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Going to their website reveals a technology that on the surface looks very very similar to Apple's. It will interesting to see what happens in this space.
Why on earth limit such a device to education? The iPad is extensively used outside of education. Obviously no one would buy such a device for running windows but it would run office for IOS. And why not a touch screen? Why not both? Because we sneered at that concept yesterday? Let's re-think it. That's what Apple is good at.
I am firmly in this camp though there is significant resistance to this idea for reasons I don't fully get. I think folks think it is an either or proposition. An IOS based laptop would be a new device so nothing really changes. It would be a low end device but no lower end than a current iPad. I'd be all over an IOS based laptop.
Samsung execs have been spotted at Jony Ive's childhood schools and teenage haunts, notebook in hand asking probing questions about his likes and dislikes. They have been observed in restaurants trying to catch a glimpse of what Jony is ordering and they have been seen following the man into clothing stores and reappearing with identical purchases. All in a desperate effort to pick up some of that elusive JI DNA. This latest hire will bring them one step...
I find I read as much on my iPhone as on the iPad. The iPhone is lighter and always with me and I find the reading experience just fine. IBooks is just frictionless and the synching is awesome when it works. Amazon? Only whennI absolutely must. I have no love for the company whatsoever.
The OS could serve them well, perhaps? Through the BB brand they can get some kind of 'reset'. 
Huh? No, not really. But even if you were to insist the difference you point to is significant.
An ARM based Mac or an IOS based Mac? I can see an IOS based MBA before anything. Perhaps a pseudo hybrid OS in that it allows a mouse / trackpad based cursor, and obviously some kind of multi tasking. We already have iMovie, Pages and Numbers as well as Office and other powerful apps for IOS.
New Posts  All Forums: