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The iBall! Help...
Ha ha.... If Apple brings out a car I have a feeling it will be an electric urban vehicle. It will be a cool fist step that will be very competitively priced. There are millions of people living in urban locations who really do not need a larger gas powered vehicle. How about a modular design? I just can't see Apple making a 'regular' vehicle. What'd be the point? Oh, and the launch? A perfect first launch at the new HQ.
 That is a ridiculous proposition. Seriously. 
you mean if 1080 was the new SD cost? Sure, that would work. I am not sure there is a noticeable visual difference between 720 and 1080 on a 40" screen or smaller so you'd just be wasting bandwidth, but if 720 screens are disappearing there is not much point in delivering media in the format. I expect Apple has stats.
Ok, an external cable to a Ian stick is a big deal breaker. I like your alternative plan. It is definitely the long view but looking at the cable you reference it seems obvious. Externally powered connected devices makes no sense.
I have a 720 plasma and the quality is fantastic. Can one tell the difference if the TV is less than 50"? Rentals are also cheaper, so I say keep it for a while longer.
I agree the stick concepts is the best one if it can retain its capabilities. I have never used one either so I don't know how well they work. And yes, the current 'puck' is too small and too light.
I like the idea of a stick but I am not sure that's the direction Apple will go. One thing a stick does not do is advertise its presence. Everything Apple is made to be seen and to create an invisible service (device) doesn't seem Applesque, to me. On the other hand - a larger visible box with increased functionality (gaming) will inevitably cost more so I just don't know.
While I agree a case is worth it and you live dangerously if you don't use one, your simile falls down if the choice of not using case is an aesthetic one. You may choose to use an iPhone without a case and still insure it.
  Realize that - was referring to the somewhat unclear wording in the original article.
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