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Perhaps - you probably know more than me. But you will still need processing power at your fingertips for dealing with such massive amounts of data so the idea that you 'never' need to upgrade your hardware is but wishful thinking. The bottleneck will be the uploading and downloading, I'd imagine. There are also costs associated with what you are suggesting. Access to such high powered hardware, dedicated high speed connections, redundancy, storage etc. An awful lot of...
I am honestly surprised that anybody still shoots on film. I know the visual quality differs but to 99% of the moviegoing audience it makes little difference. The Swedish film Festen (The Celebration - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0154420/) was shot on High 8 video and then blown up to 35mm. Only a very small part of the movie going public would ever realize in spite of the visual quality being atrocious from a technical pov. But I will be interested to see the movie now...
Finally a motorcycle emoji.
Tablets may replace laptops. I just don't know. I just think it is a little early to say yet. I think input is the important but in the future any input could probably be hooked up to a tablet. For me it is all about screen size. There are many environments where the tablet portability just isn't required and where screen real estate is critical. Anywhere where a multi monitor set-up is desirable or as in my case, where a 27" monitor comes in handy most days.But who knows...
Yes, it probably isn't realistically possible even now. It is a fancy idea - one of those that pop up when you try and device the perfect system in your head.
Back to the thin client idea. Makes sense to me but I can't see media work being done on a cloud based system for the foreseeable future. To edit a video, or create a graphic campaign (or just about anything at all, for that matter), in a graphics software package is unlikely to ever happen. I also struggle to see when this kind of work will ever be entirely cloud based.
Loving these! I was getting mighty sick of those beautifully shot lifestyle sequences. Apple Ads are always best when they are pared down, abstracted and minimalist.
Nothing will replace the keyboard for 'serious amount of typing'. Like no tablet will replace the traditional computer (laptop or desk top) for 'serious computer work', and electric commuter cars will never replace pro grade trucks for the kind of work those trucks are designed to do. I thought we had established this a long time ago. And then again repeatedly.
I am not sure about typing in the air, although it would be very entertaining to see some geek wearing Glass type spectacles typing in the air on the subway . The idea of a virtual keyboard is potentially great. It is years since I suggested one day we'd be able to place our iPhone in a stand and have a keyboard projected in front and a monitor projected on the back (wall?). I was promptly told by someone here why this was not possible, and possibly it still isn't, but I...
Nice - thanks
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