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Perhaps, but better yet Apple, or 3rd parties in partnership with Apple should ensure that an iPad Pro has the ability to properly use styli. People do use them with apps like Procreate etc but I, along with many others, have been struggling to find a stylus that works well with the iPad Air and Air II. 
Panorama is a documentary strand within the BBC. The fact that they exposed a problem in Apple's dealings with its overseas contractors does not need to affect what the rest of the BBC does or think.
The wider the demographic reach of IOS the less I am likely to recognize myself in these stats. Already I shake my head, thinking - really?'
Apple's reaction to the Panorama report as reported by BBC News
 I don't know because I haven't seen the programme, but if you look at AI's original article it says: The BBC Panorama investigation put embeds with hidden cameras to work at Pegatron's iPhone factory, who quickly found inconsistencies with Apple's promised safeguards outlined in its Supplier Responsibility report (PDF download). Undercover reporters discovered numerous infractions, including illegal ID card confiscation, excessive working hours, poor living conditions and...
Which is why picking on Apple makes sense. I tend to be an Apple apologist and believe they are better than most in terms of its treatment of workers. But lets not be blinded by fanboy-ism. The reason we can all purchase amazing products at ridiculous prices is not magic. Many people work hard for a pittance for our privilege. The reason Apple is picked on so often is that Apple sets high standards for itself and proclaims its values for the world to hear. I applaud that...
Much as I dislike Cellan-Jones it is hardly a reason to dislike the BBC altogether. We all know that every news organization are click baiters and will always look for an 'angle' to make things more interesting. It doesn't just apply to technology news and rumour sites but across the board.But Cellan-Jones is a buffoon with his 'I have no idea about technology' schtick. So yeah, BBC's technology coverage sucks.
Exactly. I haven't looked into the details of this case but it looks topsy turvey to me. As far as I am concerned it should be a case against the carriers for not extending the same deals to IOS devices as everybody else. 
Just anecdotally form my own experience, they just need to look at historical pricing to discover that carrier packages are always more expensive for iPhone owners. Every time I have looked at plans for my own, my wife's and my kid's iPhones I have spotted great deals only to be told those deals do not apply to iPhones. I'd go and check right now but looking through the carriers' plans is such a mindfu*k I won't subject myself to it.
Unfortunately people no longer want to pay for it, and few people have the time to appreciate it.
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