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OK, I was reading you wrong.  I am not really all that interested in the hardware aspect of the deal, personally. I have no problems with it.
Why are you saying Beats Music equals Hip Hop culture? You seem fixed on this idea and it just isn't true. Please explain because your prejudice is getting wearisome. Here are three reviews (arbitrarily picked) and they all suggest that you are talking utter crap.http://www.tomsguide.com/us/beats-music-service,review-2002.htmlhttp://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2430224,00.asphttp://www.businessinsider.com/beats-versus-spotify-2014-1 
I am curious about this, too. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple moves all its music services and products (not professional tools) over to the Beats brand in the future.
And??  I am looking forward to this but its not available where I am. I am expecting family plans will be available to all and sundry in time, but I am curious about the Beats Music experience.
I expect there will be changes but regardless, Apple would never produce an audiophile level reference quality pair of cans. Too expensive and too niche and much better left to specialist companies. You may not like the Beats headphones but from where I'm sitting they are not a bad Apple mainstream fit (though probably too expensive). I think the future of Beats Music / Apple is way broader than hip hop. In fact, head over to beatsmusic.com and you'll see. Personally I am...
What a weird post.  'Naff' is hardly the expression I'd use to describe a release cycle, and ditto 'futile' to describe a spec bump. As for the last part... if creaming your shorts is a voluntary act please spare us the info.
So do I, no question. But for anything in 'our system' to correct itself it needs to be constantly scrutinized, called out, and challenged. Not to challenge the powers that be to prove they are at all times serving the greater good is the worst kind of servility. One that mocks the idea of true democracy. 
      This is exactly what I predicted when there was talk of a new iOS powered TimeCapsule a year or two ago. It makes sense to me but with the speed of connections these days I think it is already an outdated model. The 'home server' now resides with Apple.
In this case you should thank the NSA for opening this huge can of worms (bag of hurt). If IOS, OSX, all Windows, and Android were, say Chinese, or Korean, or even Russian, and a similar revelation as the NSA spying was revealed, how much would you trust the aforementioned systems to run the government, business and personal computers of the USA? Not much I'd wager and you'd probably feel the request to peek at the source code was a fair request.  Its always interesting to...
I think you are right. I also think that the Mini is adequately specced for its purpose at present. You can optionally choose SD or Fusion and for most people I'd argue it was powerful enough. Adding a 1 tb Fusion drive and maxing the Ram you'll be paying approx a grand less than an iMac which is a good deal if you have the other hardware. I am considering ditching my old mb and getting a mini to drive my cinema display at my office. Now that I can use my iMac at home as a...
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