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Or stick it on the ceiling and put a big fat shaggy rug and a few pillows on the floor. Who needs furniture?
The average mileage per day in the US by 35 - 54 year olds (the highest average group) is less than 53.
It is interesting that this 'secret' Apple project is the most visible Apple project ever, and yet we just do not have a clue. For my money Apple is and has been working on a car (some form of personal transportation) for a long time, but whatever we will see first in terms of a tangible product will not be the final deal. If Apple is working on high res street level mapping for instance, I would assume that to be a step towards a more ambitious plan which is dependent...
Rachel looks stoned to me but then again I can barely keep my lids open so I can't really tell.
Oh - Things were so simple before the 1971 decimalization...4 farthings to a penny.2 farthings to a haepney2 haepneys to a penny .3 pennies = thruppence. 4 thrupenny bits= 1 shilling.6 pennies = sixpence. 2 "tanners" = 1 shilling.12 pennies = one shilling.20 shillings = one pound. 12pennies x 20shillings=240 pennies in a pound.Also, a two bob bit , (or florin , posh , eh ,) was a two shilling coin . A half-crown coin was worth two shillings and sixpence. Therefore, 5 two...
 So... that sums it up, then? I think market share does not matter in the sense that that alone is not the reason to 'do' anything. If what got everybody at Apple out of bed in the morning was the prospect of greater marketshare it would truly be the end for Apple. But once you have designed a product you believe in it is important to sell it. You want people to buy and use your designs. The more the merrier. So in that sense market share matters. And then there is the...
You have to admire the guy, though. He has one **** of a nerve for charging $1,100 per hr unless he is the undisputed world expert in his field.
It's true - but only in the basement. There are other tracks on the other floors. Apple is entering Formula E - http://www.fiaformulae.com
I love those street level mock-ups. They are getting so real and yet remain so utterly fake. Something very 'model railway' about them 
A very very big niche. One that would (will) grow year over year with the development of better tech and associated services, and importantly, buy-in from the medical profession.
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