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Improvements in battery technology would make a big difference to virtually all Apple's customers. Greater capacity would be nice but reduced charge times would perhaps make an even greater difference.
I see - factually anecdotal.
Absolutely - ridiculously ludicrous, no less.
I was coming back at you commenting on the ridiculousness of what I can only describe as an involuntary curmudgeonly twitch but decided just to use an emoticon instead  -   
 I assume ALL Apple employees get paid well with excellent benefits 
To centre of heart. I believe the logo will be smaller and to the left (of the wearer). It looks fine to me but I hope its not sliding towards 'corporate'. The standard position for a company logo or 'badge' is to the left, and smaller. 
It deserves the preface "Ka"
Steve woulda done 76 million / 19 billion. TC's gotta go¡  Edit: oops. Pipped.
It doesn't look like enabling TRIM would give me much value and given the potential issues you mention (in addition to the ones listed in the wiki-page Solips pointed me to), I don't think I'll bother  :) 
 Thanks - didn't realize it was a piece of software :). As my primary Mac is a rather aged mb running two third party SSD's in a fusion setup, I am not sure I can, should, or would be advised installing Trim Enabler. In fact, should I even run this update? (I will no doubt back up using ccc and have go, unless you or anybody else here tell me not to)
New Posts  All Forums: