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And why don't you want to be bothered? If you are more than one person on a household it is good value.And what is BS about it?
Hard to compare those two campaigns. So very different in nature, message and purpose.
The two b & w artist videos have quite a bit in common with the ads you mention. They encompass the product they are selling but focus on the content that the product delivers. Personally I don't mind them as stand alone pieces.Having said that, I wonder how this oh so carefully composed dreamlike and angsty aesthetic will work. I prefer the edgier previous campaigns you list. I would have much preferred something more raw and energetic as an opener.The first ad above is...
Oh, OK. Not too familiar with Oyster. The point about Pay in this context is not that it is a revolution per se but the fact that London Transport is very actively publicizing Pay as an option is good for Apple.I totally agree that Pay will take a while but one day (pretty soon), credit cards will look like cheques and fax machines today. You know, redundant.
Not for the traveler but great for Apple.There is a big difference between Oyster and just using your phone. Topping up the Oyster is a pain. Using a cc instead of ticket is the same but the goal is not to have to carry the cc.
I agree, but a very good round display only have been around for a very long time. Your standard traditional watch or clock utilizes a round display for very obvious reasons. To use a round display for a smart watch is the a ridiculous skeuomorph.
What narrative? What are you talking about?
He has no idea, like the rest of us. I'd also like him to explain the 'narrative' of which he speaks.
And Drone sales are expected to dramatically increase in the area. If this is happening it will be the first project Apple will have to carry out in broad daylight.
When recently in London I noticed Apple Pay advertised many places including an very importantly London Transport. Just about everybody used the tube or the buses. Every station has multiple and highly visible notices announcing that Apple pay is accepted. These are relatively low cost purchases and will not be hindered by ridiculous value limits. In fact, I noticed that it was advertised that you don't even need a ticket but can instead use your credit card directly. I...
New Posts  All Forums: