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It looks to me as if it is much the same thing - Both parties need to be registered online bank users, and both parties need to have an email address linked to that online banking account. In order to access respective accounts, however, and to issue or receive a payment you need to log into your account. So no personal details are ever sent across during a transaction. I guess if a wicked parti can hijack you email account and successfully link that email address to...
 They don't accept anything based on an email address. You have to log into your online banking account and issue the payment. It is very easy and how I pay many of my bills. Like I said, there is too much friction for high volume sales, but it is very quick and easy and costs next to nothing. Essentially all you do is authorize  payment, bank to bank.Here's a bit of their sales pitch: None of your financial details, card numbers or login information are shared with the...
to you and @Mr Applebaum - Exactly. I think we are all on the same page. As far as MCX, I am not worried and my only point is I am fine with its existence. I have to admit, as a merchant I get kinda excited about a system which bypasses the Credit Card companies. There is a company called Dwolla that offers a payment service similar to MCX in the sense that you need to give them access to your bank account. I am not at all sure how secure or not this is but it makes for...
I think a system that takes money directly out of ones checking account is a great solution for a lot of people, specially people with limited funds (low pay families / students) and for whom debt is a real problem. But as I understand it Apple Pay will also work with debit cards which essentially does the same.  For me the problem is if MCX enforces a one solution system whereby ApplePay is contractually excluded although even if this happens it will be a short term issue...
Wait! I am sure there is a way to look at this in a negative light. Surely.
Yes, I noticed a speed difference, too with the SSD in the Optical drive against the one in the HDD slot. I switched OS X around. Currently I have the Primary User folder as the secondary drive, but it is inefficient as the OS does not use all the space on the primary drive. I will set the HDD positioned SSD as disk1. My project for this weekend :) Thanks!
I am super happy with the Fusion drive in my iMac but in my old MB I installed two SSD's instead of the optical and the old HDD. I intended to create my own Fusion drive but chickened out when it seemed more complicated than I first thought - so I bought two SSD's. Do you know if it is possible to create a fusion drive using two SSD's? I'd love not have to waste time juggling files between drives.
Do you guys even hear yourselves? 
  this post truly wins the 'most ignorant post ever' award. 
 This makes sense. Spotlight being the beginnings to search.
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