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And if it does it will be unusable. Excel is like the 'pro' version of Numbers, way too feature heavy to provide a good user experience on an iPad. Numbers is a good iPad spreadsheet but generally speaking, spreadsheets work so much better with a mouse and a larger screen. Excel for iPad will have very limited appeal I reckon, but will probably sell well on name alone.
There are several players with devices already on the market. These are expensive and require the insertion of a sensor under the skin. Even with such a sensor these devices need to be calibrated several times per day using a traditional finger prick method. If someone can develop an accurate, non intrusive way of continuously measure blood glucose levels they will indeed have hit the jackpot. Apple doesn't necessarily need to create such a device (sensor), but the iWatch...
Pretty much one and the same, me thinks. or maybe iNurse? iCoach? iMum. or all of the above.
 Wait until you hold the 5s in your hand. But hurry, the 6 is coming!
Hmmm... I wonder how much I could get for my 3g, 3gs, & 4. I have more than one of both the 3 and 4. We gave away the 4s and one 4 to needy friends. Anybody want one?
Yes, you're right. Not sure why I thought it was a steel tube. I thought I heard them say so. Regardless, it was lame. Cheapo television.
Totally lame. The steel tube looks as if it was buried yesterday. All the whooping and cheering in the world can make this seem like a significant archeological find.
Etched from a single piece of sapphire enhanced glass.
Its not THESE Olympic games in particular, though these have oh so many issues..., it is the sick commercialization of the event generally that turns me off. I love watching high level sports of almost any kind (I'm afraid), and I'll no doubt watch select finals this time, too, but like politics, when the activity requires such outlandish amounts of money to be staged and corporations can freely buy their way in and pollute the visuals, I switch off. Look at images of top...
Accept the Samsung phone and use it for the Olympics, but make sure you plaster a big Apple logo on it.
New Posts  All Forums: