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Which is by far the best solution, to be frank, on a practical level. Business and personal is perfectly separated in every way. Th penalty is that you have to carry two devices but that's not too big a deal for most people. With the new iPhone becoming so thin all someone has to do is create a 'back to back' case and voila! A double sided phone! ;)
Yes, I'd agree that Sammy's campaigns are quite funny and succeed at poking fun at Apple. In fact I think it is a good thing that they do because it must bug the shit out of Apple and perversely that's probably a good thing. But the irony is that without Apple Samsung is still just a phones producer (and other consumer goods). Other than the humour of poking fun at Apple they offer little of substance.
Like Solips says, just delete them locally. I have to say I virtually never use iTunes anymore. All my music is managed on my iPhone. My library is with Apple in the form of iTunes match, and ditto books and apps. Movies are mostly handled through aTV. When Beats Music becomes available around these parts of the world I see even less use for iTunes (personally).
As if innocuous is a goal? Let's not even begin to delve into the rest of the sentence.
Dumb comment of the week
I must be missing something. It seems very convoluted. Someone explain - why is this brilliant?
And this is why this whole thing is DOA for me and I suspect most other people. The 'out-of-market' clause ensures that nobody who lives in the same city or region where their team is located will not be able to use the service. $200.- for watching other teams when all I'm really interested in is my local team? Yeah right.
That's just a rumor.
Well the current series of ads are nice, well done, and possibly effective (Really like Parenthood - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmTpgSMJ96c&list=PLHFlHpPjgk713fMv5O4s4Fv7k6yTkXwkV), but there is nothing 'iconic' about recent campaigns. They are just too 'feel good' and 'safe'. Apple's marketing needs a shake up. Mind you, as exciting as bringing in the Apple account might be, it is also a hugely difficult account. It is easy to say a campaign needs to be iconic, it is...
New Posts  All Forums: