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An iCloud app in IOS9 will be welcome. I also hope that IOS Apps such as Numbers will b able to see deeper than one level down. At the moment any folder containing another folder is not visible.
I am hoping they will include an iCloud app. The web version (not accessible on ios) allows you to access files moved there from Mac OS. These files are invisible on IOS. Even Numbers or Pages docs are not accessible if they are more than one level down in a folder structure.Edit : Have to say this new iPad looks amazing. Given the above it is 'almost' and great laptop replacement. For graphic artists it is an obvious purchase. I know we will have one in our house by...
I use Siri often and find it very useful in the car, but I look forward to improvements. Only today I had a tedious conversation with Siri where I wanted to know the opening times of my local Ducati dealership and all she wanted to talk about was 'you Cathy'. Wouldn't shut up about it no matter how many times I told her otherwise.
Cue the sad curmudgeons.
Nowadays as in the last 20 years at the very least
No, Siri will.
And Apple will carefully market one or two select features and make those highly desirable selling points. I think Force Touch will be one, and the improved camera another. The marketing will make those seem super delicious. All the other minor upgrades will make the new phone irresistible. I don't think there will be a a new 'magical' feature. I am your classic target. I still have a 5s which works fine but I am drawn to the 6. Now that an improved 6 is coming I am not...
BBC is basically PC, so yes.
Albeit a pitiful one.
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