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If a large iPhone is announced it won't be the only model.And why would that be? I can easily see a future with two sizes. If Apple were as set in their way as some people here appear to be ther would be precious little innovation. An open mind is a pre-requisite.
Yes, I certainly can see there is room for improvement but the runners of this world cannot make up a successful device category - there just aren't enough of you. Once body sensors can measure other vitals such as blood sugars I think perhaps an iWatch will come closer to becoming a reality. If such a device can effectively track vital body statistics live, every adult over 50 - 60 will want one. That's when Apple will enter the market. 
Perhaps the first 'legit' product category created by speculation, a rumour, and a whole lotta fear.
I have to agree. Robin Williams can be summer up in one word for me - phony. He tries so hard he almost chokes on his own words. All emotion no gravitas.
Yes. I think the original comment was either poorly worded or just not very well reasoned. Clearly Apple's strength is first and foremost it's products, and yet that's such an over simplification it is all most as silly as the assertion that marketing is Apples main weapon. But Apple has aleays been brilliant at marketing and among Steve Job's many talents his marketing chops were perhaps his greatest. It's not a derogatory thing - he was, and Apple is brilliant at...
While iAm watching this debacle unfold iRealize what iReally want is an iHeadband. As we attempt to reimagine and redefine the past iHave become convinced the iHeadband will be a hit. It will have an iWatch built in facing outwards so only iCan not tell the time. It makes no sense, it is very social and it is very iFarOut.
 so what are you saying? They may or they may not? I'd agree with that. But I have to say I find the watch thing unlikely. I just don't see the point. For a while I thought it a good idea if the watch was a futuristic biometric sensor device, but sensors can be worn independently of any device, yet communicate with a device of the user's choice. In other words, wearable sensors and associated software should work great with an iPhone. So why the wrist band?
In your settings (both in 'music' and 'iTunes' on iOS you can set to show the entire (iCloud) library, or just locally stored tracks. ITunes Match is great if you are more than one person sharing a library (family). Everybody's tracks are stored in the main library (iCloud), and everybody can download whatever tracks they want to their devices as they please. If you buy, download from somewhere else, or rip tracks simply put them into iTunes and they are added to your...
Other than the unbelievably sucky pie chart imagery, imagine writing an article about the latest technology and it's environmentally friendly footprint and then going to the trouble of creating a pie chart made from several different endangered hardwoods! The chart certainly was not made by a woodworker or cabinet maker worth his salt. You can't mix all those species willy nilly. Seriously.
I am sure battery life will continue to improve but to me the hoy grail would seem to be reduction of charge time. If a battery, any battery, could be charged in a matter of seconds it would have major impact on everything from smart phones to plug-in cars.  Links to articles from 2011:http://www.northwestern.edu/newscenter/stories/2011/11/batteries-energy-kung.htmlhttp://www.techhive.com/article/243399/new_tech_can_reduce_battery_charging_time_to_mere_seconds.html
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