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Yes - In order to develop CarPlay and expand its capabilities Apple would need considerable work shop facilities, expertise in automotive engineering etc. It may be nothing more than that (but in itself that's big). I'd see that as the most plausible answer.If that is the case it could easily develop into something more in the future. But for Apple to develop a car of their own they would need to bring something very new to the field. No way would Apple want to become just...
You may not like or approve of JJ but I am not sure Apple submitted to anything. They are all big girls and boys at Apple.
Hah! Under Steve they would have
Dude, you quoted the entire article! Please edit. Maybe you don't access this site on your iPhone because scrolling is no fun.
A hack, perhaps, but maybe 'an entertainer' is more apt. Some folks like him others think he is a bafoon.
There is a tendency to take everything Steve Jobs said as gospel which is odd considering he is also famous for changing his mind on a dime.
So, who here will not read this book. I remember there were a few 'no's' to the prospect of the Isaacson Book before it came out.
Yes, Rich Text Editor does add a rich flora of html. Splitting up a post was a nightmare. So thanks.
I figured out the visual inconsitencies - I had my desktop forum set to Rich Text Editor whereas you are using the BB code Editor interface.
 Clever. I am so used to option-shift-k by now, but in IOS that's very useful. My shortcuts sync instantly across my devices so I may create variants. You say that the above is for OS X but the screenshots are from IOS. When I switch to 'code' in Safari (on this forum) its all regular html, no square brackets. Out of curiosity - what do you get when you do 'lll'? Does it just give you two options? And finally, the only truly interesting thing here is what bbb stands for!...
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