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Spec innovation! They're now in blue!
Actually there is only one main reason - marketing.  The amount of free marketing Apple has received by keeping schtum is immeasurable. Given that Apple and Jobs always had the gift to wow the crowds, which in turn was backed up by great products, the silence must truly have been, and still is, an awesome weapon. If everybody knew what Apple was bringing out the mystique would fizzle and there would be little to write about. As it is column after column is written in...
There are websites where you can offer IT jobs and individual and companies bid for the job - an ebay for all sorts of IT services. One thing I came across was people looking for review writers as well as blog commenters. I wasn't that surprised - I mean who in the hell posts a 20 paragraph bullet pointed review on amazon for a lawnmower? Or any other item? I do read reviews but I am very discriminating. I also read somewhere about a study that revealed certain linguistic...
 The first one makes no sense - I am not paying $500 for a phone. The notion that an iPhone is a phone is silly. It is called a phone because before the iPhone that is pretty much what you got. If there were no cell phones before the iPhone, would it still be called an iPhone? I doubt it.Your second question is what I am talking about. Email is a letter improved. Too much time on your hands. Anyway, if you use a calorie counter to see if you are in shape you are...
But the likelihood of them getting that kind of info from a high tech gadget after they have poured their drink is not very likely. Still, you could give one to your granny and if she doesn't use it you got yourself a nice mug.
Why do the elderly care? I think the target demographic would be the super self obsessed fitness and diet fanatical nerds out there. Not the elderly.
There are a lot 'because you can' apps out there. A kitchen vessel that can analyze it's content would be useful but a drinking vessel is a little OTT.
Constantly adjusting the temperature costs money. The fluctuations can't be too great. If you live in a cold climate this certainly applies. You can only do so much with a thermostat - insulation is more important. What I like about the Honeywell is that it can adjust according to the kind of het / cold (humid / dry). If it works it would be awesome. 
There is so much marketing that really does not require an external ad agency. Apple's website alone is a huge marketing campaign. By having a high quality in house marketing dept to take care of this run of the mill stuff (no less important), makes sense. 
As you said...
New Posts  All Forums: