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As long as I can remove the app and use a superior service, I'm fine with it. 'Superior' is subjective, of course. I just hope Apple Beats will offer a service that will win on merits. Spotify isn't even available around these parts so right now Apple will have me on 'available'.
Yes, if you are white, heterosexual and male you really need special consideration. Oh cry me a river. Boo-hoo, no human rights for you.[fade in the violins]
It isn't very long since anyone suggesting a camera phone by Apple would be the most popular camera on the planet would have been too stoned to be taken seriously.
When I speed test apps that is my methodology 'One Mississippi, two Mississip... Yup, they're both pretty much conclusively the same!'Which proves that for 99% of users speed is not the deciding factor.
Even if this was a just case will the original inventors ever see any money? I doubt it. For anyone interested in a very illuminating (and entertaining) look at what a travesty the patent system in relation to software is :http://m.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/441/when-patents-attack
DED's articles are like heroin for Apple junkies. Reading them is like mainlining Apple news.
The long and convoluted way round.  Still, I can see how that might have worked   :)
Exactly. Being right is relative. There are very few absolute truths. Specially in the tech world. The surprise it could be argued, is not that the 6 is outselling the 6+ 3 to 1 but that the 6+ is selling as well as it is. Personally I am not at all surprised by this.
Yes, but people like to have their minds. blown. Incremental upgrades just don't cut it. People want a total mind blowing redesign. Something totally new and revolutionary. How you do that is  another question. Drugs, perhaps?
The fact that you 'figured it was coming' doesn't make it less of an upgrade.
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