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Specially Hyundai. The worst logo ever.
I would love to. I imagine the torque to be something else
An aside - how did Slurpy get banned?
Ok, then. I won't reply.
Could not agree more. I think the Tesla is quite pretty but I always wondered why electric cars mimic combustion engined cars.I don't own a Porsche but have driven one on a track (with an instructor). I think it is the most fun I have ever had. Definitely the fastest I have ever driven around corners. Until you have tried it you can't believe how much confidence you have in the car's breaking and road holding ability. At any opportunity to drive a new Porsche on a track -...
Some people here want Cook to vacate his post as Apple CEO and go into politics. A bad idea but if he did I'd sure as hell vote for him!Will anybody do this? It is the most audacious demand I've ever heard.
Yes, Apple is a product and 'experiences' company, but that is a very broad description. Under that banner Apple could develop a garden rake, or a new impact drill. They both fit the category as do virtually all consumer goods. Brand dilution is a real and valid consideration in terms of bringing a product to market though perhaps not a good reason not to develop a product. My point is that if you spread yourself too thin you loose impact. Yahoo is an example that comes to...
Mine is a 'Stuff' folder. I don't even see it anymore.
The whole process of developing a car is interesting and there are a lot of companies that develop highly specialized vehicles, from utility vehicles to top of the line niche race cars. As the Koreans have proven you can use existing technology and build very good reliable cars using established methods. Nothing new, just tried and tested. Or you can get interesting and go the Lotus way as when they developed the Lotus Elise (1996?). The car's frame was made from aluminum...
I'd argue that the cellphone market is much closer to Apple's core expertise than the auto market. There definitely is a component of the auto market that falls within Apple's (traditional) area and that component will undoubtedly increase with the growth of electric vehicles and driving automation. I can totally see it and I am excited about it, but I am not convinced. It would be a massive undertaking and I am sure Apple could be successful at it they feel excited about...
New Posts  All Forums: