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1) Currys and PC World were places to avoid when I lived in London. When Macs were sold at PC World the whole thing was a shameful travesty.  2) Curry's at Tottenham Court road is hardly near Regent Street. You can easily walk it but it will take you 15 - 20 mins. 
Luggable is right. I saw a 17" MBP's setup on a shoot. They (2) were mounted in a specialized hard case and included SSD drives and connectors to be able to copy just shot footage directly from camera cards. The kit would be set up in a trailer / truck to provide an on-set edit suite. In other words, the thing was luggable but not easily portable if you wanted to trek solo across the alps. This was a feature film / commercials set-up. As soon as the 17" mbp's were...
I agree, those damn state banquets!
There is so much scope for development the mind boggles. I remember a few years someone claimed it was the 'golden age' for Apple. Perhaps it has only just started?
Well, I wrote something about this yesterday - but more the other way around. Someone said the gold edition was 'the best' and I argued it was not, it was perhaps the nicest. Cost + precious materials can equate to the 'nicest', but not the best. I suspect people with a lot of money, of which there are many, will not be able to resist the allure of the sheer luxury but really, shouldn't they expect several days battery and a slimmer design? I wonder if further...
I struggle with preconceptions, and its an interesting struggle. I love it when the status quo, as it were, is up-ended and I realize that my idea of what something truly is is nothing but a construct in my mind. I agree that Apple has thought this out well and is doing the right thing. The term 're-define' is so overused it has become an empty cliché but that is what Apple is trying to do. It is a challenge to alter people's perception of what a watch is. This may well be...
Can you plug the hard drive to the mains and the hard drive to the monitor and the monitor to the mb? Or any single line configuration thereof? This could get very tidy.
 Balding, not balled. Most men who lose their hair begin balding at a pretty early age. 
🔆  -   The sound of white balding heads popping.
I guess some people have a deeper knowledge of each board member, though I gotta agree - under the present circumstances it is hard to fault the board. There is the Al Gore factor of course, and there are number of people who strongly disapproves of his general existence on this board. Admittedly this board probably has very little influence on the Apple board. Oh yeah, some of them frequent this joint. 
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