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Not the wish to control such a situation but the language used sugesting extreme intolerance, right wing nationalism, and let it be said, ignorance.
In terms of its historical significance the term is more complex but for here and now, this interpretation seems apt(in general use) extreme right-wing, authoritarian, or intolerant views or practice.
Damn! I meant to drop by Appleinsider but accidentally went to Fascisminsider.
The work Volvo is doing is very interesting. (Search YouTube for "Volvo autonomous driving"). The Swedish authorities are supporting them in terms of infrastructure build out so they are progressing relatively quickly, but watching some of these videos support your timeline claims. It's a long road ahead.
Unless DDG really and truly is as good as Google, and is perceived as such this strategy could backfire as it could jus drive millions of people over to Chrome. I like DDG but I still find Google better. DDG is very US centric (last time I tried it which admittedly was a while back)
I think the limitations of an iPhone's capabilities is the attraction for some film makers. It sets a parameter within which they can be more creative. Limitless resources and options rarely aid creativity. I have never tried synching anything shot on an iPhone but couldn't tc be added after shooting? Or is it even needed with digital media?
Or could that be you who's talking out of your behind? His point is, as he says - "4k is the new standard - the next DSLR that we [Nikon] release has to shoot 4k"All the photographers and wannabe's here should re-listen and home in on the message. Don't get caught in the details, and please, don't evaluate a 4 k camera on a YouTube feed.
I think you missed the point. Go back and watch again. He makes his point in the final summary. AI presented it as an Apple marketing point but in truth that is spinning what the guy said to make it fit that message.
I had a wireless Bose and I hated it. The connection issues were relentless. In the end I bought a Sony for half the price and at least as good a sound. Mine is an old model with a lightning dock, and an FM / AM radio, as well as bluetooth connection. From my experience I cannot see the attraction of an all wireless solution. The dock on mine can be pushed in to disappear if you don't want to use it, but for us its always out. It is the main charger for iPhones and iPads...
I have no idea how good the Microsoft mobile devices and OS are. But even if they are fantastic Microsoft has been through so many changes over the last few years that it is hard to fully trust that they will remain strong and keep developing their devices and software into a fully formed cohesive set of services that will remain backward compatible. So one issue is 'trust'.We have so much invested in our chosen platform that to change is a big deal. Even if Apple faltered...
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