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Or it could be that he helped get the service up and running and once it was he decided he would rather go somewhere else and be top dog. If you are the CEO type why would you work for Apple? The primary challenge would be to keep biting your tongue and where's the fun in that.
What is a fair rate? Is it a flat rate that is higher than what it is today, or is it a variable rate based on number of plays. Upping the price per per play will help the fledgeling artist and also make the extremely successful ones proportionally richer.
Shameful, perhaps, but it is the new reality. I completely see your point but the world has changed and it will not go back to royalty based earnings from albums sold.
Apple is about the experience and the experience is all about the marriage of hardware and software. They make money on the hardware but they are not a hardware company. They will never give up control of the interface and functionality. Seems obvious I think I must have misunderstood you.
To which I am pretty sure everybody will agree.
And if he does brilliantly at his next venture, or the one after that, what does that make him?
That is not a fair test. Being a great CEO does not mean you can turn ANY company or product around, nor is the requirement that you have to be able to step into any size company and be successful. Tim Cook is pretty much the best there is at where he and Apple is now.What failing smartphone vendor would he have to turn around in order to prove his worth? I think it is pretty clear that Tim Cook is passionate about Apple in a very broad sense, and not just as a money...
Absolutely agree. I also think Tim Cook is a visionary leader contrary to what has often been claimed in these forums. Different kind of visionary than Steve Jobs but a visionary all the same. To take a company from what it was a few years ago to what it is now - a huge mainstream corporate entity - and to increase its integrity, standing and leadership amongst both small and large companies all over the world in so many different areas is amazing. Tim Cook definitely has...
In which case I can just imagine the poor people in the marketing dept banging their heads against their desks.
It tells you the age of the Swatch marketing department.
New Posts  All Forums: