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So if you are at your office and all the ads suddenly display new homes, house insurance, fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems, fireproof data backup solutions etc you pretty much know you no longer have a house.
Samsung will very soon, I am sure. They're probably innovating like crazy all day and all night. Differentiating like mad. I mean, if anyone can Samsung can, right?
Thanks! I was trying to come up with possible real life uses for these attachments. Except for GTR's weekend hobby I had a hard time finding any. Search and rescue using drones gives purpose to both (drones as well)
But then Steve would have nixed it because of the 2 hr battery. A fitness band is a niche product. The time has not come for an independent iWatch which is both a fashion item, health device and fitness device. One day, perhaps, but not yet.
I am sure your wife will be super happy. This looks like a great product but I can't help but think the better solution would have been to ditch the mbp and iPad and buy a mba. (And ideally pair that with a iPhone 6+.) but either way will be good.
Some would argue that they are robbing you blind. Arr!I don't think Apple stores are what is generally considered sterile and corporate. They all look much the same but they are stylish and minimalist and in terms of retail design they are still a cut above the rest. There's nothing cheap about them.
The saving graze of iAds is that when you inadvertently click on one it doesn't take you anywhere, it just opens up 'window' on top which can then be closed and you are exactly where you left off. Nothing is worse when you are taken away from hat you were doing, or even when new browser windows are opened. I have occasionally clicked on an iAd to check out a product (a game), and done so without fear of my trust being abused with hard sell, pop-ups etc. Adverts being what...
Yes, I can see that people will work at home and use the iCloud version of whatever app at work. For numbers, or keynote, perhaps, but Pages? The simplest way to develop a text based project is to use email imo. Then copy and paste into whatever app. Anyway, as I said, I can see the utility - just wondering if anyone uses it.
I use Numbers and Pages only for their respective purposes, though it is very unusual to ever need Pages. Keynotes, never. I haven't used anything else for a very long time. I am curious about the need for and use of iWorks iCloud. Who uses it and why? If I ever need to open a document when I don't have my Mac with me I can use my iPad, or even iPhone. iCloud apps just seem like so much the slower versions of the real thing so why even bother? I realize there is a use for...
In Canada you can use a chip debit, and I think Visa, too, for non touch payment. It is frictionless and super quick. The limit is very low however, I think around 25 bucks although at the gas station its at least 100. And as you point out, not very secure. Anyone can steal my cards a go on an unchecked shopping spree. I am sure the red flags would come up quite quickly and I would not be liable, but for the financial institutions the cost of low level proud like that...
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