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Well the current series of ads are nice, well done, and possibly effective (Really like Parenthood - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmTpgSMJ96c&list=PLHFlHpPjgk713fMv5O4s4Fv7k6yTkXwkV), but there is nothing 'iconic' about recent campaigns. They are just too 'feel good' and 'safe'. Apple's marketing needs a shake up. Mind you, as exciting as bringing in the Apple account might be, it is also a hugely difficult account. It is easy to say a campaign needs to be iconic, it is...
60 million iWatches in the first year. Lofty predictions for an as of yet unspecified and unannounced product.
Nuttin. Made mistake, is all.
Yes, I too find this uber geeky, and overly complex. Even the outdoor lights - wouldn't it be simpler to get a light activated switch and be done with?The two features of home automation I really like is the ability to program lights for when I am away, or even to do so from abroad. The ability to lock and unlock the front door and activate and de-activate the alarm system could also useful, but even this is pushing it. I have never had major issues with this kind of...
Oh no! The White House and by implication, Obama, was mentioned in the article. Now an otherwise positive good news story has turned to shit. Everybody's being taken for a ride! The government is trying to screw you! Don't be fooled¬°
I believe this is happening and my gut says that this is Apple prepping us. It just seems that the slow leak of info that happens prior to any new Apple release is the perfect (covert) firm of marketing. Free marketing. I may be wrong but Apple sure as he'll is not losing anything by these leaks
Sleep tracking strikes me as the height of self obsession. I hope there is useful purpose beyond gathering data to support you sneaking suspicion that you just aren't getting enough sleep.
The future is in driver-less cars imo. Then all of the above will be fine. In fact personal car ownership is unbelievably wasteful. The day a car comes when I need it to and brings me where I want to go along the most efficient route, without me having to drive it, or park, will be a good day. The cost of car ownership is ridiculous.
Does that mean you are your own friend?? And that all the others chipped together for a single Roky??Just kidding! Geez....
Scientific proof
New Posts  All Forums: