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My experience with IOS 8 on an iPhone 5s and an iPad Air so far has left me looking forward to the bug fixing first and second iterations. Crashes, frozen apps and little annoyances keep appearing. Anyone else found this to be the case? The OS is by no means unusable but buggy enough I suggest to friends and family to hold off for the time being.
iPads, iPods & a new MBA. They could make some kind of announcement related to HealthKit, and then there is the aleged homekit. And Apple TV. And let's not forget about a possible new music service. Now that there are so many products and services they could easily fill a keynote. They may not 'blow our minds' and therefore the event will quickly be dismissed as boring, but it's not hard to imagine how a pretty dense keynote is within the realm of possibility.
I don't buy into a rumor that Apple will shut down the subscription service. They may re-brand as has been mentioned above though personally I was kinda hoping they would keep the Beats name. I like it. Regardless, I am all over an Apple branded subscription service. I want a family package, please. My family and I will get all the music we want, we'd get to discover new music and Apple will be paid much more for music on an annual basis from my wallet. Its a win win. I am...
A friend's twelve year old girl pointed to an emergency rotary phone behind glass in an old elevator and asked "what's that?". When he told her it was a phone she just stared at it, clearly not comprehending how that could possibly work. Maybe Apple should have changed the film roll to a memory card?
True, but I'd hate for Apple to get all tight on us like everybody else. Apple's generosity when it comes to replacing broken or damaged gear has always been impressive. In the past people have been awed by this amazing service. Apple makes so much money it just seems unnecessary to start squeezing the customers.
The Camera Roll has gone the way of the Rotary Dial. Ask kids what either are and you get a big  
Yes, I understand that. But we are talking about IOS which is the most, if not the only user friendly OS in the world, meaning that 99% (wild guess) of users will NOT connect their device to iTunes. In fact, the day it became possible to run an iPhone without having to connect to iTunes I was very happy. I found that connection more problematic and always lost data (Several family members with various devices could have been the reason). Even here, in geek city, many...
I tend to agree. People generally are not that bothered about better sound quality and if the file size remains small or even smaller this would do nothing to combat streaming. Album sales (bundled and inseparable tracks) may help to work against streaming but if the album is good people will continue to download. I can't see how a new file format can really make a big difference.
Yes, since the beginning of iCloud I have wanted an admin page. I'd like to log on and import my family's accounts an from one page be able to see what's what. I have always found the management of iCloud accounts and Apple ID's convoluted and confusing.
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