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I know a lot of people here do not like ´ú┐music but I'm in.
My guess is that most of the graphics software co's will be working very hard to get their apps out asap after launch. A full version of Photoshop might be overkill, though, don't you think? I imagine many more dedicated single purpose apps will be available on launch or soon thereafter.
I use a pretty awesome app called SizeUp for that. Allows you to reshape windows and move them around with keystrokes. Great fro splitting windows vertically and horizontally as well as maximizing the screen without going into full screen.
A very tactful response.
Why do you have to upload 40 gb of music?
I too, may feel uncomfortable with heads of governments and heads of industry hobnobbing, but probably for different reasons. Our memories of the past with Steve also differ. I don't recall a glorious past where all Apple devices software and services worked flawlessly as a result of Steve's tantrums, or not. Besides, when you consider how much more complex these devices and services are today than only a few years ago the value of any comparison to the past is very weak.
I'd assume some kind of lovely red. I assume peeps find the rose gold lovely but from the photos it looks putrid to me.
T'is true and thus I will never neither purchase a metallic beige nor metallic light pink. I will instead purchase a granite silver, or slate gold, if you prefer.The point being that the naming of colors is a big deal. Marketing deal, that is. Not as much as actually developing the colors themselves but important nonetheless. Would it have sold as much if it was called kitty pink?
Is that just a general rule, then, mr Trump?
Which is exactly why Apple is:A) Interested.B) In no desperate hurry.
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