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No problem and thanks for the advice.I pretty much do all of the above and I'm well versed in repairing permissions. Re the iPhone, one day when I have the time I will fully restore it through iTunes an re-download my apps. By that time there will probably be another update:)
Yup, and the latest season of SoA is airing on AppleTV now. Bought the season. No ads!
No, wrong guy. I have had Macs for a very long time but my ego is not inflated, I am not unduly arrogant, and I don't think my experience is worth more than anyone else's - far from it. Having said that I don't suffer fools easily and likewise prickish attitude. Generally, I prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt. And I never had Yosemite beta installed.In the past plugging a device into the computer has been a convoluted process with mixed results. As I have...
I have done that several times and perhaps it has gotten a little better. I may just go the iTunes route for the first time in years.
IOS 7 is so long ago I can hardly remember. It was stable when I upgraded to IOS 8 and in spite of IOS 8 being sketchy in some areas it is not a deal breaker. The crashes don't bother me so much and I know some apps that I use obviously need updating (Airfiles), The most annoying thing is when I find myself poking repeatedly at the screen for nothing to happen. This is why I won't recommend family members to update quite yet. There really is no hurry.
I am not doubting you but you realize I am sure, that only a very small percentage will actually do as you suggest. In the past when there was no alternative I had endless trouble updating and backing up through iTunes. Maybe I will do it now however. Not because of the frequent sudden re-boots (its only a few seconds and IOS is very good at returning to where it left off), and mysterious lags and loss of touch response, but because I now have 71 songs that cannot be...
I am not surprised because generally speaking and specially for the iMac, a good desktop computer offer the best computing experience for desk bound activity. Perhaps the satisfaction ratings reflect that when people buy a desk based computer these days they do it because they know it is what they need. Laptops have taken over and desktops are in the minority. For my money the iMac is the king of the desk.
My experience with IOS 8 on an iPhone 5s and an iPad Air so far has left me looking forward to the bug fixing first and second iterations. Crashes, frozen apps and little annoyances keep appearing. Anyone else found this to be the case? The OS is by no means unusable but buggy enough I suggest to friends and family to hold off for the time being.
iPads, iPods & a new MBA. They could make some kind of announcement related to HealthKit, and then there is the aleged homekit. And Apple TV. And let's not forget about a possible new music service. Now that there are so many products and services they could easily fill a keynote. They may not 'blow our minds' and therefore the event will quickly be dismissed as boring, but it's not hard to imagine how a pretty dense keynote is within the realm of possibility.
I don't buy into a rumor that Apple will shut down the subscription service. They may re-brand as has been mentioned above though personally I was kinda hoping they would keep the Beats name. I like it. Regardless, I am all over an Apple branded subscription service. I want a family package, please. My family and I will get all the music we want, we'd get to discover new music and Apple will be paid much more for music on an annual basis from my wallet. Its a win win. I am...
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