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A gold MBA or MBP (shudder). The definition of tacky. Space gray sound nice, though.
They do now.
Apple is not really disrupting anything much in terms of Amex, MC and Visa. More like partnering with them. If Apple was to disrupt this marked they would let us use them for credit card payments but bypass them entirely for debit card payments a la Dwolla.
They're clearly doing their designated job for Samsung.
Worked pretty well for Apple v PC
Wow, that's a quick rise to the top. Good for her. http://adage.com/article/special-report-2013-women-to-watch/women-watch-marcela-aguilar-gap/241741/
Having tried a  mock-up I don't think I'd have a problem using a 6+. It is big but holding it to my ear I think it will be just fine. What would clinch it would be if it was slightly bendable for jeans back-pocketability. It will be too big for any other pocket though I have to admit that the 5s also is too big if I accidentally sit down, or crouch with it in either front or back pocket. I am really interested in the role the 6+ will take on in terms of business. With some...
I think Apple knows what it's doing in terms of demand. Its not as if going to the engineering trouble of bringing out two gorgeous larger format phones was a rash knee-jerk reactions to a few vocal pundits. They waited a long time and the mere fact that Apple has brought these phones to market will in itself help make the larger sizes more acceptable and therefore increase demand. But I doubt the 'old' size will disappear, all of a sudden, so no worries for you.  
Very informative videos!
As I have said before, round is nice but makes little sense from a digital display pov. I like these a lot but not so happy about the dependence on the iPhone. Wishful thinking, I guess.
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