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I can think of MANY other reasons I will never be the next Steve Jobs. I don't have to list them but suffice to say that all evidence thus far paints any such event highly unlikely. I have already apologized to my entire extended family so I am at peace with myself ;)
Great article. A proper in depth documentary on Ive and his world. I wouldn't draw any conclusions from the piece but I did take note of Laurene Powell Jobs comments :  - “Jony’s an artist with an artist’s temperament, and he’d be the first to tell you artists aren’t supposed to be responsible for this kind of thing.”, and (Comparing the careers of her husband and Ive), “very few people ever get to do such things,” but added, “I do think there’s a toll.” - referring to the...
Great read. Thanks! My favorite part ... "Jony's a bit bling"
Oh - it was the -ie's you were objecting to, not veggies as in vegetables I once saw an interview with Melvyn Bragg where he was speaking about his book on the English language. The one thing I remember was that he credited the strength of the English language with its 'open-ness'. By its ability to absorb virtually anything thrown at it and incorporate new words and phrases over time. He was comparing English to French which is a far more rigid language, always fighting...
Damn modern times! Men eating vegetables and salads! Poofters the lot of them. (That's an old school term, right?) But seriously, you are right in that 'scary' is flippant and if you like, infantile, but on the other hand ... Lighten up a little! I have no problems whatsoever with modern men (or women) using the vocabulary of children's stories. In serious conversations that kind of language will often undermine the points made, whether by men or women, but generally I...
It really is kinda creepy. Apple is very powerful and you don't have to have the imagination of a cheesy sci-fi writer to imagine a future nightmare world scenario with Apple under a very different kind of leadership. Scary!
Ha ha- yes the old graphic equalizer . A ridiculous control that seems to have completely disappeared. It was probably more useful in a car however, than anywhere else as the listening environment in a car is often less ideal than in a room in a house.
I think 2 and 3 are the same - and that both are merely steps towards 4. Also 1 could be right in that at any point Apple my change tack and decide it is not in their interest to enter this arena. However.... personal transportation is a huge and very well established industry that could do with a some serious disruption and one that I can see Apple be a big part of. Tesla is great but at the moment it is just a pretty standard car using a different type of engine and I...
Funny, obtuse, preposterous and ridiculous.
 Why on earth would Apple make an SUV crossover? That makes absolutely no sense to me. I can't for a moment imagine that Apple's take on vehicular transportation will follow the established route. The SUV crossover is an North American 'thing'. Will the car be that? I hope not.
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