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Why am I not surprise you'd be the first person to raise this point, looking at it from your own narrow perspective rather than reflect upon the broader picture (there is one).
The thing ran amok and crashed violently yet it still got a 4.5 out of 5. Not bad. I giess if had seriously hurt someone it would only have got a 4, right? :-)
I don't mind the music. It is kind of reflective and thoughtful in tone, yet very non-offensive. All these Apple ads are very 'safe', aimed to please the masses rather than a tight niche market. The ad shows what is possible in an aspirational way, and the music makes it seem light and effortless. It helps remove all associated techy-ness. It is lifestyle and very far removed from documentary. All these ads should be seen as one. I am sure the style will change when the...
Love the Bose streaming service ...
OK, I was reading you wrong.  I am not really all that interested in the hardware aspect of the deal, personally. I have no problems with it.
Why are you saying Beats Music equals Hip Hop culture? You seem fixed on this idea and it just isn't true. Please explain because your prejudice is getting wearisome. Here are three reviews (arbitrarily picked) and they all suggest that you are talking utter crap.http://www.tomsguide.com/us/beats-music-service,review-2002.htmlhttp://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2430224,00.asphttp://www.businessinsider.com/beats-versus-spotify-2014-1 
I am curious about this, too. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple moves all its music services and products (not professional tools) over to the Beats brand in the future.
And??  I am looking forward to this but its not available where I am. I am expecting family plans will be available to all and sundry in time, but I am curious about the Beats Music experience.
I expect there will be changes but regardless, Apple would never produce an audiophile level reference quality pair of cans. Too expensive and too niche and much better left to specialist companies. You may not like the Beats headphones but from where I'm sitting they are not a bad Apple mainstream fit (though probably too expensive). I think the future of Beats Music / Apple is way broader than hip hop. In fact, head over to beatsmusic.com and you'll see. Personally I am...
What a weird post.  'Naff' is hardly the expression I'd use to describe a release cycle, and ditto 'futile' to describe a spec bump. As for the last part... if creaming your shorts is a voluntary act please spare us the info.
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