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Nobody flies it. It is used symbolically and dramatically, but it is not flow. Actually, it probably is being used and even flown by some neo nazis around the globe, but it is viewed by the general public as insulting and highly distastefu.
Howdy. Been a while
The confederate flag is being used today, the swastika is not. The context is different.
I say it and to put a general stamp of immorality on the lgbt community is what is immoral. Embracing people for what they naturally are is good but has nothing to do with morality. Stealing from the poor is immoral.
But is fine to do so. The confederate flag is still flown with pride and what it represents is despicable and huge blight on the US conscience and history. Under the present circumstances I agree with it being relegated to the bin. It will not disappear but every time it is used is sends a very nasty message to an awful lot of people.
But there is nothing 'immoral' about LGBT. As a christian you should know that.
But you don't have to stream at all times. Membership allows you to save for off line listening (wifi). There are some that have either chosen to forego wifi because LTE is faster or because they are always on the move, but most people I know are wifi connected most of the time.
You describe a perfect nightmare
There definitely will be more Beat stations. Why else would they have called it Beats 1. I love listening to the radio and I'd much rather pay than listen to endless commercials. Apple should include several talk radio stations, too, imo. They'd have to do very little work - just curate the thousands of podcasts. So many of them are fantastic but a lot of people are not organized enough to download and remember to play saved podcasts and instead just turn on the radio to...
I was talking of 'the arts' generally, not just music, but yes, of course the music industry is a business. As such the business should be investing in itself and in my opinion the place to collect for that purpose is at the point of sale. But as we all know business is useless at taking care of itself and setting and adhering to guidelines that will serve it well in the long run so it must fall to other regulatory bodies that have the interests of the end users at heart....
New Posts  All Forums: