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iPad + [ logitec ] = touchscreen laptop. Nice but niche.
I always though Apple would use multiple user accounts as a selling point, in full knowledge that within a week or two of sharing a device most families / couples would only have one sure way to resolve their fighting - i.e. through another purchase. As it turned out any such devious tactic was not needed.
Hey, welcome back! Hope you had a good break.
RIP, old dude. You had fire in you till the end.
Apple was always criticized for lack of upgradability. The reason they didn't was simple, very few people ever upgraded any part of their machines - even RAM. Apart from myself I don't think I've ever known anyone to upgrade their personal computers.
This all plays into Apple's hand nicely. Apple bases all its business on hardware sales. They may track you to improve the service they offer you  but there is no value for Apple to use your data beyond providing a great service in order to sell product. That is distinctly different from the pack who looks at advertising as a revenue stream to pad out low profit margins.    Because Apple sells premium products at often premium prices their customer demographic is an...
I trust Google to protect my privacy like I trust an insurance company to protect my health.
If you are wearing a smart watch I'd say the only intuitive thing to to is to remove the watch and put it in a drawer. Apple will NOT make  a watch that is nothing more than an extension to what is already in your pocket. There is nothing very intuitive about looking at your wrist (awkward angle) to read an email, or whatever. If a wrist band of some sort (maybe not even around the wrist) can read a number of vital signals from the body - blood pressure, blood sugar, heart...
Here's an issue - right click attached ms office document in an email (Mail) and ask for it to open in equivalent iWork app and the ms app opens. Move the attachment to the desktop and it works. 
No - I don't mind targeted advertising. But I mind invasively targeted advertising. I realize that 'invasive' is a relative term, but most of us know where the line goes instinctively. I am not against polls and surveys (as long as they stay out of my life! :) but they are annoying. I have nothing against demographic data gathering but I don't like it as a commodity. In other words - Apple sells computers, software and services. From a business and marketing perspective it...
New Posts  All Forums: