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Some people will always home in on the negative, no matter. I too used to live in your old neck of the woods for many years. I suspect you lived there a few years earlier because the bands playing the roundhouse then were a far cry from Led Zeppelin
I like it. It will be called Apple Tardis.
Yes, my exact thought, too. I imagine the car will include many early stage self driving technologies similar to the new Volvo XC90. What I am very curious about is what kind of vehicle Apple will introduce. Personally I think it will be a commuter vehicle like the BMW above. I can't see Apple going against Tesla in the high end sports coupe market but I can see an Apple car competing against the Fiat 500. I guess we will find out as I really don't think Apple can keep...
An unusually 'clean' thread. Virtually no 'garbage' posts. Really refreshing. I'd like to see an in depth and truthful article on on-line advertising. I struggle to see how it can work. I understand the technical aspects, but who ever clicks on these ads other than inadvertently? What are the ultimate conversion rates? At what point does a page no longer attract views due to over saturation of ads? Assuming that invasive ads will not go away but instead get worse and as a...
For me it is always very slow to recognize others on my network and more often than not it finds nobody. Photosync is dead reliable and has been for years. It also lets you upload to any of a ton of cloud servers. I don't use any other feature than transfers within a given network but I honestly can't fault it, so until AirDrop becomes rock solid Ill be sticking to PhotoSync.
Hmmm.... I like this idea. Can you elaborate on the boot volume issue?No restrictions as far as I know. I store everything there.My one big gripe which doesn't seem to have been fixed with IOS 9 is that I still cant see more than one folder deep when using Numbers or Pages. I can see the full folder hierarchy when using the new iCloud app, which is fantastic, but if I try to open a file it only creates an un-editable pdf.
Good to see Apple is giving Airdrop some love. It must be Apple's flakiest service. Hopefully it will improve with IOS9 / El Capitan. My go to app is Photosync for images and video.
For me Amazon is a bigger evil than Google. Using their services makes me complicit in their business practices and so I'd rather not.
OK, so when you say subsidized iPhone with ATT, the cost of the phone is listed independently on the billing info? In y bills the cost of the phone is not explicitly identified. The only thing I see for certain is how much the carriers will reduce the cost if you bring your own phone and it is nowhere near the Apple monthly cost to purchase.
Sorry if I am being dense here, but in the two scenarios above, how what would the tco be per month inc whatever plan you have? What I was getting at was that even though purchasing a phone may be pretty much the same thing in both cases, once you add the cost of the monthly plan the end user gets screwed.
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