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The iPhone 5 is larger than the 4, which is 'perfect'? The truth is there is no perfect and even if there was it is a moving target. What's perfect today is not perfect tomorrow. For me, the 5 is perfect but there are many that feel the previous generation was the perfect size (someone here, can't remember who, said he thought the iPhone 5 was good, he didn't 'love it'. He did 'love' his 4, however). For people  who only need a single device, and who may not use it much as...
Yes, but then again, no, depending on where you stand. But Software is different from U/I and there is no real requirement for JI to be a software expert. The same applies to visual design and user interface, though there must be more of an overlap. User Interface has more to do with the interaction between the user and the software than the 'look'. I don't know how much JI is involved in any of those areas, and ditto Greg Christie, though I am sure that as head of U/I...
Funny this should pop up now - I am having trouble with Mail. It crashes, and search results are unreliable. Sometimes I cannot find a recent email but when I search it shows up, other time the exact opposite - an email will not show up in search. But looking at Mailbox I am very unsure - I think I'll hold off for now. Apple needs to put some work into Mail - it should be rock solid.
For merchants debit card processing is cheap but not so for cc processing. Afaik online merchants tend not to take debit cards. In the end any cost incurred in the transaction chain will be paid for by the consumer. You are right about a service like Dwolla not extending credit and that is a worthwhile service I guess, though millions would probably disagree. The rate that Visa charges is about 19%. I am no fan of credit card companies and prefer to use my debit cards...
Exactly. On a slightly different note, I'd love to see Apple bypass the cc companies altogether and mainstreaming an alternative such as Dwolla. I can't see them doing it but it would be truly disruptive and upend the CC industry. 
If it is important for Apple to keep Square out of Google's hands then that is part of what Apple would be getting. Either way the decision will be strategic and long term. Aesthetically, and functionality wise Square is definitely a better match with Apple than Google, hat's for sure. 
Agree. Specially with your second point.
Yes, that is a very busy interface with lots and lots of options. True MS. Lets not forget all the options! But I love the swishy sound! Awesome innovation.
I hope that is not a marketing video! Long time since I have seen less compelling reason to buy anything! (Does the music play like that whenever it flies?) That drone is a real groan. The only way I can see these drones being any fun would be if you had two of them, trying down the other. No need for cameras, but perhaps some fun weaponry?
i am not sure Apple will break that paradigm. The television experience is not one which offers much scope for groundbreaking innovation. The Apple TV is more about the ecosystem and services. But you do need new hardware to market your goods, and each new iteration needs to introduce new technology. That is a paradigm that will not change.
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