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It goes both ways. If one group is being and has been discriminated against for so long the discrimination has become both institutionalized and culturally embedded affirmative action may be required. Exactly because discrimination is so culturally embedded affirmative action can appear unfair. To open eyes and change minds can take a long time. Case in point -  Ridley Scott's 'Exodus'. (What were they thinking?)
The problem with drugs (any) being illegal is that the only two guaranteed results are - a) many more criminals primarily in the form of users, and b) all control will be in the hands of ruthless criminals.  How to deal with drugs is a different discussion but criminalizing the use and possession of drugs is clearly self defeating. 
The truth. And to add to that - a successful and persuasive marketing pitch does not include caveats.I think another truth is that people like 'absolutes', and people like to be led.
There are not many GREAT options out there, that is the thing. And there are no mouse options.
I knew it! I called it! And damn it, I'm buying one! (That's the most convincing sales pitch I've heard all day)
Instead of quoting Steve Jobs imagine instead how he'd sell the concept of a stylus after having dissed it previously.Personally I'd love the ability to use a stylus or a mouse in IOS. I just don't see the problem with that irrespective of what anybody said when first selling the idea of an iPad. It's just a matter of additional and more importantly- optional - functionality.
The best contractor is one you know or one that comes recommended - and importantly one that charges by the hour. If the work is good and the hourly rate is agreeable all should work out well if you can maintain a civilized dialogue. Hammering out a ridiculously cheap deal for the job almost always ends in misery, Beaides, most contractors will assume complications ahead and add at least 25% contingency. I speaketh from experience :|
Everyone must pay their fare. :/
Used to love picking up a copy of MacUser before takeoff. Old school.
Going to their website reveals a technology that on the surface looks very very similar to Apple's. It will interesting to see what happens in this space.
New Posts  All Forums: