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I used to have a Siemens phone which was tiny. I thought it was brilliant as I could put it in any pocket and at work carry it around in my shirt pocket. It was VERY mobile. But it was awkward to use. So much so that I traded it in for something much less 'cutting edge'. But an iPhone is not a phone alone and as its use changes so does the requirements in terms of size. Interestingly giant sized laptops have virtually disappeared but phones are getting larger. 
The use of ANAL as a clever (not so much) derogatory twist when referring to analysts is so long in the tooth I am suspecting there are other factors at play here.
So an underpowered Mac that will utilize an old sub-par and cheap (ugly) PC monitor, keyboard and mouse? Doesn't sound like the kind of Apple experience Cupertino would ever aim for.
Yes, some things need to be beyond company profits and instead be for the common good. There is a lot of societal value in 'common good'. If a profit making company develops an idea that they think fits that category and fort ahead 'because it is awesome', all power to them. This idea is absolutely potentially awesome. Whether Google has an ulterior motive or not, who knows, but I suspect this kind of effort, if developed entirely for the common good and without an eye on...
Not sure I like the idea of a private airport. Some things should be kept out of private hands.
Average of 6.6 gb pr month?
If a large iPhone is announced it won't be the only model.And why would that be? I can easily see a future with two sizes. If Apple were as set in their way as some people here appear to be ther would be precious little innovation. An open mind is a pre-requisite.
Yes, I certainly can see there is room for improvement but the runners of this world cannot make up a successful device category - there just aren't enough of you. Once body sensors can measure other vitals such as blood sugars I think perhaps an iWatch will come closer to becoming a reality. If such a device can effectively track vital body statistics live, every adult over 50 - 60 will want one. That's when Apple will enter the market. 
Perhaps the first 'legit' product category created by speculation, a rumour, and a whole lotta fear.
New Posts  All Forums: