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Aahh... the old days of removing the mouse ball and cleaning rollers with alcohol and q-tips... Or not. I remember going from desk to desk checking other people's mice out because I was feed up with cleaning my own damn mouse that only worked in one direction . The worst was the Apple Mighty Mouse. It was great while it worked but then... what a pain.
I belong to the exclusive and wonderful 10%
Yes, but Apple computers can last a long time. I upgraded my day to day machine - a 2009 Alu MB to double the Ram it is supposed to take, and two SSDs, and the machine got a new lease of life. It's running fine with El Capitan, and can even handle some light PHotoShop work. With the original HD and the amount of Ram I bought it with it would have been unusable.
"... Wait, are you listen to your own song?" "No... I ... Hello?" 😀👍🏼
When I first started using iPhoto I struggled with it as I felt it was awkward and lacking, but over time I got used to it and learned to live with it in spite of never quite getting to terms with the edit interface. I really hated the feature when you edited the image in an external app it got duplicated in iPhoto.My point is that every iteration seems to win some and lose some, but on the whole it gets better. And we learn to live with it. I have always felt that the...
Missing 'Edit in external editor' is hardly a 'big step backwards'. It is a feature that hopefully will be re-introduced. I used it all the time but it is not a deal breaker.A feature in Photos I that is desperately lacking imo is the ability to adjust individual colors. The color-balance slider just doesn't cut it.
Why? Who would Apple be stopping? Is there a tinkering problem that we don't know about??iFixit can grind their way in if need be, they don't need to re-assemble.
This obviously is the truth. Statistically very few users ever upgrade anything. Having said that you'd imagine that I am not in favor of non-upgradable ram and HD. On a laptop I am more inclined to understand it but on a desktop it ought to be possible.
True, there are many occasions where LTE is not available or 'weakened'. But I frequently switch off wifi because it is just too damn slow. There are a lot of slow access points out there and even my own office wifi buckles under local load. If got 130 mbps down and 89 up I'd be thrilled. That is more than double the speed I have ever had anywhere. Lucky you
I went with my family to a cottage where all we had was an LTE router with 4 possible simultaneous wifi connections. We were 5 adults and 3 kids, and to my amazement we hit approx 10gb per day! I have a hard time breaking 1gb per month with normal use but most of my browsing etc is done within Wifi range at home or at work. I think if you watch a bit of sports, Youtube, Netflix and listen to streaming music every day, all over LTE it would be easy to rack up 10gb per month.
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