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Why are you not enthused by 10.9? Which iteration are you on?
 Yes, this will to end in tears. Only 80%? Clearly a company in decline. Beleaguered, I tell ya. In free-fall.
Rumors about rumors are notoriously unreliable according to recent rumors (unnamed source). But regardless, a larger iPad would be a very niche product for your average consumer. I have a hard time seeing a popular consumer demand for anything larger than the Air, hence the 'Pro' naming. But even in a professional environment would a large format iPad be anything but very specialized?
TV's last and these days they are so good the upgrades are hardly worth it. Super high definition is niche, as is 3d. Half the people out there seem to be watching low res programming on high def screens, with distorted stretched images. The cheapest upgrade people can do is spend the time setting up their TV's properly and bothering to select the HD stream when available. When it comes to TV image quality people have low standards... is my experience. 
And don't forget corporate and educational sales where the iPad is becoming increasingly common. Every meeting calls room and board room will have an Apple TV hooked up to a screen or projector, of some kind.
For Real? 
Anyone tried Mega? (50gb free) 
T'was this one ...
Only if you equate mainstream, corporate as 'serious' business work. I consider my work serious and it is definitely business (well, its my business and it makes my money). But iWork will (in all likelihood) a 'power suite' with all the bells and whistles. When iWork came out I couldn't get my head around it. Now I love it and never use Office. It took a few years. 
iTunes Radio is clearly intended as a way of selling more music so it makes sense that is lives within the store. I agree that it would be nice to have a lighter weight independent app which can link directly to the store, or better still allow purchases without having to go near iTunes. 
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