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The one I doubt the most ... iWatch.
There is a lot of knee jerking going on around here based on very little information. The fact that Apple might be making a deal that on the surface is outside of the norm for Apple, and possibly way outside of its perceived comfort zone should be interesting and cause a pause for thinking instead of outright dismissal. Most of us here think that Apple generally speaking make very good, well considered decisions, and I am sure the more rational among us understand this...
Whatever Apple does with a Beats acquisition it will be a big deal that will warrant its own presentation. I suspect it will a major shift in how Apple does music. iTunes has been around for a long time and a re-fresh would not necessarily be a bad thing. 
Finally an interesting thought amongst all the alarmist knee jerking. Maybe the purchase signals a wholesale change in the way Apple handles music and other media. I get the feeling most people here represent the 'old' way of doing business. My kids and their friends use iPhones, Macs and iPads, but the only time they use iTunes is to rent the odd movie.
Pretty close :)  This is the one I fancied... way back... 
   -  and you won't be the only one.  But my 5s serves me well and is in no need to be replaced. I'll have at least 18 months to check out the above beauty before I throw anything at it. I like the idea of a larger screen but I am not sure I will go big. Right now the 5s is pretty much a perfect device for me.
Those are effective!   But I think the prettier solution would be a moat with an iDrawbridge.
But is an iPhone connected to a bluetooth keyboard and a screen using airplay, or cables, a pc? Its powerful enough. It runs a very capable OS. Well, it does most things pretty well, or better than many pc's..
Cars v sports cars v SUV? I just think you can group them and separate them at will. There is no one right way to look at it. We have discussed the differences ad nauseam here before and the result is always... 'it depends'. Like with iPhone sizes perfection is relative.
Exactly. And at some point in the past the same applied to laptops v desktops. Yes they are different and could be separated into individual groups  but at the same time they are all computing devices that perform many overlapping tasks. The iPad is just a different kind of computer. I could easily argue that iPhones should be included as they are computing devices with the added cell phone functionality. They cost the same as the majority of low end pc's and perform many...
New Posts  All Forums: