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Wow - look at you! Merry Xmas.
Yes and no. The no being that the mini is too big to be a phone. There is a spot in-between that and the iPhone where the screen is more usable as a tablet yet not too big for a phone. I am not saying there is a market for this, I just don't know the facts. What I am saying is that what is true yesterday may not be true today. I see more people use the large Samsungs. They use them exactly like I use my iPhone, except it has a larger screen. The idea that it 'look silly'...
I disagree. The real issue is that the world changes and people use devices differently than they did before. I do use my iPhone as a phone but I use it MUCH more as a very small computer For me it is a tiny tablet that also works as a phone. A lot of people around the world have only one device - their smartphone. As such a larger screened iPhone makes a lot of sense. This scenario did not exist a few years ago. Its not a fixed thing. People here should know that and not...
Yes, Audio quality is important if the speakers are reasonably good. The syncing of BT is a deal breaker if the speaker is shared by many users. If it is just used by one person it is not so important. The ideal setup is if it works like the Apple TV. The big 'pro' for BT is portability. So if you travel a lot and need sounds in the hotel, for instance, BT is the way to go.
I am not really bothered about the set-up as long as it sticks. So if you set up your speakers as in point two, which is like the Apple TV, right?, and from then on the speakers are readily accessible, its all good. With my Sound Link we need to do the pairing virtually every time.
Yes, I have the Bose Soundlink and it is a pain to pair up. We have four devices that regularly need pairing. This means pressing the BT button on the Bose for a few seconds, then opening the settings on the phone, going to BT and select to connect. And then wait for the two to connect. Dum de dum de dum.... Sometimes getting to the BT settings takes a little longer and the BT pairing times out on the Bose which adds more time and annoyance.  So it is a procedure just to...
Or like Electrolux - This was an advertising campaign in the UK around 2000, that was quickly pulled...
Very surprised the iPod is in that list.
Tip of the week - great app. Thanks!
You are being too harsh. Obama has acomplished quite a bit in the face of what I'd call pernicious adversity. Here's a list of 225 things...http://pleasecutthecrap.com/obama-accomplishments/
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