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Watch shotgun sales soar.
Hence the need for iTunes Match - no ads.
Haptic feedback in Magic Mouse, please!
Isn't one of the self driving cars selling points safety? Driving conditions can be factored in, and reaction times should be much better. If a car suddenly brakes on a highway the cars a mile behind could brake within a millisecond if required. Sudden turns down side roads may not work but those sudden turns are hardly safe at any rate. I think the problem with self driving cars arises when there is an accident and the question of liability comes up. There is also the...
Who doesn't like a high end luxury car? Apple execs can afford any car they fancy but does that mean Apple would produce a high end luxury car?        Exactly - it makes no sense. What could Apple bring to that market? These cars sell on driving specs or luxury, neither of which are directly related to technology. A cheap Google type car intended for use in urban areas is all about technology and disruption. Apple could arguably do both in one package but they would...
A lot of programming is not available OTA?
I imagine it would be problematic for Apple to get a CarPlay buy-in from auto makers if they suspected Apple would be in direct competition down the road.
that is a shame. I use B&H but only online. I've always wanted to go. Probably my favorite kind of Hardware store.
Whilst I agree with you and everybody else's comments on the idiocy of this 7.5 million dollar a year CEO, I don't agree that the RBC mobile app is all that bad. At least not in practical usage. In fact, I use it frequently and like it. I don't have anything to compare it with but it fulfills all the functions I need, and it is speedy. The fact that it doesn't used touch ID is a shame, however.
Meanwhile in Canada the 7.5 million a year CEO of RBC sees his bank as being in a collision course with Apple (and Google). "Dave McKay, the chief executive of Royal Bank of Canada, says the bank is on a “collision course” with the likes of Apple Inc. and Google Inc. as customers begin to fully embrace mobile banking. Apple Pay, the smartphone giant’s mobile payment platform, is taking off in the United States, but such systems threaten to get in between banks and their...
New Posts  All Forums: