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Damn modern times! Men eating vegetables and salads! Poofters the lot of them. (That's an old school term, right?) But seriously, you are right in that 'scary' is flippant and if you like, infantile, but on the other hand ... Lighten up a little! I have no problems whatsoever with modern men (or women) using the vocabulary of children's stories. In serious conversations that kind of language will often undermine the points made, whether by men or women, but generally I...
It really is kinda creepy. Apple is very powerful and you don't have to have the imagination of a cheesy sci-fi writer to imagine a future nightmare world scenario with Apple under a very different kind of leadership. Scary!
Ha ha- yes the old graphic equalizer . A ridiculous control that seems to have completely disappeared. It was probably more useful in a car however, than anywhere else as the listening environment in a car is often less ideal than in a room in a house.
I think 2 and 3 are the same - and that both are merely steps towards 4. Also 1 could be right in that at any point Apple my change tack and decide it is not in their interest to enter this arena. However.... personal transportation is a huge and very well established industry that could do with a some serious disruption and one that I can see Apple be a big part of. Tesla is great but at the moment it is just a pretty standard car using a different type of engine and I...
Funny, obtuse, preposterous and ridiculous.
 Why on earth would Apple make an SUV crossover? That makes absolutely no sense to me. I can't for a moment imagine that Apple's take on vehicular transportation will follow the established route. The SUV crossover is an North American 'thing'. Will the car be that? I hope not.
The iBall! Help...
Ha ha.... If Apple brings out a car I have a feeling it will be an electric urban vehicle. It will be a cool fist step that will be very competitively priced. There are millions of people living in urban locations who really do not need a larger gas powered vehicle. How about a modular design? I just can't see Apple making a 'regular' vehicle. What'd be the point? Oh, and the launch? A perfect first launch at the new HQ.
 That is a ridiculous proposition. Seriously. 
you mean if 1080 was the new SD cost? Sure, that would work. I am not sure there is a noticeable visual difference between 720 and 1080 on a 40" screen or smaller so you'd just be wasting bandwidth, but if 720 screens are disappearing there is not much point in delivering media in the format. I expect Apple has stats.
New Posts  All Forums: