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I find I read as much on my iPhone as on the iPad. The iPhone is lighter and always with me and I find the reading experience just fine. IBooks is just frictionless and the synching is awesome when it works. Amazon? Only whennI absolutely must. I have no love for the company whatsoever.
The OS could serve them well, perhaps? Through the BB brand they can get some kind of 'reset'. 
Huh? No, not really. But even if you were to insist the difference you point to is significant.
An ARM based Mac or an IOS based Mac? I can see an IOS based MBA before anything. Perhaps a pseudo hybrid OS in that it allows a mouse / trackpad based cursor, and obviously some kind of multi tasking. We already have iMovie, Pages and Numbers as well as Office and other powerful apps for IOS.
Color choices on the iPhone is a bit silly, really. Not that I don't care - I weigh up my options and prejudices like the next guy, but how many people wear their iPhones naked (Not you - the phone! geez!) 
On the other hand this could be an Apple test run. If the sapphire proves to be 'unbreakable' and become destined for the iPhone the fact that this phone will be covered far and wide in every blog, rumor and news site on the planet will hardly hurt Apple. On the contrary. If the screen turns out to be no good, ditto for Apple. Perhaps Apple has a licensing deal with caveat, already. Probably not, but its possible, is it not?
How about charging for an update? We are used to that for other software so why not for IOS apps? Keep the app you have or pay for the new features. Does Apple allow that?
Yep, I agree. At least it has the potential to be huge. With the momentum Apple has now third party hard and software vendors have a great opportunity they are not going to want to miss out on.
This is a big nothing. People will buy these as a joke, not to pretend they have an aWatch. It reminds me of the Rolexes of yesteryear. I had one of those and it lasted a couple of months. The difference is that a fake Rolex shares with the original the sole useful function of telling the time. A cheap aWatch copy can't match such functional parity so to own one is just silly. From a jewelry perspective neither a Rolex nor aWatch counterfeit will cut the mustard in the...
New Posts  All Forums: