It is obviously aimed at the kind of people who don't mind fast, jumpy, flashy. Young people, in other words. This reminds me much more of the early iPod silhouette ads in tone. Nowhere near as iconic,...
Technically they do. They give you their services for naught. 
There is nothing wrong with an advertising based business per se. Television broadcasting comes to mind (at least partially funded by advertising). Like Facebook television broadcasters sell space to advertisers in order to subsidize the cost of their primary product, content. With broadcasters the consumer is also the product when the broadcaster does business with the content providers. Magazines and newspapers are the same. What Facebook and Google do is a very much...
This photographer is about as accomplished as they come. I can't imagine that the photo in its full glory is either too soft or too dark. Here is  link to his site  http://www.brookskraft.com/# Edit:  Just noticed link was also posted by jfc1138 above.
Sexual preference? It is disconcerting to see educated people being so ignorant. Or are you just being a contrarian of the hell of it? Because if it is you opinion that being gay is a sexual preference you just proved why TC stepping out like this is very important.
This is not just about somebody coming out, as I am sure you are aware.
The world will unquestionably be a better place. Thanks for thinking different, TC.
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