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I love both soccer and golf (to watch, that is), but to say golf is more of a sport is crazy talk. Baseball clocks in at a notch just below cricket. Both are games of statistics, neither has changed for a hundred years, both send me to sleep, but while I am still awake, cricket is more intriguing because I have absolutely zero idea what's going on (and I have played it a few times in the UK!)I prefer hockey or tennis and just about anything during the olympics - summer or...
Moving your iPhoto library is pretty much computers 101, ain't it. It's about as difficult as moving a folder. @nick29 - manually selecting and placing individual photos in a folder hierarchy is what sounds convoluted, imo. I have several iPhoto libraries. I'll create new ones for specific projects, and then I keep work stuff separate from family stuff, all except the family one a separate HD.
Sure, I understand supply and demand and compared to hedge fund managers everyone at Apple contributes something 'real' to this world and as such have something useful to offer. I am not being judgemental in the sense that I am putting anyone down for earning high wages and I am not jealous... Ok, just a little , my comments have more to do with the insanity of the amounts. There is a real world disconnect which allows us to feel it is OK to pay someone that much. The...
Yeah, it looks odd but I don't think we have the complete picture. My point is that there is something fundamentally wrong (sick) about paying people that much money. Apple is a money machine and the people that run the company deserve respect and honors as well as a decent wage but a million dollars per month, or more, is not right whichever way you look at it. The reality may be that in order to get and retain the best people huge amounts of money is required, but that...
Much as they all deserve a just reward for their efforts these kind of sums are honestly obscene.
I stand corrected. But my point remains the same that you can use the Messages app for both iMessages  and SMS pretty seamlessly. Is there anything preventing a developer creating a BB iMessage client? In the past there were clients that could handle the various protocols within a single app, if I remember right.
I have no idea how an 'inspection' will happen but I cannot imagine Apple will just open the source code to be copied / tampered with. On the face of it this seems like a reasonable request that I would assume every government would insist upon. 
Yup - I remember and thought it was a great idea :)
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