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I think Apple knows what it's doing in terms of demand. Its not as if going to the engineering trouble of bringing out two gorgeous larger format phones was a rash knee-jerk reactions to a few vocal pundits. They waited a long time and the mere fact that Apple has brought these phones to market will in itself help make the larger sizes more acceptable and therefore increase demand. But I doubt the 'old' size will disappear, all of a sudden, so no worries for you.  
Very informative videos!
As I have said before, round is nice but makes little sense from a digital display pov. I like these a lot but not so happy about the dependence on the iPhone. Wishful thinking, I guess.
You and the rest.
Three complaints (same thing applies to the app): When you click on the comments it would be so much better if they could just drop down rather than the page reload, requiring users to scroll through the article once more. When the article is long it can be a major pain. When the page has re-loaded with comments, and there are several pages of comments, it is totally frustrating to have to scroll all the way to the bottom in order to skip to a certain page. Why not...
Will the new Apple become many Apples?
I know what you are saying, and I think I prefer a round watch, too, but there are lots of very nice classic rectangular watches out there and there are plenty round classic 'nerd' watches out there, too, with lots of 'features'. (Remember that the round form makes sense for a mechanical device with a dial. The function dictated the form which again dictated convention and I suspect, taste. But that no longer applies which would make a round iWatch a skeuomorph. My guess...
I don't understand the attraction to 'round'. Isn't round the least practical shape for displaying digital info that often is required to be laid out in a grid? 
So a little like iTunes, then. /s
As long as it comes with a USB and Thunderbolt connectivity I'm happy. You mean Giblets, right? An iWatch with a reversible USB and 8 Giblets.... Awesome!
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