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OS XI Cupertino
And I will pay to avoid all ads.
If you want to be productive on an iPad I think a keyboard is essential. If so even a split screen would not be as good as the ability to flip apps with CMND-Tab. That would make a huge difference. I never use a keyboard with my iPad but I have long wanted one of those nifty logitech or similar keyboard cases.
At least they are innovating, right?
I guess this is where Beats come into the picture. I suspect music subscription is the way forward, for better or worse. I still buy music but only because I don't subscribe to a streaming service. 
Who the hell walks around 'controlling' their house? The idea of house control seems utterly lame to me. I like of some kind of intelligence but air con, heating, alarms, doors, and most of all lights and appliances really do not need much 'controlling' as far as I can see. The management of digital media is a different story.
It would be. I think a new arm powered MBA kinda device will be an amazing announcement, as will whatever wearable that might be released. But I am beginning to tune out and wait for the event. Its definitely nicer to be wowed than disappointed that something I had hoped for didn't happen. 
You have to learn to manage your expectations. Or stop reading all the rumors. It is kinda frustrating when the hype is so overblown and people like you get all upset because the real event didn't live up to the hype. Realistically, what do you expect? The only way you'll have 'your mind blown' by some amazing new product or service is if you drop some acid before the announcement. That should work nicely. 
Being able to remove oneself from a group text would make a helluva lot of parents very happy! Kids' iDevices going nuts all evening with meaningless chatter can drive you insane. 
Nail on the head. Apple was always criticized for not being upgradable and yet I remember reading many years ago that only a tiny percentage of people (Windows users included) ever did upgrade anything at all on their computers. Windows compatibility is important but the ability to run Windows on your Mac is less important. Specially, as you say, on a MBA or similar. The number of people who buy MBAs to run Windows exclusively must be tiny.
New Posts  All Forums: