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Militant Homosexual? Are you for real?
Holy crap - where to start. I don't think this would classify as a 'personal agenda' and the day that Apple does not stand up for what it believes in because a potential client base considers that as being a crime is the day Apple dies. It seems to me that everything Tim Cook stands up for is, as he says, 'embedded in Apple's DNA'. Apple is open for anyone and speaking out against institutionalized intolerance is hardly a personal agenda. Some things stand above profit and...
Its an impossible situation. The 'tyranny of the masses'. But you can make the blunt instrument less threatening. Laws should just be safeguards. Education is the ideal way to find equilibrium. The problem as always is religion which tends to defy logic and reason.
Keanu Reeves is the only one with true Freedom? Sonnuvabitch!
I think you like the idea of such freedom but you are opening up a can of worms which you cannot control. Because it is hard for millions of people to live together we have guidelines and rules. I am very liberal and believe in freedom as long as it does not infringe on other people's rights but you stand a far better chance of infringing on fewer people's rights if you legislate properly. Not always easy but in this case its clear. If I am a dentist, that is my choice but...
But substitute photography at a wedding with buying a machine part to fix my mill, or fertilizer for my land, or medicine for my child.
Not if there is no other photographer in the village. If you are asking me to get married in another village you certainly are infringing on my rights.
But it does. If I can refuse to do business with you it can seriously undermine your own business. It will infringe on your rights to do business but I am refusing to sell you what you need. You may have to pay a higher price somewhere else, or need to travel across the state, or you simply may not be able to get the service I offer anywhere where it is of any use to you.
If the act itself is against their belief system, perhaps no, but if a religious person runs a business where s/he refuses to serve certain customers because of sexuality, or race, or whatever, perhaps they should not be in that business. It is a stretch to call it discrimination against a business owner to refuse the business owner to discriminate.You have a twisted idea of what 'freedom' is.
And Chernobyl was not THAT long ago (April 26, 1986). The effects of that little disaster are well documented - here's a summary http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Effects_of_the_Chernobyl_disaster
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