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How is it that Youtube and the other services that ride on its back can stream and cache music unfettered?
Who cares? The minute apple starts listening to those people is when the end begins.
But this is not a personal soapbox. Apple has clearly stated that it is an inclusive non-discriminatory organization. Apple believes in diversity. So for Apple to officially support the LGBT community is par for the course.
But surely the resurgence of Vinyl is a fashion thing. I won't argue that vinyl does not produce a warmer fuller sound because I simply don't know. I once had a teacher who swore by his vinyl. He was a real audiophile with a dedicated room in his house. The thing is - the cartridge on his record player arm alone cost £ 700.-, and that was quite some time ago. I am not sure I ever owned an entire stereo costing that much. I loved albums, don't get me wrong. I also loved...
I am not a massive fan but I certainly can appreciate his music and his showmanship. He is generally regarded a s a creative genius and his guitar playing is incredible. I saw him in London a long time ago and it was unbelievable. He may be weird but so what? At least he's not boring or predictable.
Prince is pretty big. Ideally you want all the 'greats', whether you like them or not.
I am loving it, using Beats1 and several of the other radio stations. Apple Music seems to have real depth and I am sure it will develop over time. I expect Beats 2, 3 an 4 to follow if beats 1 is successful. I am pretty sure I'll be continuing on the family plan when my 3 months are up.
Yes, but first you have to read an memorize the entire article, too. It complicated
And those are just the banner products under which much of the innovative development work happens. The thoughtless quest for 'innovation' is like when People claim the iPhone is getting old and that Apple needs come out with a completely 'innovative' new version that will 'blow our minds'.
I wouldn't call it inverse capitalism. It would be more like means based arts income tax where the money specifically goes towards nurturing the arts. I'm not even suggesting such a thing should be exclusive to streaming.
New Posts  All Forums: