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I say, jolly nice! I guess for 17,000,000 listed at 25,000,000 he got himself a bargain ;) Can't imagine he'll work it over too much. New furniture, perhaps, but ripping it apart and modernizing, I don't think so. The very English-ness of the place must have appealed to him. The Aston Martin will look splendid parked out front. Edit: Bentley, not Aston Martin
I really like the name and I don't think the origins of the Beats brand will matter in the least. The streaming service covers the whole gamut of music and the headphones may or may not change. Either way, they are selling just fine. Beats is a very Apple like name in my view. But yeah, terrible they didn't changed the name for you even though you'd never use the service 
@TS Staying the he'll out of politics is of course highly political. There's always a 'side'. Apple is doing a great balancing act.
Looks like Beats could turn out to become a lot more than headphones and a streaming service. Loving this and look forward to what Beats might bring to the table. I suspect the people that hate this 'union' will end up having to eat crow. With Apple seemingly entering into the corporate sector in a serious way, and also the health and fitness arena, the Beats acquisition represents a very different side of the company. Apple is undergoing a major transition.
Yup, MS is still smarting from that 2006 assault. I am not surprised and in truth, fair do's. Not sure it will do much good over all but the stats are probably telling them the ads are paying for themselves many times over. Apple set itself up for this and will have to grin a bear it.
It can hold credit card details, driver licence details (with image), kids Medicare cards, software licences etc. Touch ID will make this awesome app even more awesome.
I second that. Also from personal experience. 
I've totally done babies and will never go back but had this been around some 14 years ago I would have bought one, no question. 
The keyboard issue is surely the easiest problem to solve, no? With a keyboard case the iPad becomes hugely more functional for text / spreadsheet input and editing.   I have always thought Apple should have created a transparent software layer that would allow for mouse use - show cursor movement and translate a mouse click into a 'touch'. Cmnd-Tab to flip apps would also be very useful.
In an ideal world Apple would give you exactly what you need but I believe most people manage fine. Heavy users need to figure out how to top up on the go for themselves. It is not rocket science. I have a dash holder in my car where I put my iPhone whenever I drive. I don't spend huge amounts of time on the road but it takes car of 95% of all my charging needs. If you don't drive then perhaps a desktop charger would be a good move. Get to work, plug it in and stream and...
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