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I think you are right. I also think that the Mini is adequately specced for its purpose at present. You can optionally choose SD or Fusion and for most people I'd argue it was powerful enough. Adding a 1 tb Fusion drive and maxing the Ram you'll be paying approx a grand less than an iMac which is a good deal if you have the other hardware. I am considering ditching my old mb and getting a mini to drive my cinema display at my office. Now that I can use my iMac at home as a...
Well, it depends on your definition of 'exists'. Personally I think it is about time to turn away whenever a headline appears that purports to show evidence of an iPhone 6 in any shape or form. It is time to distance myself a little from the rumor mill which I am guessing is about to go into overdrive pretty soon. The reason is that I'd like to preserve just a modicum of 'wow' when the time comes for the real revelations. In the past the rumor mill has taken on a life of...
There is great value in curation. Imagine an are exhibition put together by algorithms. It just couldn't work other than as an exhibit itself :) In terms of radio I believe curation is everything. I love listening to the radio and what keeps me listening are the hosts, who are also the curators of the content they present. There is no technological cheap and easy way away around that. 
I love that Apple does not stoop to try and 'correct' this information in any other way than releasing their own numbers. I also wonder if the misinformation actually serves Apple well. The people in the know surely must see right through it, and for the rest of the world... Well, Apple has always thrived on the underdog status and maybe these kind of reports prolongs that illusion.
I have no trouble reading on a backlit screen. I prefer to read on my iPhone because I find even a mini too heavy. But reading in sunlight on an iDevice is horrible. An eink iBook would be very cool but I can't see it happening.
This is a product that makes sense out of drones. Very cool!
The day I can drop my iPad in a charging stand and at that point operate it with a keyboard (inc the use of CMD-Tab), and a mouse it will become a LOT more useful and speedy as a laptop replacement. Not sure it will ever happen because the mbAir is still so awesome. I feel spoilt for choice to be honest and I am pretty damn happy with my mix of devices at this moment.
And when it talks back to you it winds up all your friends. Pretty impressive for a watch.
But please, do not make it a skeuomorph. That would be fun for five minutes and then look very old. I don't think Apple would but I'm just sayin'.
Any model, I believe. You need a fast hook-up to download it, however. Specially the MacPro.
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