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Hmm... any haptic feedback for those of us who only ever tap? No clicking.
I think Apple is very cognizant of the implications any such move might its customers perception of Apple, and also of the fact that this would be blown out of all proportion. I think there is much we don't know and if Apple decides to share it's customers' viewing habits they will come right out and explain. The slippery slope you are talking about is probably the biggest danger to Apple over time imo. Apple is an amazing company on so many levels but a slide down any...
Nothing about cutting the chord will lead to lower prices to the end consumer for content. Of that I am pretty certain. If al a cart program selection is implemented then perhaps, for some, but on the whole I can't see it. Personally I'd rather have more granular content control and no adverts in drama and documentary genres than lower prices. Apple giving up customers' viewing habits shows that this is a 'land grab' situation.More interesting is why. Apple probably isn't...
I think my option for using a backdrop would only have been a choice if location shooting was overly problematic (and I can easily imagine that being the case). I also don't know what the design studio space is like. If it is large with plenty ceiling height, and with plenty space to step back and use a fairly long lens and avoid too much spill light on the glass, then it is a fairly simple shoot. Lighting behind the glass would pretty simple - just small accent lights for...
And its not a very complex set-up. Its well done, as in highly professional, but it is much like all other Apple 'people' shots. The only way it could be done in the studio, and this would have made the set-up simpler because it is formulaic, would have been to hang a backdrop photograph of the design studio in the photographic studio. The very even-ness of the background soft focus supports this idea. It would also be the simplest and least invasive way of getting the...
Sure are!
And if you look at the larger photo on the jobs site you'll see fine flyaway hair all over the place around the woman on the left.
Disagree. If you look at the jobs site you'll see a much larger version. It is very well lit and probably heavily post produced. The background in particular looks touched up, perhaps to remove reflections, and to soften things nicely. It is totally posed but it looks shot on location to me.
The only thing I watch with commercials is sport and occasionally late night tv / comedy. The rest is off Netflix and iTunes. I am very happy with this solution but the sticking point is the sports. Cable co's know this and have been investing in sports content / rights for a long time. Like others here I'd be all over a la carte content selection and pay option to avoid advertising.
I am a fan of Hitchens and it has never crossed my mind wether he was a nice guy or not. It is completely irrelevant. I think there are a number of reasons for which people justifiably admire Jobs but being a nice guy is probably not one of them. Personally I am fine with that.
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