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Fitness? I need to get my ass to the gym more often, that would be a great start. My iPhone serves most of my other minute to minute digital needs and my laptop is my forklift truck. I'd like to simplify rather than complexify my life at the moment and I am even thinking of getting a larger iPhone, perhaps even a 6+ and ditching the iPad.   I follow the iWatch developments with curiosity and enthusiasm but even for all its apparent brilliance I can't see myself getting...
 Wait until the movie is out to judge. Were you to follow every movie's pre-production woes you'd likely be put off by many. The fact that the budget has been cut may mean nothing at all in terms of the quality of the final product. My guess is that if the initial reviews are good most of us here will see the movie one way or the other. If they are not not it'll be an in-flight, or bored weekend Netflix deal at best.
There are many things we don't need but have and use anyway. In the scenario of connected appliances- the toaster lets your iWatch know when your toast is done, ditto the oven or the washing machine while your TV tells you when SoA, is ready to view. Will all these notifications enrich our lives? As with most technology it is debatable, but it will be the driver behind every sales campaign for the foreseeable future. Pretty sure of that.
It will obviously waste power as users will use it to switch on their electric heaters and forget that they are on. They will have hung their bath towel over the heater so when they get home from work having installed the switch their house will have burned down. Now they have to rebuild so yes, it will definitely waste power.  Still it is very clever.
"This is the most personal device we have ever designed" - or words to that effect. Apple views the iWatch as part smart device and part jewelry which would imply no ads. I hope Apple digs it's heels in against any type of advertising on a wearable. It would be enough for me to decide against ever buying an iWatch.
He he, but it is an interesting idea. Marketing and ethics is also a very interesting subject and I suspect it is more a matter of evaluating the potential blowback than a matter of ethics in most cases. And do you really believe that a frivolous lawsuit is the point at which the (any) government says 'STOP! We are now crossing the ethical boundary!'? I'd say you are very naive if you really think that.
Exactly. It may be far fetched but I'd like to think this lawsuit is a shrewd undercover marketing ploy from Apple. A suit like this will indeed shine a favourable light on Apple eventually in which case Apple stands to benefit. As such this ridiculously stupid lawsuit may one day be heralded as marketing genius.
Chip'n wave are obviously less secure and they also have a rather restrictive upper $ limit, no?
At the moment there are no really good styles solutions for the iPad. There are many styli out there but none that work satisfactorily on current iPads. Check out the Procreate boards and see the sorry state of affairs. Many artists can still create amazing works by using work arounds (turning off pressure sensitivity, is one), or by using more basic styli. Using fat soft rubber tipped, or disk based pens just doesn't cut it in my book. Lag and off-set and wobbly diagonal...
Mainstream radio was always crap, though. I listen to two local stations that play 90% good music. Some retro and some current. I still have to listen to lame dh's and ad's however, so I listen to a lot of talk radio in addition to my own collection. I look forward to Beats becoming available ;)
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