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What narrative? What are you talking about?
He has no idea, like the rest of us. I'd also like him to explain the 'narrative' of which he speaks.
And Drone sales are expected to dramatically increase in the area. If this is happening it will be the first project Apple will have to carry out in broad daylight.
When recently in London I noticed Apple Pay advertised many places including an very importantly London Transport. Just about everybody used the tube or the buses. Every station has multiple and highly visible notices announcing that Apple pay is accepted. These are relatively low cost purchases and will not be hindered by ridiculous value limits. In fact, I noticed that it was advertised that you don't even need a ticket but can instead use your credit card directly. I...
You give Apple the benefit of the doubt, just assuming the best? Really? Read you own post and think about it all a little more deeply. Forget about idiotic typecasting like 'Libs' and 'neo-cons' and don't worry so much about how people look at you. Now, do you really think you need to give Apple the benefit of the doubt?
I agree. Mention race and a large number of apparently smart people on this forum loose their wits. Do people really believe that Apple consciously will ever NOT hire the best person for the job? If not why the **** do they go on about it like a broken record?
Simple. The ads are aimed at young people who discover by trial and error. They are unafraid and dive in. As you get older you stop and wonder what to do.
Oh, I'm over it, OK, but I have an opinion about it. And it is not a package we are talking about, it is a policy. I is not as if I'm laboring a point, here, but I do find the subject of some interest. If you don't care, though, which you clearly don't, why don't you just butt out. Why are you even here right now?
No. As I said I am all for design advice and guidelines. And yes, Apple can do what it likes, I am not disputing that. I love Apple design but there is something perverse about design fascism. Just because Apple is big and powerful and luckily for us, at the cutting edge of a modern minimalist aesthetic it shouldn't mean that smaller companies should have to mold their creative expression to suit Apple. Apple would never accept that from anyone else.But having said that I...
OK, if it means no more 'impossible-to-open, impossible to touch and try' plastic packaging I'm definitely supporting the initiative. Much as aI like Apple's packaging I hope third party manufacturers will not be forced into mimicking Apple. But stiff plastic, welded shut solutions must go, no question.
New Posts  All Forums: