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I have no trouble reading on a backlit screen. I prefer to read on my iPhone because I find even a mini too heavy. But reading in sunlight on an iDevice is horrible. An eink iBook would be very cool but I can't see it happening.
This is a product that makes sense out of drones. Very cool!
The day I can drop my iPad in a charging stand and at that point operate it with a keyboard (inc the use of CMD-Tab), and a mouse it will become a LOT more useful and speedy as a laptop replacement. Not sure it will ever happen because the mbAir is still so awesome. I feel spoilt for choice to be honest and I am pretty damn happy with my mix of devices at this moment.
And when it talks back to you it winds up all your friends. Pretty impressive for a watch.
But please, do not make it a skeuomorph. That would be fun for five minutes and then look very old. I don't think Apple would but I'm just sayin'.
Any model, I believe. You need a fast hook-up to download it, however. Specially the MacPro.
One of the most terrible things in this world is to be on (either end of) a cold call. Unless, of course the mere fact that you are who you are is enough to make the person receiving the call excited. I pretty certain this was not your average cold call. It probably went something like this: KB to agent: I'd love to speak to Jony IveKB's agent to Apple: This is KB's agent. He'd love to speak to JI.JI's secretary to JI: KB wants to speak to you.JI: Cool! Tell him to...
Which is by far the best solution, to be frank, on a practical level. Business and personal is perfectly separated in every way. Th penalty is that you have to carry two devices but that's not too big a deal for most people. With the new iPhone becoming so thin all someone has to do is create a 'back to back' case and voila! A double sided phone! ;)
Yes, I'd agree that Sammy's campaigns are quite funny and succeed at poking fun at Apple. In fact I think it is a good thing that they do because it must bug the shit out of Apple and perversely that's probably a good thing. But the irony is that without Apple Samsung is still just a phones producer (and other consumer goods). Other than the humour of poking fun at Apple they offer little of substance.
Like Solips says, just delete them locally. I have to say I virtually never use iTunes anymore. All my music is managed on my iPhone. My library is with Apple in the form of iTunes match, and ditto books and apps. Movies are mostly handled through aTV. When Beats Music becomes available around these parts of the world I see even less use for iTunes (personally).
New Posts  All Forums: