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Nifty! - edit - except it works differently  for the IOS app and on OS X (html). Did you set up a shortcut for each? And what is that screenshot of? My comment edit window looks different in both IOS app and Safari.
So your point is that all services go down? Wow! Holy Epiphany!  Do I think an iPhone user would switch to Android because of one iCloud screw-up? What is the matter with you? When did I ever suggest such a thing? Lets just drop this because you're just being obstinate and this discussion is a one way street to nowhere. 
I am in no hurry and will definitely wait. I do occasionally need power so I am a little concerned about that. For me, the ultimate laptop is the 13" MBA. That is fast enough but were I to upgrade today I might go with the MBP for the display. I am all good with the current screen sizes. I spend most of my time with the mb plunged into a big display so even a 12" would be OK.
I have my iTunes library and one of my iPhoto libraries on my external drive which I plug in to my laptop at work. I don't need them with me at all times. With the new usb C you should be able to plug that straight into your ex HD and it should supply the power for the laptop. Another cable should be able to go from the HD to the monitor. Or a hub can be used. Its all doable, or will be over time, me thinks.
What I am sure they know but would hate to acknowledge is that as with cars these days, purchases are generally not made on the basis of specs. People will flood into the Apple Stores, take a look at the new MB, touch it, use it, love it and buy it. Never mind that the MBA is cheaper, faster and plenty good enough for most. The one technical thing I think 'most' people are concerned with is storage. Some people may also be concerned with the lack of ports but that is a...
What? Are you spoiling for a fight this morning? And seriously, you don't get my point? And where did I say I want Apple to be perfect? I am sure everybody at Apple does, and yeah, now that you mention it I'd like that, too. Let me try to explain (shakes head). I simply agreed with TheWhiteFalcon and added a comment. That comment essentially being that now that Apple is massive, small mistakes matter more. Now that Apple is introducing some really important services it is...
Can't. And suspect there never will be one.
Not arguing with any of that. My point still stands, though.
I think massive is an understatement. When services go down worldwide I bet one or two people within Apple feel their neck muscles tightening up. As the minutes and hours go on....
T'is true. When you are as big as Apple little stuff is no longer so 'little'. The biggest problem over time is Apple's reputation. With all the new services Apple is introducing reliability is ever more crucial. From email to Pay - they all require 100% uptime. Hour long outages are big inconveniences that piss people off and although nobody's gonna die (hmmm.... HealthKit?), a bad rep is an opportunity for your competitors. Not that Apple isn't aware. 
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