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Exactly. And at some point in the past the same applied to laptops v desktops. Yes they are different and could be separated into individual groups  but at the same time they are all computing devices that perform many overlapping tasks. The iPad is just a different kind of computer. I could easily argue that iPhones should be included as they are computing devices with the added cell phone functionality. They cost the same as the majority of low end pc's and perform many...
Link to clarify ....  (or as DED would say - 'This has happened before') http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/160733/apple-samsung-take-massive-109-of-mobile-industry-profits-while-competitors-lose-money
106% of profits indicates loss by the others because they went into the negative. 
Simply not good enough, Apple. Low 90's? Is that all you can muster? Seriously, that's pretty dominant.
Hmmm... "Hello, I'm Sammy", perhaps? (or, Andy?) It would be funny but I very much doubt Apple will stoop that low. 
I don't know - I'm glad they told us it was 'with emotion'. How else would we guess?This kind of design speak is painful and awkward. Design grads on their first assignment? I like the way they moved the camera to the bottom right. Must have taken them much research into the 20 - 30 year old market and intense innovation. It's unbelievable!
Often surprised how people don't seem to realize how design, taste and practical usage are never static. This always crops up when people quote Steve Jobs (why would Steve Jobs EVER say an Apple product was not perfect?). Much as I loved the iPhone when it first came out I remember thinking it was odd to use as a phone. I wasn't used to to a large flat slab, and it felt conspicuous. :) 
What the video illustrates well is 'reality' v what people think 'reality' is, set against what people across the board think 'reality ought to be'. I am not sure it tries to explain how such a state of inequality came to be. In my view, when capitalism as a system governs social policies it becomes unjust and brutal, almost by definition. It is deluded to believe in 'self regulation', in my opinion. If on the other hand, social policies are arrived upon and governed free...
It is very depressing indeed. There is an interesting book called "The Plutocrats" that charts the history of the super rich. People who defend this current state of affairs in the name of capitalism and the free market are closing their eyes to the injustice and brutality of such an unregulated system. No doubt it will all end in disaster (it has to, no?). Here is another short video that describes the discrepancy well. Its pretty shocking...
I am sure you are right. My point was a general one about the ridiculousness of hyper wages.
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