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Yes, somebody would have to implement an alternative but equally good touch-ID that Apple has. Not sure how that is going.
Ah, yes, I wasn't thinking. If this was a PR exercise it would have been a very sad fail :)
They say all PR is good PR, but really, it isn't, is it?
Knowing your English is important in any civilized discourse but knowing your geography is importanter.
Oh no! Apple has no line.
Oh, its lacking, all right. And using a spell checker / dictionary / thesaurus is a great way to improve one's spelling and vocabulary.
Don't expect interesting. Cook and Ive have pretty much said what they're gonna say, this year. The only chance we'll get anything interesting is if they choose to speak off topic (Apple).
You know more about the education system than I do, but this is nothing like giving candy to a diabetic. It's more like offering free healthcare to a diabetic who otherwise can not afford it, but with the free health care may stand a better chance of improving their health and lifting themselves out of the poverty trap. Granted, the health care system might be fucked but at least somebody is extending a helping hand rather than joining the peanut gallery.
You should read your own signature. I'm not sure what you think it means.
This is why Apple is a better company now under TC than it ever was. You miserable chaps MUST let go of the Steve Jobs era. Apple is very different now and can afford to help out. For a company of Apple's size and wealth to invest in the future of the country that has served it so well should be expected, and I hope other hugely successful companies follow suit.    Don't forget that in the long run this will probably profit Apple. The marketing value, the fostering of...
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