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Or the director.
Yes it is. It clearly differentiates the two offerings and on the face of it the Lenovo comes out on top. I wouldn't be surprised if the alleged iPad Pro will share some of the qualities (kinda hoping - yes I am not a finger input purist). The really significant differentiator that goes firmly in Apple's favour, however, is the OS. I have spent a little time with Windows 8 lately and OMFG! That is a hard sell! I mean it is great news for large corporations' training...
So you plug in a mouse to the keyboard and you have cursor? I didn't even know this was possible.
The Apple mouse? How does that work?
Most people ridicule the idea of a mouse / cursor with iOS, but I think it would be very useful. The idea being that when you connect the iPad to an external keyboard a 'mouse layer' would automatically be launched. This makes sense when the iPad effectively works as a laptop and will dramatically help productivity in many apps. Add some form of multitasking and the iPad would become more useful. The main reason against this option is MBA cannibalization.
And what's wrong with that? People buy stuff for all sorts of reasons. Why would you care?
Absolutely agree. And on a side note - I have a hard time seeing how his announcement will be detrimental to Apple's bottom line, with reference to the ones reducing the importance of his public coming out to a 'distraction'. 
Great video. And although it may go some way to explain why Tim chose to come out officially on a personal level, it certainly shows why he chose to use his position as the CEO of Apple to do so. This will get a  lot of attention and it really doesn't matter what the bigots say. Bigots will be bigots, but there are a lot of people out there for whom this announcement may be very important. We may think being gay matters little in this day and age but as this video shows it...
The movie is Duel by Spielberg. I think his first. You don't know how old I am, however. Just that I know my movies.
I have one word for you: Oh, c'mon!!
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