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But will it bend?
And as been pointed out above, it is unlikely that 'teens' represent Apple's primary target market for the iWatch. And like the iPhone and iPad before it the iWatch needs to prove its real life utility before mass success is guaranteed.
I get the feeling most people that have posted above do not use Siri in the car. I have, and do, and at least 50 percent of the time I just have to abort because it is not working well enough. When it works it is fantastic, but often the dictation is wrong, or Siri just doesn't get what I am trying to do... and THATS when it gets dangerous. When Siri misbehaves it is frustrating and consequently your attention definitely leaves the road ahead. Natural language is great but...
Eexperience tells me to hold off for first update before I install. History tells me I won't. Doh!
What an arbitrary self imposed limitation. I am flabbergasted.
Danny Boyle? Now I'm not so sure.
'Cheesy' is right. Looks like it was made by highschool student 20 years ago. And the music... Ta-ackee!
I'd like the ability to display notifications (in particular - Calendar) + weather + on the homepage. Android has it and Windows has it and frankly, its a nice feature. I don't see a need to impose it but it could be an option. Often the information I need from my iPhone could be presented on the homepage without the need to open apps. 
I have lots of Numbers files in the cloud. I am no longer able to use Numbers and must instead use the cloud version of Numbers. If I try to open one of my documents I am told it is not possible and prompted to upgrade to Yosemite. Not great, I have to say. I am not sure I'll be saving iWork docs to the cloud any longer.
I think he is looking for his phone.
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