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But Slurpy and yourself know exactly what he means, right? So give the guy a rest, already. Or at least argue the point he obviously is trying to make even if you have to work a little to figure out what it is. Kudos for lambasting a guy fora little mis-step?  
After Nest that certainly is a concern :(
My dog would never lift its leg on me.
You are missing the point. Hint: the iPhone But sure, a fingerprint scanner might be a simpler solution for some, and for most, the mechanical oak and key has worked fine for a very long time.  I read about a lock & key project that I really liked quite a while back. The differentiator was that any Yale type key could be used as long as it was approved (hence iPhone connectivity). So your cleaner could input his or her own key for his or her own home and you could then...
Its raining today. And even if it isn't its going to rain soon. If I go out I'll probably slip and fall. And more than likely while I am lying there in pain it will start to rain even harder and a dog will raise its leg on me.  Too risky to go to the Apple Store just to be cool and check one of these catastrophes out.
 Seriously? Your joke wasn't  THAT funny. 
What? Where do you live? The NEW chip cards? They've been around for a decade.
That's very funny and it also makes the point that embedded in that quote lies both humor and irreverence, as well as truth. To suggest that the 'thievery' of ideas that artist indulge in somehow compares to copying and then laying claim to the copied shows willful ignorance.
Couldn't all this have happened because Apple shelved the 'sapphire idea' at the very last minute, leaving GTA with no options?
No matter how this is twisted it is just plain lame that a league can determine what headphones its players are allowed to wear. And it's equally lame that very rich sports people at the peak of their careers allow themselves to be controlled like that.
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