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Yes. Its pure awesomeness in a very small package. You really have to wait until you hold it and use it. Then when you buy it you can buy a go-faster case for it and some go-faster stickies, if you like.
I see air moving in front of your mouth...
I like change like many people but there is an inherent problem in screwing around with a successful OS - you stand a good chance of alienating a large portion of your customers. Its a delicate balance and I think Apple has done pretty good. Adding features for the sake of it is counterproductive and my bet is that most people by far use IOS in its basic form, just like Windows and OSX. Apple is good at adding candy and keeping things simple. How would you like to see IOS...
Agree - looks like a very nice device. Not sure about wireless charging - it is very convenient but supposedly very inefficient. What I'd  like is a stand or cradle with a magnetized connector. It would be great if the 9 pin connector in the new iphone could also be used with a charging base that didn't require 'penetration' in order to charge.
Aowww...  But are you honestly surprised. You come across as someone who takes pleasure in denigrating and belittling. 
Mmmm.... YEAH - that's got a real ring to it! ;-)
That's EXACTLY why 5 makes sense - its simple, it follows four, people are expecting it. If they brought out an iPhone that is made from Carbon they could call it the iPhone Carbon and no-one would blink. But for once I agree with you - if they called it the iPhone 6 it would take people all of 6 seconds to get over it. Which is why the naming is purely a marketing exercise and which would be the only interesting part of it being called anything but the iPhone 5. Calling...
There - fixed that for you
Yes. Only the people TS arrogantly and belligerently dismissed as being WRONG can jibe back. C'mon everybody.
No matter what Spock claims, 5 follows 4. Besides the naming of the iPhone or any other Apple device is is NOT a question of logic - when will people realize this?
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