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Virtually every carrier promotion & advertising campaign I see in Canada features everything but Apple products. Plans are available at great prices to all but iPhones. If you want an iPhone you have to select an upper tier plan. I'd love to see someone challenging the legality of offering a less expensive plan to users of certain devices. 
I am not so sure. I wonder if the 'classic watch' look will get tired rather quickly.  I think the Google video (last thread) did a great job of showing the potential of a wrist device beyond the medical/fitness applications. They made it look fun and youthful, though still geeky.  The advances will be fast and furious for certain. I suspect that the 'look' will be important but there are so many other variables such as functionality (not just what it 'can' do, but whether...
Yeah, you are right, of course. I am not in that line of work and I take my hat off to you. I  imagine the trick is to slow things down, and make sure people don't get ahead of themselves and start clicking frantically. :) 
Yes, both ways. I have been frustrated by tedious crappy intransigent support and on the other hand I have been trapped in a seemingly endless cycle of trying to help someone who as time goes on I have grown to intensely dislike due to their frustrating lack of ability and technical ineptitude. Support is hugely time consuming and must be one of the most frustrating jobs on earth. When you consider phone support people usually cannot see the screen they are trying to...
Looks like a fun 'toy' with clear but limited useful application for the average user. This drone thing will be the next GoPro craze. At least until reports of injuries such as children's fingers being cut off by the fierce and seemingly un-protected propellers. 
Yes, often it takes 90 days to get properly up an running. Specially for someone new to Apple. It is stingy at best for a company that prides itself above all on the customer experience. On a different note - I just had some dealings with iTunes support due to some iTunes Match / Apple ID issues. What a terrible experience! Like so often happens with online support I got several longwinded emails pointing out the importance for the support staff to see my problem resolved...
Why are you not enthused by 10.9? Which iteration are you on?
 Yes, this will to end in tears. Only 80%? Clearly a company in decline. Beleaguered, I tell ya. In free-fall.
Rumors about rumors are notoriously unreliable according to recent rumors (unnamed source). But regardless, a larger iPad would be a very niche product for your average consumer. I have a hard time seeing a popular consumer demand for anything larger than the Air, hence the 'Pro' naming. But even in a professional environment would a large format iPad be anything but very specialized?
TV's last and these days they are so good the upgrades are hardly worth it. Super high definition is niche, as is 3d. Half the people out there seem to be watching low res programming on high def screens, with distorted stretched images. The cheapest upgrade people can do is spend the time setting up their TV's properly and bothering to select the HD stream when available. When it comes to TV image quality people have low standards... is my experience. 
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