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As the image in the article clearly illustrates there will be no iWatch. Instead there will be a number of sensors strategically positioned that will communicate with your iPhone and the new iWatch app. It will look nothing like the mess of cables in the photo however. Apple will summon its best designers to resolve the usability issue. Expect the suite of iUndergarments to be launched this spring.
WWE... Woop-dee-doo!
Great points, and I am not saying it won't happen, just that I am a little sceptical.I have no idea how such a patch would work. In fact I doubt if there would only be a single patch. The patches and or straps, wrist bands etc would purely be sensors and I guess yes, batteries and bluetooth connectivity would have to be included. There are currently sensors that will constantly measure blood glucose but I don't think these are reliable and particularly advanced in terms of...
Only that the iWatch is supposed to be the great new device with all sorts of sensors, but if the better sensor comes in the form of a patch that communicates with an app on the iPhone then what's all the fuss about the iWatch about? I am still very skeptical of the iWatch, and I'd rather be seen speaking into an oversized phone than a watch.
I guess smoking is only one part of the equation. Diet would be another and I suspect the US must be world leaders in crappy food, if you can call half the stuff that's consumed food, that is.
Getting people to quit is not a black and white thing. If you are going to deny them health care, or charge them for treatment, how about simply shutting down the tobacco companies ? Not quite straight forward, I think, but I'd be more in Favor of penalizing businesses that make their fortunes from preying on people's weaknesses knowing full well it's killing them and overloading health care.
Which begs the question - why the iWatch?
Yes, and more importantly, and awful lot of Americans, and people of other nationalities, too I'm pretty sure, are over the age of 55. A great many of those people have a direct interest in measuring their state of physical health and for every year that passes the percentage of that group will increase.This is a very big deal, I suspect. Not only will it help people in a real way whilst making Apple shed loads of money, it may represent a big health care saving.
This is just the app. How sensors will be attached, work and communicate with the app is for Apple to know and us to speculate. Aha ok there is no reliable glucose sensor available now but it will come. Maybe Google's contact lens will communicate with this alleged app?
Love the $100.- off the $8,299.- MP! Deal of the century.
New Posts  All Forums: