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Do you know anything about Angela Ahrendts?
Absolutely nothing wrong with profitability. I just don't think that will be the driving force. There is a lot more to the Apple stores than making money. Most importantly they represent the public face of the company and I think Ahrendts will be more focused on that aspect.
I really hope Apple / Angie's primary goal is not to make the stores more profitable (I am sure it is not). There really is no need, they are already the most profitable retail spaces in the world. I am sure her task will be far more strategic, and also to re-imagine (don't you just hate that term, by now?) the Apple retail experience for the next decade. I have to say you've got to be brave to take that on considering how well everything is working right now. But the...
Thats what I was thinking. The weirdest video ever. A badly lit scene featuring a hand fondling a mock up of a rumoured device set to melancholic 'geisha music, or what-ever that was. 
I think this illustrates exactly why a larger iPhone is not such a terrible idea for a lot of users. (slightly off topic) Google offers one product which is nothing short of awesome - Google Forms. For quick on the go data entry. To create a form takes minutes. It is limited (no hidden fields, for instance) but very usable. The results are instant in a gouge sheet (copy paste to spreadsheet of your choice)
This is the most interesting rumor going around. I think of the MBA as a very capable machine for most people yet over powered for a considerable percentage of those. Considering how powerful the iPad Air is as it stands the prospect of a completely new device (laptop) at a lower price and with a very long battery life is exciting. Apple will could have a home run in the lower priced laptop sector without sacrificing build quality or features. 
This is my experience, too. My primary office computer is a 2008 mb with 8gb RAM and 256 gb SSD. I upgraded to ssd more out of interest to see if I could extend the life of the computer and really, I see no reason to change it now. The SSD upgrade was amazing and it is even fine for basic PS6 work (24" screen attached). For heavier lifting I use my new iMac at home. The iMac is an amazing machine and very powerful but even with the old 2008 mb I never find my self...
I disagree. I think 4gb is fine for most users. My daughter has an 11" mba with 4gb ram and whenever I borrow it never crosses my mind that it is sluggish. She uses mail, Safari and sometimes Word or Powerpoint, and iTunes, mostly and rarely quits any of them. I think she is a much more typical user than anybody here. Most users don't use powerful graphics or media software on a regular basis. Somebody with better technical understanding of OSX may be able to answer this...
It isn't just you but the point is, and perhaps it is cultural thing, a lot of people couldn't give a flying crap what they or others look like when they speak on the phone. For them, being able to speak on their device is perhaps just an added convenience.  Perhaps they don't view it as a phone, first and foremost. 
Well, that seems to be where you still live. I think we have gotten past worrying what people speak into. Oh, and I have been told that flip phones are making a comeback. If you spend a lot of time on the phone it makes sense, I guess. 
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