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It deserves the preface "Ka"
Steve woulda done 76 million / 19 billion. TC's gotta go¡  Edit: oops. Pipped.
It doesn't look like enabling TRIM would give me much value and given the potential issues you mention (in addition to the ones listed in the wiki-page Solips pointed me to), I don't think I'll bother  :) 
 Thanks - didn't realize it was a piece of software :). As my primary Mac is a rather aged mb running two third party SSD's in a fusion setup, I am not sure I can, should, or would be advised installing Trim Enabler. In fact, should I even run this update? (I will no doubt back up using ccc and have go, unless you or anybody else here tell me not to)
Could you elaborate?
I guess the device needs to be in perfect condition as a 'starting point'. Generally speaking I have never come across a company that has as generous after sales customer service as Apple. I have brought back many things of the years and almost without fail I walk out totally impressed. I've had to pay a couple of times but there have been other times when I should have had to pay but haven't been charged.
I love both soccer and golf (to watch, that is), but to say golf is more of a sport is crazy talk. Baseball clocks in at a notch just below cricket. Both are games of statistics, neither has changed for a hundred years, both send me to sleep, but while I am still awake, cricket is more intriguing because I have absolutely zero idea what's going on (and I have played it a few times in the UK!)I prefer hockey or tennis and just about anything during the olympics - summer or...
Moving your iPhoto library is pretty much computers 101, ain't it. It's about as difficult as moving a folder. @nick29 - manually selecting and placing individual photos in a folder hierarchy is what sounds convoluted, imo. I have several iPhoto libraries. I'll create new ones for specific projects, and then I keep work stuff separate from family stuff, all except the family one a separate HD.
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