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This is a big nothing. People will buy these as a joke, not to pretend they have an aWatch. It reminds me of the Rolexes of yesteryear. I had one of those and it lasted a couple of months. The difference is that a fake Rolex shares with the original the sole useful function of telling the time. A cheap aWatch copy can't match such functional parity so to own one is just silly. From a jewelry perspective neither a Rolex nor aWatch counterfeit will cut the mustard in the...
It's kinda bullshit, actually. Turning lights on and off manually is very easy, precise and fool proof. The potentials savings using 'specialized algorithms to recorded user behavior and data gathered by onboard sensors'  are questionable when using LED bulbs. Personally I think its a case of 'we do because we can' and that home automation is a bit of a fad. The useful features will survive and the rest will forever be niche, or disappear. 
 I think your distinction is to the point though 'complicate' can also be positive, of course. It depends on the person and the activity.Re the rhetorical parallel and its aesthetic appeal - to be quite honest I often have no idea of what comes first, the aesthetic or the or the idea. Often the words just appear and help shape the thought - there is no plan. But often as the words appear the thought evolves and... well, complexify ;). Not so great in debate but helpful in...
Counting my steps would expose my lack of exercise, without a doubt. Let me know what you think of the video. He has done a couple of other ones that are very interesting. The one on 'fasting', in particular. I'll see if I can find it if you are interested.
What? Are you certain? (Hint: you are not)There is a subtle but distinct difference in practical terms. Once the complexity has been overcome simplification may be the result.
HealthKit, Homekit, iWatch + IOS combo will be huge and make investors very happy in the future, is my guess. Let's hope Apple can make the software as dazzling as its hardware. They have a lot on their plate right now and they are rapidly upping the ante.
Sell her 5S and get an old style phone. She'll be happy to get money back :) There are many available marketed for seniors, such as this - http://www.dorousa.us
Already happening. Flip phones are cool, or so I hear.
They do and for a pretty good reason - do you remember the battery life on the old phones? If all you need is a phone anything else is a waste of money and technology. I noticed that everybody in Sons of Anarchy only use flip phones. Are they easier to make untraceable? So if you are a criminal an old feature phone may be the better option?
Yes, but most decisions are emotionally based. People may THINK they make rational decisions and some obviously are rational, but the emotional aspect is what guides us. The problem with rational decisions is that rationality never ends, there are so many factors to consider and in the end people tend to buy what they 'want' anyway.  But regardless - I do find advertising and marketing very interesting. I tend not to like to be subjected to it but it as a subject it is...
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