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'We will recall all units and replace the wave sensor with a camera which will identify all users (and friends and family). By identifying our user's daily habits and routines we will improve our ability to ascertain whether the house / apartment is actually burning'
SquareSpace, or Weebly (less techy) and a few others are so good that it is hard to see why anybody would bother creating an iWeb like app. There are a few iWeb type apps out there but they all seem a lot more complicated than something like weebly. For really basic use or sharing I am sure You are right, people use FB or flickr (or similar). Path of least resistance.
Yes, and very silly. I also think it was a playful jab at Apple with their 'Which will be your verse' campaign. Maybe i am seeing too much here, but I really cannot stand the Robin Williams vo in those Apple ads so anything that meanders into wistful deep philosophical poetry brings it right up.
I am not sure. Apple will not mess with the iPad - way too successful / new / awesome. Though an iPad Pro is a possibility I suspect it is the MBA that is likely to be 'messed' with. Pros are way to conservative when it comes to their toolset (for good reasons) and developing a pro tablet from scratch seems too risky and niche, to me. The aging MBA is ripe for development, however. I like the idea of a new platform, somewhere in between a chrome book, OSX and iOS, with...
The f-word is the most versatile word in the English language and should be celebrated, not shunned or denied.
Not for these chaps, I suspect
Yeah! I'll be buggered!!
Yeah, not bad for a business there purely to support the profit making hardware business. I'd like a piece of a 'break even business' like that!
Time will tell if there is a 'real' and 'useful' purpose for a wearable or if it is just a 'need' that isn't really there. In my view the primary use will be health and fitness where most people seem to agree there could be a real usefulness. Depending on the health functionality of the wearables it could become something just about everyone over the age of 50 will want / need. That's a huge demographic. Obviously there will be plenty appeal for younger users, too. I...
I second what others have said. That is a great idea for a campaign. It should run in a little more depth on the Apple website. The usual ads featuring a wash of 'amazingness' often show impressive images and I often would like to know exactly what hey are doing and how. Kimmel is funnier but Fallon is good, too. He is a good musician. Did you see his Springsteen with Springsteen? 
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