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I can't see how the Apple deal can be good. Not because I don't trust Apple but because I don't trust the carriers. If I pay $35.- per month to Apple over two years interest free it will only be a better deal if the carriers drop the price per month by the same amount for a 2 year package where I bring my own phone, right? Do any carriers in the US drop their prices that much if you bring your own phone? In Canada they drop the price by 15 - 20 bucks.
Umm... OK, sure.
Definitely a good point!!
Apple would never do that.... wait... um....... umm
The color sounds awful to me. Like anodized metallic salmon. I used to own a 'champagne' colored car. It was horrible. But that's just me - color is a subjective choice and I'll always respect other's choice. I might shake my head quietly. I mean, I used to drive a metallic beige car!
An album. Vinyl only. No question. Probably all Beatles covers on the Apple label. I'm sure he'll do a cover of William Shatner's cover of 'Lucy in the sky with diamonds'
T'is funny, but no one claimed Apple invented it. They just spoke a little about how awesome it is.
When did you test it? Recently? I used Copy, for a while but it was a pest and made my mac slow to a crawl whenever it synced which seemed to be always. iCloud so far has been painless and transparent. I like DropBox but unlike you I am not a fan of constant notifications telling me this or that files has been synced. But I have never had a problem with DB so if iCloud doesn't pan out I will pay for a TB at DB.
The iCloud folder on a OSX system does exactly that. It contains a folder for each app, but you are also able to save whatever else in your own folders. At the moment that file structure is not visible on an IOS device but I assume this will change with the new iCloud app is IOS 9. At present you are able to create a hierarchy of folders within the iWorks App folders, though this hierarchy is not visible on an IOS device. Hopefully this too will change.
We have family sharing and I pay 99 cents per account within that package for 20gb each. So no, unless it has changed now. 99 cent per account is so low it makes no difference. The only change I'd like to see is the ability to pay annually. As it is I get 4 emails per month telling me that 99 cents has been charged to my account. The word for that is Spam, in my book.
New Posts  All Forums: