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Ditto, but the iPhone must be plugged in. That makes it useful in the car, for me. During the week it is the only plugging in / charging I do, and also where I use Siri the most. Turning down the lights or thermostats in the house will require me to physically press the button, however. Not a huge deal. Maybe one day in the future I will have an old Siri enables phone plugged in in every room...?  
Little Britain is essentially the definition of a Squirmfest. One squirms a lot when viewing. 
Total Squirmfest   (as always)
I'd like a debit card type option for aPay. These are popular in the UK / Canada. Not sure about the US. Basically upon swiping the money is transferred directly from the bank to the merchant. It makes managing cash on a daily basis much simpler. added: It would for instance be great if kids / teenagers / young adults could check their bank balance and if funds were available use their iPhone to make purchases. Credit cards are not great for the above demographic.
Cantankerous is not a word I'd use to describe your presence here at these forums . Old as you may be you strike me more as very smart guy enjoying your life (and technology)
Oh, so you are the cantankerous old white guy people are laughing at.
That is not a satisfactory solution imo. The day Apple feels they can populate my inbox, iTunes account, iCloud space, iBooks etc with content just because it is free is the day that Apple truly is doomed. Seriously. Not that I am worried it will ever happen. More to the point, what I would like is the ability to log into my Music Match collection at the server end and select tracks, albums or artists to hide. I can choose not to see them on my iPhone or in iTunes, but...
. That's a random question?The way it looks to me, you made one mistake, the other was a 'planned mistake', but you screwed up royally with the genuine mistake. Very funny. Unfortunately I don't know the answer to your question but I am pretty sure you can switch them at the point of activation. Hopefully you ordered them from Apple. They are invariably so much better to deal with than the carriers.
This whole debacle could have been avoided if you people had ordered the 6+. The lines were all open. Nobody wants a large iPhone.    /s
New Posts  All Forums: