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I agree - the hardware is nice but only the watch is potentially significant. Personally I am very interested in the mb. But research kit is the big announcement and together with health kit points to a new future.  I, too, had the feeling something got cut and thought the ending very abrupt.
I get your point.... but.... the Apple edition is 'the best' insofar as gold is 'better' than steel, and steel is 'better' than aluminum. It is probably more accurate to call the Edition Apple Watch the very 'nicest'. Both are subjective but 'best' implies technical or performance superiority. 
Just as a point of interest and comparison - when the SE30 came out in 1989 it cast $6,500.- or approx $ 12,500 today. 
I remember it well and it was a depressing sight - often not working and the white keyboards filthy from lack of cleaning, along with staff who actively advised customer to steer clear.  I wonder how Apple and its select retailers will manage to sway the usual jewelry / watch purchaser to go for an electronic device instead of an item where the number of diamonds usually is an important factor in determining its value. When you buy a beautiful (or not) piece of jewelry or...
Since when was wages a measure of the amount of work performed? If so I'd like to see the amount of work Apple execs do in a day. Must be quite impressive. 
I think it is only ok to ski safely but that does not mean there has to be a blanket ban on skiing while listening to music. On a crowded hill it is safest to drop the music, ski slower and well within your ability. On more open hills and semi off piste those rules change. As your ability increases so opens your options. It is always important to be aware of what is around you but your awareness increases with your skill level so again, no fixed rule. I'd question anybody...
What, are you the ski hill nazi? Do you still use 230's and ski with your skis locked together, arms horizontal? There is a time and place for everything and your generalizations above suggest you have no idea what you are talking about. If you want solitude and pristine mountains go back country. Racing down a congested piste with music blaring is unsafe but it something I have never witnessed personally. Maybe you choose the wrong hills.
Unless the thing is measuring your sleep... errr... patterns? Not sure how sleep is measured but I am sure it requires wearing the thing. Charge time is more important than battery life imo. If 30 mins will see you through the night its not too problematic. 30 secs or less for 24 hrs is the ultimate target.
Mine, too. My kids have iPhones and they use iTube to create play lists and cache their music. iTube radio plays streamed music from youtube and caches everything inc ads. Afterwards you can delete ads or any tracks you don't want. Very easy to use. Completely free. Everything available. Any suggestion otherwise confirms me completely lame. Its all their friends ever use. 
I don't actively use iTunes much but wouldn't it be better if you could create a music preference profile that would immediately display genres and artists you like? That way indie labels and artists would be better profiled for its intended audience. I do know that when I open iTunes what I see is mostly of no interest to me.
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