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Photo streams were an improvement IMO.
Does s/he say why?
Track blood glucose but not continuously measure. There is presently no available non invasive technology that can reliably measure blood glucose on a continous basis. Technology that can measure glucose on a continous basis need frequent calibration which kind of defeats the point.
Millions of parents all over the world will love this feature!
Yes, the new Spotlight is really Sherlock 4  ;) Sherlock 2 Sherlock 3
If I have three half finished emails and two Numbers document open and in progress in my work Mac.... How will this transfer to my iPhone? And when I get home will I be able to open Mail and Numbers on my home Mac and continue work? Anybody know?
We already do this in a simplified manner, under a single id. I like the location feature, however, and I am sure the parental control feature will be welcome in many families. My guess is that the photo sharing feature will be the least utilized. Who wants to share photos WITH their kids? I may want to share photos OF them, but not WITH them. And please, I don't want to see THEIR pictures. REALLY. People with pre-teen, or teen kids will understand.
Yes, I think the Verse series is good and it shows the breadth and depth of how people use their devices in a believable yet artistic and aspirational way. They are beautiful but not groundbreaking IMO. The iPod silhouette campaign was very powerful, as were I'm a Mac, and Think Different. I keep thinking that if the Verse ads were more abstracted and less classic lifestyle in form, they'd be better.
'Safe' life style ads like the 'What's your verse' series, and many of the recent ads before that are the high end of 'in house'. I can't see in-house ever creating ground breaking campaigns for the reasons posted above. I'd love to see some more focussed and 'abstracted' campaigns again.
Considering this is the WWDC, what do you find disappointing, pray tell?
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