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The idea of storing everything in the cloud does not appeal to me right now. It may in the future. To upload 100 gb's definitely does not appeal to me :(   I'd like to automatically back up all my photos to a dedicated external HD, however. Other than that Photos looks fine. More than Cards, Calendars and Books (old School), I am much more interested in the photo management part of the app. I'd love easier management of different libraries, for instance. Being able to send...
Oh, OK... Yes, you are right. An in depth review would be premature. A nice hands on, then, though that already exists, it seems. So I'll hang my head and wait patiently.
Yes, please. Not just an article but an in-depth (honest) review. 
Do we really need people complaining about articles they really don't have to read.  ugh
If you must put it like that... 😳
The thing is about a 'wrist worn device' is that it is very accessible, easy to put on and take off and it is relatively discreet. What other kind of  out of the box wearable were you thinking of? For me, what would make a wearable increase the convenience in my life, looking forward, would probably be health related. It doesn't have to be on my wrist but anywhere else would be a pain. And on my wrist I can get so many other benefits (Solips mentioned a ton of them). 
GMT? Druid, of course.... I would assume... I don't know if the Druids hung out at Greenwich much but at least they were British, right? 
So THAT's how time began! Well, I knew it had nothing to do with religion and I was pretty sure Dr Who was involved, and now I know. Thanks for the info  - I love that kind of stuff. I learned the other day the alleged origins of scoring tennis. One of the theories (there were more than one), also based on time. - The hour is divided into four quarters - 15 - 30 - 45 - game (except 45 is too unclear when called out so it became 40). The term Love apparently came from l'œuf...
It may seem that way and I certainly don't get excited about another device to carry around and keep tabs on that only extends the functionality of the most useful device I own and which I always carry around anyway. But until we see what added value a wearable might bring to the equation I'll keep a positive outlook. For me the most useful would the health aspect. Tracking health could be useful for millions of people and potentially improve health care services. As for...
Except the last one :-)
New Posts  All Forums: