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I prefer 'soothe my heart'
This story has been breaking of months.
Any kind of drawing and graphics related work (creation). Any kind of audio visual post production work where touch is of benefit and a larger display is required. Architectural and technical drawing work. And I can imagine there are many uses where a larger mainly stationary touch screen would be applicable.  Who knows what kind of peripherals would work with such a device but I'd imagine more than your standard iPad.
Well, clearly most of my work is fake. I have suspected this for many years now and dread the day I am found out. That's why I have a packed suitcase by my front door. When someone rings the door and tells me I've been found out I can just grab it and go.
I am not even sure why you are looking at laptops as there are so many limitations by their very nature. If you always require lots of power and you are always on the move there is only one machine for you in the Apple family and that is a maxed out MBP, period.
Sure, there are a number of circumstances that would render the mba less than ideal, but on balance it is a machine hard to beat. For day to day computing the mba is plenty fast and maxed out it is plenty powerful. If you are a pro user (in a broad sense) of graphics and video software for instance, it would not be ideal as your primary machine, obviously. 
The 13" MBA is the best laptop Apple's ever made IMO. Pretty much perfect as is.
Nice looking lock, though.
That won't not never happen, ever, of course. I mean I wouldnt not order one immediately, if I could.
Yes, and I can not see this not happening for a device that would be a sure fire hit with illustrators, designers and other visual creatives. 
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