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And its not a very complex set-up. Its well done, as in highly professional, but it is much like all other Apple 'people' shots. The only way it could be done in the studio, and this would have made the set-up simpler because it is formulaic, would have been to hang a backdrop photograph of the design studio in the photographic studio. The very even-ness of the background soft focus supports this idea. It would also be the simplest and least invasive way of getting the...
Sure are!
And if you look at the larger photo on the jobs site you'll see fine flyaway hair all over the place around the woman on the left.
Disagree. If you look at the jobs site you'll see a much larger version. It is very well lit and probably heavily post produced. The background in particular looks touched up, perhaps to remove reflections, and to soften things nicely. It is totally posed but it looks shot on location to me.
The only thing I watch with commercials is sport and occasionally late night tv / comedy. The rest is off Netflix and iTunes. I am very happy with this solution but the sticking point is the sports. Cable co's know this and have been investing in sports content / rights for a long time. Like others here I'd be all over a la carte content selection and pay option to avoid advertising.
I am a fan of Hitchens and it has never crossed my mind wether he was a nice guy or not. It is completely irrelevant. I think there are a number of reasons for which people justifiably admire Jobs but being a nice guy is probably not one of them. Personally I am fine with that.
I don't know anything about this film but I hope it goes some way to highlight the other sides of Jobs. I am not talking about his 'nice' side but rather what he achieved as an entrepreneur, marketer, creative and CEO. If those achievement came at a cost to his employees and friends then fine, lets hear it, but I really don't see the point in 'exposing' his darker side for the sake of it. Not that I mind the blind hero worshipping of Jobs to be taken down a notch or...
And here is the proof (like we didn't know already)Why The Greatest Minds Take Long Walks
What what? No iDevices? No texting? What kind of grand dad, are you? Tell them to stop jumping around and get texting! They look way too cheerful
Strange choice of words, there. I am not sure opening one shop constitutes a philosophy (what philosophy?) Even if more such shops were to open I'd see it as part of a larger philosophy. But to say that this is Apple's 'concession' to a philosophy strikes me as an unnecessary negative slant on Apple's decision as if this philosophy was somehow externally imposed and Apple was in some way obliged to concede.
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