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A free trial is fine but it should be on Apple, not the musicians or labels. The reason for this is obvious. It is in Apple's interest to help small independents. For Apple it is 'blip' on the profit graph, for a tiny label it could mean the end. There is no benefit in that.
Been using Size-Up for years which allows you to resize windows vertically or horizontally with basic key combos. It also lets you use additional monitors and allows you to work with spaces though I never use those features. The ability to lane two windows / apps up in a split screen view using a key stokes is very fast and useful.
I don't necessarily disagree, but you have to look at it from the other point of view as well. It definitely is not a one way street. Employers do not trust their employees and go out of their way to pay them as little as possible which obviously fosters an 'us against them' relationship. If you step back for a minute and look at how much many companies make (absolutely Apple, too), perhaps the question should not be 'how little can we possibly get away with paying our...
From Apple: What happens to my Beats Music service? Once Apple Music launches on June 30, you can easily move your current Beats Music subscription over to Apple Music. Just open Beats Music on your iOS device and you’ll be prompted to join Apple Music. Once you’ve signed up, the playlists you’ve created or subscribed to and the albums you’ve saved in your Beats Music library will all be available to you in Apple Music. Still have questions? Read the FAQ at Beats...
Everybody here needs to spend five minutes over at Apple.com/music and learn. There is a free service, you can move over from Beats, etc. Its all there. Not hard.
Eddy was right on Cue when he talked about the problems of family accounts and sharing accounts. I am in an in-between place and where my iTunes Match library has everything from Hanna Montana to Cuban music Eminem and Radiohead. It is a big mess. The new family Music family account sounds great. Not sure about Beats1 but I suspect we will see more channels developing rapidly, with guest artist hosting shows. I also like all the different ways of interacting with the app...
I imagine they will work very hard to keep the price of tv down. If they are lining the device up to become the 'hub' it will absolutely be in Apple's interest to keep the cost of entry super low. People will want to buy it because it serves a double duty and from Apple's perspective once the device in in the home it will generate further sales of iPhones, routers, macs etc (not to mention Beats / iTunes), and thus deepen people's investment in the eco system. It will be...
Here is an audio link to an interesting podcast on 'the internet of things'. The programme is from a series on marketing but it puts the internet of things and also the watch into a broader perspective.It won't necessarily sell you on the idea of it all but it makes a compelling argument for why the technology is here to stay.http://www.cbc.ca/radio/undertheinfluence/the-internet-of-marketing-things-1.3094019?autoplay=true
Do Kia's require more repairs than Honda's? Do you know this?If your car / device is more reliable how is a long warranty a liability. If the product is more reliable it follows that the warranty should be longer, not shorter.
Please, no-one mention Steve Jobs, or what Steve Jobs once might have said in this thread. An iPad specific stylus from Apple would be fantastic. Anyone that has tried a 3rd party stylus on an Air will agree. In light of the iPad Pro rumors a stylus is plausible imo. Crossing fingers.
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