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No, I meant better. But the fact that Apple is no longer the underdog, and is very much part of the 'establishment' makes a difference, of course. Apple was definitely 'cooler' then but you can no longer be cool when you are as big as Apple is today. You have to look at today's Apple for what it is and not what it was. The 'golden' era of Apple against the world with a confrontational, take no prisoners visionary at the helm have gone forever. And personally I see the...
And Apple is a far better company in every way for that shift.
I tried "show me a pussy". The results were mixed, to say the least.
Credit to Siri. What you are not understanding is how Siri's response is very mature and quite sophisticated. "Siri, Show me a Kitty" could elicit the response "Why, bugger off you pervert", or "just tell me what you really want to see". Siri kindly assumes you don't really want to see another damned picture of a cat in case she offends you. She assumes you'd ask to see a picture of a "kitty cat" if that was the case. Are you doing this with your child or grand child, by...
There is lots of good programming on NPR, for sure. To call NPR 'leftist' is an extreme 'rightist' thing to do, of course. Questioning and challenging the powers that be is, in my view, an essential part of the democratic process and as such NPR serves its role well as a public broadcaster. My guess is that if one day the US elects a 'leftist' government, and the mainstream media rally behind that government and become its left of centre mouthpiece, people will complain...
It may be crass (is crass the right word?) but it makes things very clear.Nothing is worse than a stream of consciousness rant
You can just toggle the switch Ask to Join Networks, to OFF. That way you won't be bothered again. You'r phone will automatically join known networks. If you get to some place where you want a join a network, say a friend's house, you have to select it from the settings app. Very simple.
I agree. Also what non gays often don't see is that preceding the coming out bit there has been a lot of soul searching and personal identity issues. Realizing you are gay often happens during early teens as sexual self awareness grows. This is linked with a lot of other existential issues related to identity (remember being a teenager?). A lot of barriers may be broken down but it is still problematic. The world is still predominantly hetro so to come out as gay is to...
Well, that is your rightist view. The 'center' in US politics is probably further right than ever before.
Just in: Cupertino considering a name change - Golden Delicious, Liberty & Honey Crisp are top of the list.
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