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There is nothing wrong with an advertising based business per se. Television broadcasting comes to mind (at least partially funded by advertising). Like Facebook television broadcasters sell space to advertisers in order to subsidize the cost of their primary product, content. With broadcasters the consumer is also the product when the broadcaster does business with the content providers. Magazines and newspapers are the same. What Facebook and Google do is a very much...
This photographer is about as accomplished as they come. I can't imagine that the photo in its full glory is either too soft or too dark. Here is  link to his site  http://www.brookskraft.com/# Edit:  Just noticed link was also posted by jfc1138 above.
Sexual preference? It is disconcerting to see educated people being so ignorant. Or are you just being a contrarian of the hell of it? Because if it is you opinion that being gay is a sexual preference you just proved why TC stepping out like this is very important.
This is not just about somebody coming out, as I am sure you are aware.
The world will unquestionably be a better place. Thanks for thinking different, TC.
What a very British point of view. From where you are sitting at the top of blighty, you must be able to see very very far and in great detail. Very impressive. Also being British but not living there I heave no such view, though I see that the tech news sites generally seem to agree with you. And I too, have seen many iPhone 6's in the wild. So yeah, IOS is definitely popular. ;)
Well that would be a dumb bribe :) Bottom line is that Apple gave away the money, or iPads, to a good cause. There are few better ways to help our own than to invest in education. The fact that the Steel Valley School District didn't just buy the iPads but also chose to invest in staff training is smart. Often the reason iPads (or Chromebooks) don't pan out the way their implementation was intended has nothing to do with the devices themselves but all to do with the...
Freshly added feature - if you are female and use the app to discuss a potential promotion or wage increase it automatically replaces your misplaced view of your value to the company with a girlie smiley emoticon. 
Who knows. But when you produce quality merchandice the upgrade cycle naturally becomes longer. Which is a good thing even if it means Apple sells less of any one particular device. My primary every day laptop is 6 years old and still does everything I need it to. Why upgrade? (well, I have to admit time is nigh. Within 12 months Ill upgrade :)
Totally! Those scumbags are just too damn lazy to go to CEO school. If they had they could be treating others like shit instead. They just don't get it.
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