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He he - exactly my thought. In fact, that was the claim that confirmed everything else as bs. Swatch is just gently ruffling some feathers, creating a bit of a stir getting people to talk about them. I really don't think Apple is that concerned. Just because they have trademarked 'one more thing' does not mean that Tim Cook is not allowed to speak the words 'just one more thing' to a live audience. In fact, I suspect that the day ads and billboards advertising Swatch...
I agree with all of that and would have made the same choices. I think it is a cultural thing that has allowed wages beyond what anybody could ever possibly need to become acceptable. I know this is hugely unpopular here but I wander if this is where regulation would be useful, following a wide and open debate. A salary cap in the name of reasonable equity. It would be interesting to see what companies would do to make themselves attractive to desirable candidates.
There is a cheap solution - a proclip bracket with a charging cable, and if you want the works, direct connection to your existing system. Not as elegant but most of CarPlay features for a lot less money.
I think that is exactly why he is such a great CEO for Apple.
No question Apple execs and TC in particular deserve recognition and ample reward. That doesn't mean that today's ridiculously high executive remuneration packages are justifiable. It is a crazy system that facilitates it and crazy that people find it acceptable. It's basically just bragging right above a certain point and to his credit TC is modest and not a braggart and clearly is neither impressed by nor motivated by personal wealth.
Blood measurement including glucose is the holy grail, but I can't see that being measures through a loose wristband. Some kind of third party sensor, perhaps. What happened to Google's contact lenses?Edit -- partial answer to my own question http://www.diabetes.co.uk/news/2015/jun/google-patents-blood-glucose-measuring-contact-lens-98878153.html
People certainly 'mellow' but it is a tough call. If you have a record but claim that you have changed perhaps your 'duty' is to go above and beyond to show that. A corporate statement hardly qualifies.Personally I separate art from the artist. If you judge the art by the reputation or rumours or even known facts about the artist I suspect a high percentage of good art will disappear. A tortured soul can produce great art but will not necessarily qualify as a good human...
Rarely use Airplay. Use it for Netflix and iTunes movie rental and TV shows. We use it A LOT.
That's an interesting question. There are no guarantees when it comes to marketing of course but Selfridges is famous for their window displays, it is a huge upscale store in a very prominent London location frequented by the rich and famous as well as thousands of well off customers including a high percentage of tourists. I am guessing that this 'display' will be mentioned in many newspapers, on the radio and TV and by bloggers around the world. Exactly how it will...
Shouldn't that be 'One more tick'?
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