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Sell her 5S and get an old style phone. She'll be happy to get money back :) There are many available marketed for seniors, such as this - http://www.dorousa.us
Already happening. Flip phones are cool, or so I hear.
They do and for a pretty good reason - do you remember the battery life on the old phones? If all you need is a phone anything else is a waste of money and technology. I noticed that everybody in Sons of Anarchy only use flip phones. Are they easier to make untraceable? So if you are a criminal an old feature phone may be the better option?
Yes, but most decisions are emotionally based. People may THINK they make rational decisions and some obviously are rational, but the emotional aspect is what guides us. The problem with rational decisions is that rationality never ends, there are so many factors to consider and in the end people tend to buy what they 'want' anyway.  But regardless - I do find advertising and marketing very interesting. I tend not to like to be subjected to it but it as a subject it is...
Don't forget that a stationary bicycle also makes an excellent clothes rack so the money is not wasted at all.
 To you and SolipsismY (and anybody else interested, of course)I forgot to include the link  http://vimeo.com/51836895
It would have been complicatedly simple.
They are right. Apple will never allow it.
That makes sense though I suspect I will struggle with achieving 10 000 steps per day even counting dog walking. It sounds an awful lot. Have you ever tried 'hit'? There is a lot of interesting reports done on its value - here's an interesting video (BBC Horizon) - with Dr Michael Mosely. It also preaches the value of walking. I suspect I would react the same. I wore a watch for many years.
I have several Swatches, a nice mechanical self winder and my favourite - an airforce helicopter pilot chronograph watch in a drawer. Tried one the other day and hated the feeling of having something on my wrist. Besides, I have a car clock, a kitchen clock, a bathroom clock, an oven clock, a digital thermometer clock, my Mac, my own and my family's assorted iPhones, and iPad lying around so 'time' is usually well told wherever I am. 
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