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Nice first day indeed, but no, nobody is worth that much. You'd think that when people earn ridiculous amounts of money offering them even more is a pointless incentive. If I earned over a million dollars a year and loved my work I would not take a job I liked less for two million. What would be the point?
I find that because I know most Apple products quite well I need to spend very little time in the Apple store. Even when new product is announced I need very little time to try it. I need to see and feel it but generally speaking I already know if I am am going to buy it or not. If I do its an in and out proposition. And that is the point of the Apple store - it is great for Apple aficionados but it is really aimed at the uninitiated. 
There is also the fact that most 'new' devices are updates rather than 'one more thing' type events. And these days with all the leaks it seems people are disappointed no matter what. Imagine an Apple event such as an iPod event way back, that only announced an updated iPad and IOS. Shock, Horror! Apple would be declared dead in a second. Because this is Apple people expect block buster events. It must be hard for Apple to always have to follow its own act ;). A victim of...
What kind of thing were you thinking about? In what areas do you feel the iMac needs to be changed / improved? The reason the iMac remains much the same is that by now it has been pared down to a screen, essentially. Would a colour change constitute a 'facelift'? In my opinion the present iMac has come a very long way since 'before the thinness', whenever that was. It can still get thinner but a 27" screen will always be a 27" screen. I remember some poster said prior to...
What is the matter with you??
Yes, only music. We share a single App Store account, too, and iBook account, so any book my wife or kids buy I can download and read, too, and then delete from my device. Ditto Apps. The only problem is that I have a tone of content on these accounts that is now irrelevant because what the kids liked a year ago is 'for kids' (according to them) today. 
iTunes Match has been and is brilliant for me and my family. We share one iTunes account for all purchases so anything anyone in the family buys is immediately available to everybody else. In effect iTunes Match, or iCloud, or Apple Servers, now holds my family's iTunes Library. There is no need for any computer or device to hold that library. Everyone in the family can download whatever they want to whatever device they want and manage it as they like. I am not sure how...
Just waiting for iTunes Radio, now.
Do you know anything about Angela Ahrendts?
Absolutely nothing wrong with profitability. I just don't think that will be the driving force. There is a lot more to the Apple stores than making money. Most importantly they represent the public face of the company and I think Ahrendts will be more focused on that aspect.
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