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Sleep tracking strikes me as the height of self obsession. I hope there is useful purpose beyond gathering data to support you sneaking suspicion that you just aren't getting enough sleep.
The future is in driver-less cars imo. Then all of the above will be fine. In fact personal car ownership is unbelievably wasteful. The day a car comes when I need it to and brings me where I want to go along the most efficient route, without me having to drive it, or park, will be a good day. The cost of car ownership is ridiculous.
Does that mean you are your own friend?? And that all the others chipped together for a single Roky??Just kidding! Geez....
Scientific proof
Why do I get the feeling most posters here are white men? Hmmm, I wonder.
Is this corporate purchases beginning to pick up? I struggle to think why people would by a Windows machine for personal use in this day and age. Granted, I am biased and live in an Apple dominated computer world. I know very few people that use PC's. It used to be very different. When Apple brings out its IOS driven clamshell Air, life will change forever, once again. Believe it.
How do your gay family members and gay friends feel about your view that being gay, lesbian or transgender is nothing but a sexual preference? I can't imagine they love you as much as you claim you love them.
I am somewhat less cynical than you because I don't think that was the only motivation. But yes, marketing was a certainly big part of it. My 'complaint' if you can call it that, was that Apple were too spineless and sanitized their support. 
Browser based Apple Maps can't come soon enough. I am not a huge fan of the standalone Maps App on OSX. Maps is usually used in conjunction with other browser based activity. 
An all glass / sapphire iPhone sounds scary. Besides, it would be a pointless exercise if it required any kind of cover. If the material has enough flex to bounce without shattering or scratching... I'm all in.   I am all over an all glass display, iMac, television set. Perhaps a few years from now we'll be looking back at the aluminum days with nostalgia.
New Posts  All Forums: