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Anyone tried MoneyWorks? (cognito.co.nz)  The other solution is one of the many online accountancy titles. Personally I gave up and handed it all to my bookkeeper and accountant. Suddenly I have time to spare for my company.
A reversible USD sounds good, but a FATTER usb does not, and I cannot believe that Apple would ever go for that. If the form factor needs to change (obviously does), why not design something much smaller similar to the the lightning plug?
Huh? Who said apple stores aren't important? And I certainly hope Ahrendts' job will not be limited to increasing sales in the bricks and mortar apple stores.
My thought exactly. The new improved multi tasking will benefit from more ram.
Truth be told I think you're rightCrapola fed by monies mightI smile, my head it slowly shakesSuch suckery a poet makes
Now I am even more intrigued. I am familiar with Foster's work and a big fan. I would love to be able to use Foster to remodel my house, but I suspect the initial meeting would cost more than I could possibly hope to afford. Ever.
I'd love to see what he did. 
I say, jolly nice! I guess for 17,000,000 listed at 25,000,000 he got himself a bargain ;) Can't imagine he'll work it over too much. New furniture, perhaps, but ripping it apart and modernizing, I don't think so. The very English-ness of the place must have appealed to him. The Aston Martin will look splendid parked out front. Edit: Bentley, not Aston Martin
I really like the name and I don't think the origins of the Beats brand will matter in the least. The streaming service covers the whole gamut of music and the headphones may or may not change. Either way, they are selling just fine. Beats is a very Apple like name in my view. But yeah, terrible they didn't changed the name for you even though you'd never use the service 
@TS Staying the he'll out of politics is of course highly political. There's always a 'side'. Apple is doing a great balancing act.
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