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Don't confuse the watch with what is still thought of as a 'normal' watch.
Why on earth don't cruise controls disengage automatically when it rains? I had no idea about this and I do use cc often.You are a wiser man than me! I have seen a few videos of different 'self driving' projects. Volvo has developed a system whereby cars digitally chain together. I can quite remember how it works if the 'leader' car or truck drives irrationally, or pulls up or off, but the idea being that automatically link up and respond to a leading car. The example they...
Agree with all above on this - Research Kit looks like it will be very significant and may indeed prove to radically change how much research is done. It's one of those face-plant moments when the instant you hear about it it seems so obvious. I look forward to earning more about specific research project implementation and results.
You are right in both that there would need to be incremental steps - an autonomous self driving car is science fiction, but each step towards 'assisted' driving will be fraught with problems one which would be about liability. I wonder if cruise control has ever been 'blamed' for accidents directly or indirectly.Of course it can, and probably far more safely than humans. But I was imagining a future of fully autonomous vehicles and realizing that at the point at which AI...
Watch shotgun sales soar.
Hence the need for iTunes Match - no ads.
Haptic feedback in Magic Mouse, please!
Isn't one of the self driving cars selling points safety? Driving conditions can be factored in, and reaction times should be much better. If a car suddenly brakes on a highway the cars a mile behind could brake within a millisecond if required. Sudden turns down side roads may not work but those sudden turns are hardly safe at any rate. I think the problem with self driving cars arises when there is an accident and the question of liability comes up. There is also the...
Who doesn't like a high end luxury car? Apple execs can afford any car they fancy but does that mean Apple would produce a high end luxury car?        Exactly - it makes no sense. What could Apple bring to that market? These cars sell on driving specs or luxury, neither of which are directly related to technology. A cheap Google type car intended for use in urban areas is all about technology and disruption. Apple could arguably do both in one package but they would...
A lot of programming is not available OTA?
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