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Amazing how long it is taking Apple to optimize their site for iPads and iPhones. You'd have thought they'd be the first.
The killer app(s) will be the frameworks that allow third parties to create useful functionality. My guess is that the medical and fitness aspects will be the major sellers. You don't need a wearable to speak, text, browse, etc. Voice commands could be a big seller for the geeks though I suspect that invoking Siri and telling her to dim the lights in the dining room and turn up the volume on the TV will always be slower than doing it manually ;)
I can even rebuild those starer motors, pal. You betcha!
Home use, office use.... the 27" is a big monster that is totally over sized for basic computing. Whether it will sell at that price is anybody's guess. I  wouldn't be surprised if it drops $100.- quite quickly.
I am sure it will run CS6 because I use it on a 2008 MB. But if those were the apps you are planning to run on it you'd be well advice to up your hardware. For anything beyond basics I switch to a much higher specced new iMac. 
So if priced higher than the alleged 4.7" the alleged 5.5" is likely to be a flop like the 5c "arguably" is? Sounds like Apple is onto a major winner.
Spec innovation! They're now in blue!
Actually there is only one main reason - marketing.  The amount of free marketing Apple has received by keeping schtum is immeasurable. Given that Apple and Jobs always had the gift to wow the crowds, which in turn was backed up by great products, the silence must truly have been, and still is, an awesome weapon. If everybody knew what Apple was bringing out the mystique would fizzle and there would be little to write about. As it is column after column is written in...
There are websites where you can offer IT jobs and individual and companies bid for the job - an ebay for all sorts of IT services. One thing I came across was people looking for review writers as well as blog commenters. I wasn't that surprised - I mean who in the hell posts a 20 paragraph bullet pointed review on amazon for a lawnmower? Or any other item? I do read reviews but I am very discriminating. I also read somewhere about a study that revealed certain linguistic...
New Posts  All Forums: