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Amazon doesn't deserve your money, that is the difference.
They wouldn't keep ragging at Apple if it didn't work. They would change tack. When you say Samsung's profits are down you need to be specific. I'm not doubting you but they are a massive company with so many products in so many areas that simply stating that their profits are down is a meaningless way to asses the effectiveness of a single campaign for a single product segment. Their tablets have been selling poorly so perhaps coat tailing Apple and comparing specs are...
Samsung has found a marketing strategy that clearly pays off. If it wasn't working they wouldn't be doing it. It is up to Apple to counter Samsung in their own way but getting into a nit picking specs war with Samsung would in al likelihood be hugely counterproductive. Once you are a leader everybody's is gunning for you, that is the nature of the game. It is far easier to attack the leader than to find a balance at the top. You don't want to come across as arrogant, or...
Privacy will be a major issue with HealthKit. Any breach will be blown out of all proportion and lead to mistrust. A gold mine for advertisers perhaps, but one their greedy little fingers must be kept well off.   Ditto HomeKit, come to think of it.
Ever been to an Apple store? A low ceiling is a killer if you expect a lot of people. Besides, perhaps it will be two stories?  As has been suggested already, I am thinking it will be a demo area. Carplay , homekit and health kit. This event is a HUGE marketing event so it is important that the journalists get to really play with the goods. One thing is just to report on what is said, another is to report on demos and first hand experience. 
Yup, me, too. I think this will be more than just hardware. 
The charging pad may not need to be all that clunky. Back in the day when I wore a watch I never took it off but a lot of people do / did remove their's at night and so to place it on a charging pad on the night table would not be a big deal. For the people for whom an important function of an iWatch is to measure sleep patterns a night table charging pad would not be ideal, however.  Is NFMR an existing technology?
I prefer 'soothe my heart'
This story has been breaking of months.
Any kind of drawing and graphics related work (creation). Any kind of audio visual post production work where touch is of benefit and a larger display is required. Architectural and technical drawing work. And I can imagine there are many uses where a larger mainly stationary touch screen would be applicable.  Who knows what kind of peripherals would work with such a device but I'd imagine more than your standard iPad.
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