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 Raif Badawi was sentenced to 10 years in prison and 1,000 lashes for a blog criticizing Saudi Arabia’s clerics - The Saudi courts / government decided that his acts were illegal. According to most people the punishment is barbaric, and according to a lot of people the Saudis are [fill in abusive terms here]. But who are we to disagree with the Saudi laws?  Breaking the law is generally wrong but as the quote that has been floating around this forum "Just because it is the...
Hmmm... I wonder what world I would rather live in, your's or Snowden's.... Now let me think....  
Don't let 'the guy' get to you. Look at the content of his message. "Traitor or Hero" is probably more a philosophical question than a political one. 
I think licensing issues is what took so long but do you think Apple is still trying to roll out iTunes Radio in its present form? And then roll out Beats as a separate service? If Apple was sticking with iTunes Radio and were fully committed I can't see why they would have bought Beats.
My guess is that Apple realized that iTunes radio is a bit of a half arsed product. With the Beats acquisition everything changed and whatever comes out when it is released will displace iTunes Radio. Lets hope that when the new launch happens it will spread quickly. Lets hope the foundations for that is being laid as we impatiently wait.
Really? They do? I guess you don't have stats or figures, but is that anecdotally 'true'?
 Yeah, they're using Gino and Brian down the block. A bit pricey but reliable guys.
As has been pointed out, it is a temporary adjustment to open eyes and shift entrenched behaviour. To equate what you would call 'reverse discrimination' or racism with the original racism and its causes that the affirmative action sets out to challenge is ignorant at best and merely serves to emphasize the need for such steps.
It goes both ways. If one group is being and has been discriminated against for so long the discrimination has become both institutionalized and culturally embedded affirmative action may be required. Exactly because discrimination is so culturally embedded affirmative action can appear unfair. To open eyes and change minds can take a long time. Case in point -  Ridley Scott's 'Exodus'. (What were they thinking?)
The problem with drugs (any) being illegal is that the only two guaranteed results are - a) many more criminals primarily in the form of users, and b) all control will be in the hands of ruthless criminals.  How to deal with drugs is a different discussion but criminalizing the use and possession of drugs is clearly self defeating. 
New Posts  All Forums: