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agree with all if that. The only drawback is that because of Apple's restrictions 1p is not directly accessible from within Safari on iOS.
I have used 1password for years and would not live without it. In addition to keeping all your passwords and syncing across devices I keep photographic copies of Medicare cards, drivers licences etc. I have literally hundreds if passwords, some from very obscure accounts from many years back, stored. I occasionally clean up duplicates and once I know are redundant but on many occasions I have had to go back to a site and enter with a username and password and surprised...
Directly from the me, myself and I school of thought.
Really? Rationale? Are you trying to convince a bunch of techno geeks that there is no Loch Ness monster? Get outa here!
  A couple of years old.
I am considering getting a mini to replace my old mb. I have a large monitor at the office and at home I could use the 27" iMac as a monitor. Generally the iPad suffices at home or when moving about.
Well, I'm in agreement. I think the bezel was helpful and I kinda struggle with the thin bezel on the air. Most of the time I have the Apple leather cover on it and that makes it worse IMO. When I use it for extended periods I take the cover off. I don't have a problem with accidental button presses but I find covering the screen with my thumb necessitates constant 're-grips'. Bezel reduction was inevitable, however.(It was the very whiny tone of your initial comment that...
Easy. Open a new FB account and friend everybody on your avoid list.
Which is pretty hilarious. Fox News is right wing reactionary and a long way from the centre. Actually, Fox is in a whole category of its own. I don't mind the right leaning politics as much as I mind the indignant nature and lack of intelligence. Tabloid? Nah, gutter, more like it. 
That's a good selection! I subscribe to the Guardian / Observer iPad edition. Worth the money!
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