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Do you guys even hear yourselves? 
  this post truly wins the 'most ignorant post ever' award. 
 This makes sense. Spotlight being the beginnings to search.
But merchants are not allowed to differentiate. A merchant can't charge more for a cc transaction. Perhaps if everyone pays with CurrentC prices would drop but until such time the price has to be the same. In other words - the customer gets nuttn.
Yes, just like the iPhone!  (hysterical nervous laughter)
I use google for checking the traffic - its better for that. I also tend to use it for POI searches as it is also better for that. Other than that I prefer Maps.
Or the director.
Yes it is. It clearly differentiates the two offerings and on the face of it the Lenovo comes out on top. I wouldn't be surprised if the alleged iPad Pro will share some of the qualities (kinda hoping - yes I am not a finger input purist). The really significant differentiator that goes firmly in Apple's favour, however, is the OS. I have spent a little time with Windows 8 lately and OMFG! That is a hard sell! I mean it is great news for large corporations' training...
So you plug in a mouse to the keyboard and you have cursor? I didn't even know this was possible.
The Apple mouse? How does that work?
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