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I love they way they managed to squeeze optical image stabilization into the iPhone 6 through software .... What???
Those are great speeds. On LTE I get 35 down and 10 up. Once I got 53 down. My wifi is about half that but often it hangs and pages can be slow to load.
I get much higher speeds with my LTE than with my wifi. I often turn off my wifi because it is slow. It's topsy turvy world.
You should ad that line to your signature  
There are a lot of flat surfaces that do little but absorb or reflect heat. It would make sense for all these areas to be generating electricity. Though I am sure it is not the reason this is not happening on a wider scale I am am uncertain if energy storage solutions can deal with  such an uneven power supply at present. 
They will. Don't worry about it. (mind you, Obama's name is not indirectly associated yet... Doh, I blew it!)  
 That would depend on what tasks you wanted your wearable to perform, no? If I was in the market for a wearable I'd use my iPhone and wait for the watch because I am biased like hell.
What about this for an option... http://www.solarroadways.com/intro.shtml ?
 I'll add the missing ingredient to get that one going : 'OBAMA'
Interestingly the successful reading percentage has dropped considerably this winter. I live in a cold climate which results in dry and often cold fingers. Perhaps I need to seasonally re-configure the reader. Or just set up a less used / affected finger. And yes - faster would definitely be an improvement. 
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