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You should be able to stream from iTunes to your Apple TV - I can and do that occasionally, although at home I have other more capable devices. As far as burning DVD's I haven touched a DVD in years. In fact, on my old MB I removed it an put in another SSD. I was given a DVD set of a television series for my birthday and couldn't watch it. No DVD or CD players in our house. I felt justified in bittorrenting the series.
I am always tempted :) In the end I usually end up changing when the device I am using becomes unbearable. Its not that I resist the temptation. I'm just lazy. The 4s is still a pretty capable phone and if its in good condition its amazing how much you can get for it.
I am still using a Late 2008 MB at work. I replaced the HD with an SSD and I have no speed issues at all. Looks like I'll be keeping it for a while longer. Color me impressed. A 6 year old lap top running the latest OS without a problem. Runs all the apps fine inc PS6 (not for heavy lifting).
There are others who share your view on Snow Leopard but I am not sure that Apple is losing focus. Maybe all these changes is a sign of the exact opposite - or rather a sign of re-focussing. A certain amount of chaos always follows order and vice versa, its the inevitable way of growth and development. Remember that the Leopard / Snow Leopard type development has only ever happened once, so to say Apple is loosing its way because its going out on a limb (or several), seems...
Gotta agree. This was an amazing presentation with a jaw dropping rollout of features, new and refurbished. Some more useful than others, of course. The ability to begin an email on one device and complete it on another seems gimmicky, to me, but the auto hotspot, the ability to answer and place calls directly from any device, the new messaging features, the new Spotlight etc are potentially truly great features.  I pray the implementation will be as smooth as the...
What a depressing interpretation. It's only been a few hours!
Yup - this was definitely underwhelming. No new 6" iPhone.   /s
Absolutely! A lot of people are unable to mange their expectations around here. Those are the people who thinks anything but a 'revolutionary' new iPhone is utterly underwhelming. Given what we have how a new iPhone can be revolutionary is beyond me.
OS XI Cupertino
And I will pay to avoid all ads.
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