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It is fitting to name the new building after SJ in my view. As TC is always pointing out Steve lives on in the DNA of Apple. One day Tim will have something named after him and it will be well deserved.And Slurpy - please stop obsessing about BF. You and others manage to make virtually every thread about him, derailing the conversation from other far more interesting derailments. Simply skip his posts and any replies to them. Forever commenting on them is...
He would have been pleased as punch. He obviously would have had something to say about most things but I think if Steve came back today he would have appreciated the many changes Tim has made and admitted he'd never have made those choices. I wonder if given the choice he'd even want to take back the reins. Apple is in a much better place than it ever was, right now.
I'd be interested to hear more from Ahrendts. It is hard to tell what is her's in the changing Apple retail store design. I'd also like to know more about her perspective on where Apple retail is going both online and brick and mortar.
Let's see... picture Steve Wozniak in a hurry at his desk plugging in a USB at the back of his iMac to upload some image from his camera.I think most people here are perfectly capable of plugging in a USB but not all of us roll our sleeves up, correct our glasses, and pull up our slacks before we carefully kneel down on one knee so we get a clear view, before inserting the USB firmly gripped between thumb and index at the optimal angle. Like normal people tech oriented...
True, but when you are fumbling behind the iMac in danger of knocking various peripherals to the floor, not to mention accidentally unplugging the computer and knocking the coffee over, and then realizing the USB's are vertical... well, it all gets ugly very quickly.
Such as who? There are, or have been, many members who post very provocative and generally bad tempered responses to just about anything here. Some of them seem to be tolerated more than others and I can never really understand why that is.
Hopefully soon we'll get displays with USB-c so all you need is one cable to your laptop. For me, that is all I need. If I can buy USB-C thumb drives, that will help too.What about ethernet?
I'd say 50% is a best case scenario. If you can't see and you are not holding the plug quite right it can take many attempts. If the first attempt doesn't work you assume the plug is upside down and so you try the other way. If that doesn't work you know that in one of the two cases you got the direction right but the 'aim' was off. To correct that you may have to try two more times, and even then you may not get it right. I speak from experience and a plug which is...
I'll never subscribe to a calendar app. I understand the attraction of the subscription model for app developers but it is a pest for end users. It gets expensive when you have several of them!
I can browse but cannot search nor update. I'm in Canada.
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