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I had to turn this off, first on my iPad and then on my Mac. It is a good / fun idea but just got in the way. At work the mac would keep ringing after I answered the call on my cell so I always had to turn the volume off. Sometimes it never even stopped and I'd have to hang up on the computer after the call was finished (I tend to leave my desk and walk when I answer calls). At home it got annoying when my iPad upstairs AND my iPhone were ringing at the same time. 99.99+%...
I love the photo of Steve at his desk in his home office. I have seen other photos of his home office but this one really shows his chaotic desk and the cable spaghetti junction underneath. I completely relate to this setup and it is heartening to see the ceo of the worlds biggest company sharing this trait. It is not something I, and I am sure most other people who's desks look like this are proud of so it makes me feel a little better about it :-)
Uh-oh. Who let the militant Christians in?
Militant Homosexual? Are you for real?
Holy crap - where to start. I don't think this would classify as a 'personal agenda' and the day that Apple does not stand up for what it believes in because a potential client base considers that as being a crime is the day Apple dies. It seems to me that everything Tim Cook stands up for is, as he says, 'embedded in Apple's DNA'. Apple is open for anyone and speaking out against institutionalized intolerance is hardly a personal agenda. Some things stand above profit and...
Its an impossible situation. The 'tyranny of the masses'. But you can make the blunt instrument less threatening. Laws should just be safeguards. Education is the ideal way to find equilibrium. The problem as always is religion which tends to defy logic and reason.
Keanu Reeves is the only one with true Freedom? Sonnuvabitch!
I think you like the idea of such freedom but you are opening up a can of worms which you cannot control. Because it is hard for millions of people to live together we have guidelines and rules. I am very liberal and believe in freedom as long as it does not infringe on other people's rights but you stand a far better chance of infringing on fewer people's rights if you legislate properly. Not always easy but in this case its clear. If I am a dentist, that is my choice but...
But substitute photography at a wedding with buying a machine part to fix my mill, or fertilizer for my land, or medicine for my child.
Not if there is no other photographer in the village. If you are asking me to get married in another village you certainly are infringing on my rights.
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