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Oh, the volume! Never forget to turn the volume right down before switching to ATV. And every time we use airplay we scramble for the remote. No, let me correct that... we scramble for the right remote. A new box will probably be nice but I am very happy with the performance and functionality of my atv2 generally. For me its all about the software now. I'd like to hide or delete all those useless icons I will never use. I think Netfix should have a two tier plan. The 9...
As tech improves our expectation and impatience increase equally. Whereas a mistype might produce a 'sigh' and a double mistype a 'sigh' followed by an exasperated expletive, a single mis-recognition will summon an indignant 'WTF?' (useless tech!)
I have had very mixed results with touch ID and have reprogrammed several times. The fingers I use the most are kind of messed up (cracked, dry,  scarred) so I used different fingers, but with mixed results. Eventually I gave up and just used the usual code. But recently I tried again, making sure I programmed the part of my finger I actually use to unlock the phone and deviating very little from that area (only when told to by Apple), and voila! I have touch ID. It works...
Huh? Delete locally stored music? I can have match enabled and choose to see everything on iCloud or not. No need to delete anything. Can you elaborate?
Yes, their ec2 service perhaps. But I generally don't admire low prices per se. Amazon is the King of internet commerce, or at least it was, but I still find it hard to admire them. The sell cheap, as does the dollar store, granted. I admire companies for quality, design, and all sorts of other qualities, but rarely cheap. Amazon is significant, and impressive but admirable? Admirable suggests the embodiment of mostly positive qualities and Amazon hardly fits the term in...
Amazon? Admired? Why?
To claim that homosexuality is an identity issue is truly the definition of ignorance. Can you please define transgender for me?
But are there any gay people in AZ? This is obviously good news but it seems wrong to celebrate the prevention of a reactionary dimwit bigot bill as 'progress'.
Which, if you watched the commencement speech you'd see Steve make explicitly clear. Anyone here who has not watched the speech should be ashamed of themselves and find a lonely spot and watch it in silence. It is a great speech. (I know you have watched it PB - not lecturing you!)
yup  - and now even more junk. Funny how all these buttons wast space with the word WATCH!, as if that is going to make anybody click to watch 
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