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I think the iPhone's camera is good for uses beyond Facebook/Instagram and email, to be quite honest. For most family photography it is a great camera. Obviously for most pro uses it is inadequate though Brassai and perhaps Koudelka may have disagreed (I assume those are considered 'professional' though  probably not 'commercial'). To suggest that an iPhone can replace a professionally used DSLR is silly talk. As in the above article I always wonder how come analysts get...
I wouldn't adorn any of my devices with stickers personally but that is not to say I don't approve. I like the Decal Guru decals. Very cool.
I imagine Jony finds it cool that people make their devices their own even if it makes him groan once in a while. My daughters' devices are messed up (shakes head), but for them it's important. I'd be a fool to argue.
The iPad may have plateaued (or not), but it is still the best tool for many jobs. As this and previous ads point out, the iPad is often the only viable tool in the creative arena (in addition to the traditional tools, of course). Any app that requires sliders, faders, or other types of touch input, like brushes, are often best performed on an iPad. The fact that sales are dropping really is an irrelevance in that context. If sales drop so low the iPad becomes endangered...
If it could tell you when your blood sugars were going nuts because of a carbohydrate over load - it would be beneficial to many people, diabetics or non diabetics alike.
You almost make it sound like a fad by including the word 'Next'. But I agree it is and will be huge. In addition to improving people's health the goal, one would hope, is to bring healthcare costs down. 
In an ideal world. perhaps. But some things are long term. I'd say map services are and Apple maps is very good for many purposes right now - in fact I use it 98% of the time. I use the satellite view much more often than I ever did street view in Google maps because Apple satellite view usually serves the purpose I need (verifying locations).  Apple is not usually concerned with being first but rather with being best. In the case of self driving cars - if Apple ever...
Charming post¡Oh, and where the hell did you learn your English grammar?
The idea of storing everything in the cloud does not appeal to me right now. It may in the future. To upload 100 gb's definitely does not appeal to me :(   I'd like to automatically back up all my photos to a dedicated external HD, however. Other than that Photos looks fine. More than Cards, Calendars and Books (old School), I am much more interested in the photo management part of the app. I'd love easier management of different libraries, for instance. Being able to send...
Oh, OK... Yes, you are right. An in depth review would be premature. A nice hands on, then, though that already exists, it seems. So I'll hang my head and wait patiently.
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