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Many, if not most (?) high end amplifiers come without eq settings, don't they? The point, as I understand it, is for the system to recreate the recorded sound most accurately. Some of your examples are not really representative, anyway. I think equalizing the sound is more like having the ability to change the colour of the lighting in a room in order to make your art look 'better'. Ideally the lighting should recreate natural light in order to see the art as intended by...
Although Microsoft would never divulge this information I would love to know exactly how many takers at the end of the day. I suspect not very many. The whole campaign smacks of desperation to the point where even the tempted will tread cautiously. I can hear alarm bells going off all over the place just thinking about it. Just the fact that they are offering to pay rather than plain old fashioned convince prospective customers will make most people run a mile, surely.
I haven't used Skype in years. FaceTime is mostly used in our household. For long distance phone services there are many VOIP services out there. I have been using Localphone for a couple of years and I have no complaints. Ridiculously cheap.
Certainly not when you are playing Beethoven's Piano Sonata N01. in F Minor (thanks Shazam), with your other hand.
Which is why there is still a question over the alleged iWatch. No question HealthKit is a great idea and if it can connect with and be the central hub to a myriads of health and fitness related apps and devices it will be huge. Whether Apple will produce and single wearable device to compliment the HealthKit platform is questionable. 
Amazing how long it is taking Apple to optimize their site for iPads and iPhones. You'd have thought they'd be the first.
The killer app(s) will be the frameworks that allow third parties to create useful functionality. My guess is that the medical and fitness aspects will be the major sellers. You don't need a wearable to speak, text, browse, etc. Voice commands could be a big seller for the geeks though I suspect that invoking Siri and telling her to dim the lights in the dining room and turn up the volume on the TV will always be slower than doing it manually ;)
I can even rebuild those starer motors, pal. You betcha!
Home use, office use.... the 27" is a big monster that is totally over sized for basic computing. Whether it will sell at that price is anybody's guess. I  wouldn't be surprised if it drops $100.- quite quickly.
I am sure it will run CS6 because I use it on a 2008 MB. But if those were the apps you are planning to run on it you'd be well advice to up your hardware. For anything beyond basics I switch to a much higher specced new iMac. 
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