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Sure - I can see that. In fact, in terms of writing I think the iPad is fine. I'd use a keyboard for speedier editing. But I need to do so many things the iPad is not good at and I find using a lot of different devices a pain. I thought I'd prefer to read on my iPad but to be honest the iPhone is great.  So a light laptop, a big ass monitor and an iPhone is probably my ideal set-up at the moment.
Much as I enjoy my iPad I have come around to the fact that I am definitely a laptop kind of person. iPhone and laptop. Call me old fashioned.
I don't think anybody would argue your points. It is is not really a 'notion' that Apple is more expensive, it is a fact. And a good Android phone is definitely good enough for a lot of people - like all those texters in the Philipines (and the rest of the world), and unquestionably there is far more variety in the Android world.  The important question however, is: So?
I just sold my Bose Soundlink and got an equally good speaker, crucially- with a dock for the iPhone for half the price. The Bluetooth connection on the Bose was such a pain and when you are several people sharing the number of steps required to get the thing to work was a deal breaker. Hopefully the mini as per this review is much better. In my view a physical dock is so much preferable to Bluetooth.
This one?
I was imagining a separate app, or mode, that would be activated upon synching a wireless mouse. The 'app' would simply be a transparent layer that communicates with the active app by translating clicks into taps. Like I alluded to in the post to melgross, I am somewhat technically challenged compared to most people here so I don't understand the implications of what I am saying but I do know it would be awesome and would allow the iPad to be more things to more people. 
I think there must be technical reasons beyond my understanding that prevent a 'mouse layer' to be laid on top of whatever is going on on the iPad. But what you say about the keyboard sucks. I use the Apple keyboard with my iPad but have considered buying a 'keyboard case' instead. But then I think, who am I kidding - a MBA is what I need. I am looking forward to the new alleged unveiling :-)
Does any provider? The term 'Broadband' seems so ... quaint.
The Cintique Tablets are great and the Windows 8 one is has the advantage that is a stand alone device. But the video is old because the iPad stylus is las generation and the iPad is pre-air. Apparently this combo worked quite well but the Air and Air 2 and the 2nd ten stylus is a problematic combo.
Did you find your stylus looking like a paperclip porcupine :)
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