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Gotta agree. This was an amazing presentation with a jaw dropping rollout of features, new and refurbished. Some more useful than others, of course. The ability to begin an email on one device and complete it on another seems gimmicky, to me, but the auto hotspot, the ability to answer and place calls directly from any device, the new messaging features, the new Spotlight etc are potentially truly great features.  I pray the implementation will be as smooth as the...
What a depressing interpretation. It's only been a few hours!
Yup - this was definitely underwhelming. No new 6" iPhone.   /s
Absolutely! A lot of people are unable to mange their expectations around here. Those are the people who thinks anything but a 'revolutionary' new iPhone is utterly underwhelming. Given what we have how a new iPhone can be revolutionary is beyond me.
OS XI Cupertino
And I will pay to avoid all ads.
If you want to be productive on an iPad I think a keyboard is essential. If so even a split screen would not be as good as the ability to flip apps with CMND-Tab. That would make a huge difference. I never use a keyboard with my iPad but I have long wanted one of those nifty logitech or similar keyboard cases.
At least they are innovating, right?
I guess this is where Beats come into the picture. I suspect music subscription is the way forward, for better or worse. I still buy music but only because I don't subscribe to a streaming service. 
Who the hell walks around 'controlling' their house? The idea of house control seems utterly lame to me. I like of some kind of intelligence but air con, heating, alarms, doors, and most of all lights and appliances really do not need much 'controlling' as far as I can see. The management of digital media is a different story.
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