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I am not so sure if this is that much different. Sure, the interface will be much improved but we still have to pay monthly for a package, the content of which we may only want a little of.Personally I look forward to the day all new and live content is available on iTunes against a 'per view' or 'season' purchase. I am fine with everything older than new being available on Netflix.
My first thought.
I'm a bit of both but metric is the only logical system in this day and age. It is kinda beautiful the way it is all based on water, too. I do like imperial, too. I like the fact that it is all based on the human body. Kinda quaint. Why do you think metric is hippie? That's an odd one, for sure.Oh and seriously, 240v is way superior. It zaps you a little more when you get a shock, is all.
The idea of shooting the movie over 12 years is amazing. It gives you a completely different perception of time. The story unfolds over the same time it takes to shoot, and actors and characters age in unison. Sounds simple and obvious but the effect is profound. Both of those two films I'd like to see again which is unusual. I just really enjoyed myself. Both have kept me thinking since I saw them. Can't get them out of my head.
Whiplash is an awesome movie in my opinion. Great performances and wicked drumming. I have a small problem with the final, what? 10 seconds, but I choose to eliminate it from my memory. A very intense movie.
Do you really feel that the fact that his films are violent and that there is profanity is a reflection of Scorcese as a director? Or how many wives he's had. That's what hogwash. It makes no sense.
Such utter ignorant hogwash from beginning to end - except the fact that you hate Taxi Driver. I disagree but it's your opinion. The rest is hogwash.
In my view Boyhood is an amazing film. Link later is an intelligent filmmaker who makes intelligent films. It is hard to imagine any adult males not appreciating the film if not intellectually, at least on a very fundamental human level. I highly recommend it.
Love it!
This site should not be a measure of either IOS or OS X. Unbelievably the Appleinsider site does not play well with Apple devices. It probably doesn't play well with Windows and Android devices either, I wouldn't know. Generally speaking it is as if AI doesn't know what 'usability' means.
New Posts  All Forums: