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I agree. As I said in a previous thread Apple is in the process of re-defining (I know it is a cliche but this time it is the truth) of what a watch is. From now on the traditional Swiss mechanical pocket watch belongs in a collectors drawer along with the pocket watch.
FYI: Here is a link to my favorite podcast. It is about marketing but this episode deals with the 'sharing economy' and focusses largely on car ownership. Statistical facts: The average car spends 23 hours per day parked in the driveway. (And just for fun - the average usage of an electric drill in its lifetime is - wait for it - 13 minutes!)http://www.cbc.ca/1.2983680
This is what I think, too. Personal car ownership could one day seem ridiculous and antiquated. Why would anyone want their own personal car? The cost and the agro will seem out of proportion to the benefit. As a matter of fact, for many urban dwellers it already does and instead they rent a car whenever one is required. This is obviously more common in cities with good public transport such as London. The cost of car ownership is high and most of the time the thing sits...
'So ugly it is almost nice' - I heard someone say .More successful was the 2CV though it was hardly pretty. Like the Multipla it was supremely 'practical' and not expensive. The French and the Italians have always had some very weird looking cars. So, for that matter have the Brits (do a Google image search for Reliant Robin - its hilarious)But ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce the new CarHard to argue that this is not a pretty car.And if you want to see some other...
I have always suspected that Apple is behind many of the rumors surrounding new product launches. The thing is, I don't really think Apple needs, or even wants, to conceal everything. They always manage to spring something on us and yet other things we know about. My guess is that it is fairly controlled. For instance, it didn't matter that the name iPhone or iPad were among the names being rumored about as long as nobody knew for sure. The important thing is keeping the...
Very very pretty. These old VW's are not the safest cars, however. I am not sure about this model but the beetles were bad on slippery roads with a rear mounted engine over rear wheel drive. Great for traction, lousy for steering. Coupled with lousy aerodynamics think the VW beetle was measured to have approx 6 kg on its from wheels at 80kmph. I once owned a 67 VW convertible and doing about that (80) I hit some water. VERY scary to aquaplane! The aerodynamics of the...
Specially Hyundai. The worst logo ever.
I would love to. I imagine the torque to be something else
An aside - how did Slurpy get banned?
Ok, then. I won't reply.
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