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oops - pretty much a repeat of Splif's comment above.
Equal relative to earnings would be one way to look at it. Equal as in the same amount clearly is not fair, that should be obvious. For that reason a sales tax at whatever percentage is clearly the most unfair tax of all. A sliding scale relative to earnings is generally regarded as fair. If you are privileged in the sense that you have the ability, the nous, wherewithal, the family, the energy, or somehow exist in a fortuitous place where money is plentiful but feel it is...
I have always thought Apple packaging is exceptionally good. There is a story behind it, of which I am sure you are aware. Essentially Steve Jobs' idea was to make it so that thought he process of un-wraping you get to really experience the quality of the fit and finish of the product. Having said that - a tab to lift the product out of the box is definitely a good idea.
Sure , it is a 'compromise' but it should be better than 'dead' glass. Personally I don't rest my fingers on the keyboard - I am not a touch typer and I don't have a problem with typing on an iPad. I don't think there is a question of giving up the keyboard if you spend most of your day typing, in one way or another. So yeah, I can actually type on a keyboard. I spend most of my day in front of the computer, but I am not a writer, nor a coder.
If haptic feedback could be combined with a touch screen it would change everything. A haptic on screen keyboard for instance. I am not quite clear - does the new track pad actually move or is it fixed?
Well nice to know that somebody won't be making any money, then.
I had to turn this off, first on my iPad and then on my Mac. It is a good / fun idea but just got in the way. At work the mac would keep ringing after I answered the call on my cell so I always had to turn the volume off. Sometimes it never even stopped and I'd have to hang up on the computer after the call was finished (I tend to leave my desk and walk when I answer calls). At home it got annoying when my iPad upstairs AND my iPhone were ringing at the same time. 99.99+%...
I love the photo of Steve at his desk in his home office. I have seen other photos of his home office but this one really shows his chaotic desk and the cable spaghetti junction underneath. I completely relate to this setup and it is heartening to see the ceo of the worlds biggest company sharing this trait. It is not something I, and I am sure most other people who's desks look like this are proud of so it makes me feel a little better about it :-)
Uh-oh. Who let the militant Christians in?
Militant Homosexual? Are you for real?
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