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Anyone tried Motion Tennis?
A headline to goad derision, outrage and laughter, but the article doesn't really deliver what the headline promises.
Yes, what is the common cultural 'bond' among Caucasians? What is societal injustice experienced by the Caucasian community that would drive the need or desire to form a 'group'? Sulkingly comparing oneself to others is hardly valid.
Exactly. I guess it must be difficult for some to understand discrimination if they have never been subjected to it. Empathy is not a given trait in all people.
I couldn't disagree more. It shows that Apple is an inclusive and open minded organization. Any company that goes out of its way to show that discrimination and social inequity is unacceptable within its ranks and in society at large should be applauded. Period.
Not that Soli needs to be defended but to suggest that his post comes from a place of homophobia is ridiculous. Look up previous posts before you pass judgement like that. I'd say that Solipsism is one of the most non-prejudicial posters here.
I find it amazing that Amazon is at such odds with the Book Publishing world and also the creators of the books they sell. I see nothing in Amazon that reveals a positive view of the future of the industries that it lives off, nor of the world as a sustainable place for creators, workers and consumers alike. Amazon has turned ecommerce into something very ugly. I like convenience and low prices as much as the next guy but what Amazon is practicing is more akin to a...
 Woah! I thought I went up-market when I paid $300 for my Bose Noise Cancelling headset!
Great explanation. And I certainly defer to your expert knowledge. Personally I never mess with the EQ except when mixing audio in video, which is a whole different ball game. The reason I don't mess with the EQ is just that I am not an audiophile and cannot be bothered. It has nothing to do with principle. In the past when I used a separate amp I always used the loudness button for low volume. These days I don't usually play music quietly in the background.
Many, if not most (?) high end amplifiers come without eq settings, don't they? The point, as I understand it, is for the system to recreate the recorded sound most accurately. Some of your examples are not really representative, anyway. I think equalizing the sound is more like having the ability to change the colour of the lighting in a room in order to make your art look 'better'. Ideally the lighting should recreate natural light in order to see the art as intended by...
New Posts  All Forums: