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Technically you may be right (I am not sure), but I do know that more people look good in black body hugging Lycra, than white. I would never wear such a shirt so for me, black is better.
Yup. For all the nay sayers and all the predictions we know precious little of the iWatch. We don't even know if one is in the works. The fact that there are lots of watch products out there already, and in spite of regular reports citing Apple speaking to people in the medical field, we know next to nothing. I (and everybody else) suspect that if Apple brings out a wearable product it will be with the intent of disrupting an existing industry in a big way. It all points...
Every (true or not) production hiccup is a major story or rumor. It sounds bad but it all plays into Apple's hand in the end. Pages upon pages of editorial advertising. By the time the phone appears every but one will know. For every new product this happens and every time I cannot help but think it is all by design from the Apple marketing dept. by spreading rumor like this the chattering goes on, word is spread about the impending launch but nothing bad is really said....
OK, I thought the whole thing (female and male connector) had to be reworked. The reversible plug in the video is a good idea, though personally I don't suffer too much with USB pluggability. And yeah, I own a MBA so I know how the plugs are configured (must have been unclear above).
I realize that, but for Apple to design or sanction a fatter USB plug makes little sense. The MBA has two USB's and a larger plug means less internal space, and less room for overall design optimization.
That sounds OK to me. I was just judging by the photo in which a fatter reversible plug is shown. It would make sense to have all data plugs standardized. Imagine a world were the lightning plug reigned supreme? The cost would obviously come right down and we'd never be on our hands and knees rummaging through the bottom drawer of our filing cabinets.
I was a little worried about this because no accountant I could find had ever heard of Moneyworks and I am no accountancy expert. 
Anyone tried MoneyWorks? (cognito.co.nz)  The other solution is one of the many online accountancy titles. Personally I gave up and handed it all to my bookkeeper and accountant. Suddenly I have time to spare for my company.
A reversible USD sounds good, but a FATTER usb does not, and I cannot believe that Apple would ever go for that. If the form factor needs to change (obviously does), why not design something much smaller similar to the the lightning plug?
Huh? Who said apple stores aren't important? And I certainly hope Ahrendts' job will not be limited to increasing sales in the bricks and mortar apple stores.
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