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Yes, and it says 'assembled' on an ipad, not edited. One of first parts of any edit is to assemble the shots you think you'll use in an assembly / rough cut. Often times that assembly can be quite sophisticated. I am not saying this is what happened but it would be possible to assemble the video on an iPad and later finish it somwhere else. On the other hand it would be a fun challenge to to do all the post production on the iPad. It has piqued my interest.
You're right!
It makes sense, but I'd wager that most people are less organized, less tech savvy, have more than one TV, have kids that watch on iPads, laptops, etc. They buy the Apple TV and plug it in, period. I have a friend who fits this category perfectly. The 'reception' was terrible so he went to the store and they sold him a wifi extender. It worked but his router is old as the hills. His iPhone works only off cellular because he doesn't know the password, or so he says, even...
How many people realize that buffering, connectivity etc is very dependent upon a half decent wifi set-up (read router). A lot of people have no idea and are running ancient wifi routers.
Exactly. I am a believer in 'curated'. It's always better. It provides context.
Says a member of the 'old brigade'.
Exactly. This device won't be ready anytime soon. Not that I am an expert but from what I am reading the technology is not yet there. I think Apple is laying the foundations for a whole new platform and 'biometric' eco-system. The potential market is huge. Not so much for teens but for the ageing population, and medical community. The 'iWatch' will not be dependent upon an iPhone in your pocket (what a lame thought) but will obviously work seamlessly within the Apple...
The one I doubt the most ... iWatch.
There is a lot of knee jerking going on around here based on very little information. The fact that Apple might be making a deal that on the surface is outside of the norm for Apple, and possibly way outside of its perceived comfort zone should be interesting and cause a pause for thinking instead of outright dismissal. Most of us here think that Apple generally speaking make very good, well considered decisions, and I am sure the more rational among us understand this...
Whatever Apple does with a Beats acquisition it will be a big deal that will warrant its own presentation. I suspect it will a major shift in how Apple does music. iTunes has been around for a long time and a re-fresh would not necessarily be a bad thing. 
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