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True, but when you are fumbling behind the iMac in danger of knocking various peripherals to the floor, not to mention accidentally unplugging the computer and knocking the coffee over, and then realizing the USB's are vertical... well, it all gets ugly very quickly.
Such as who? There are, or have been, many members who post very provocative and generally bad tempered responses to just about anything here. Some of them seem to be tolerated more than others and I can never really understand why that is.
Hopefully soon we'll get displays with USB-c so all you need is one cable to your laptop. For me, that is all I need. If I can buy USB-C thumb drives, that will help too.What about ethernet?
I'd say 50% is a best case scenario. If you can't see and you are not holding the plug quite right it can take many attempts. If the first attempt doesn't work you assume the plug is upside down and so you try the other way. If that doesn't work you know that in one of the two cases you got the direction right but the 'aim' was off. To correct that you may have to try two more times, and even then you may not get it right. I speak from experience and a plug which is...
I'll never subscribe to a calendar app. I understand the attraction of the subscription model for app developers but it is a pest for end users. It gets expensive when you have several of them!
I can browse but cannot search nor update. I'm in Canada.
The unique feature of Fantastical for OS X is the menu bar pull-down. I use that all the time and most of the time it's all I need. It is for that reason alone I love the software. All the other features look nice but superfluous. Once Apple calendar is open you can pretty much use natural language to add events there, too, I find. ---- EDIT ---- On further investigation.... Having taken a look at their website I have to say it looks very good and well thought out. I...
Reported!Now you're in trouble!
I stand corrected. He is a troll. But my point stands - just ignore his posts. Unless getting riled and partaking in endless bickering matches is your (one's) thing, of course. I know a lot of people here like to throw their weight around, beat their chests and call people 'morons', but personally I try to flip through those posts. I waste far too much of my working life hanging out here as it is and I only enjoy the informative and intelligent threads.
I don't really think he is a troll as such. He is just a cranky guy who doesn't know when to shut up - and he enjoys bugging the shit out of people. He proclaims to be a Christian which goes to prove that a religious leaning does not make one any more virtuous. The best way as always is to ignore. Scroll past and do not read his posts. Slurpy cannot help himself which he should know is just fodder for the old git.
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