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That's very funny and it also makes the point that embedded in that quote lies both humor and irreverence, as well as truth. To suggest that the 'thievery' of ideas that artist indulge in somehow compares to copying and then laying claim to the copied shows willful ignorance.
Couldn't all this have happened because Apple shelved the 'sapphire idea' at the very last minute, leaving GTA with no options?
No matter how this is twisted it is just plain lame that a league can determine what headphones its players are allowed to wear. And it's equally lame that very rich sports people at the peak of their careers allow themselves to be controlled like that.
There would be no point in increasing the resolution of the retina 9.7" with the implicit penalties that would bring. The obvious reason would be a larger screen size.
1) , and agreed.2) Not switched to audio messages yet. Have you used it much? I showed it to my kids thinking they would jump on it but they don't even do dictation. Go figure.
Yup, me too. Every time!  But it has Not been too long since the last iPad release. This should not be called an iPad event. I expect Mac refreshes with a likely new MBA as widely reported, and with that, Yosemite. aTV must also be on the cards.
Thin is beautiful. Thin is sexy. Thin shows off engineering prowess. Thin is less computer and more 'magic'. Thin is light. Thin doesn't even need a computer case - it just slips in between documents. Impossibly thin is draws oohs and ay's. And the new thick is MBP. Too much computer for most but since the slimmer design oh so beautiful. That's it.
But will it bend?
And as been pointed out above, it is unlikely that 'teens' represent Apple's primary target market for the iWatch. And like the iPhone and iPad before it the iWatch needs to prove its real life utility before mass success is guaranteed.
I get the feeling most people that have posted above do not use Siri in the car. I have, and do, and at least 50 percent of the time I just have to abort because it is not working well enough. When it works it is fantastic, but often the dictation is wrong, or Siri just doesn't get what I am trying to do... and THATS when it gets dangerous. When Siri misbehaves it is frustrating and consequently your attention definitely leaves the road ahead. Natural language is great but...
New Posts  All Forums: