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I have an iPad 1 and for email, web and reading there really is nothing wrong with it. Not too slow at all. It is used by everyone in my house and no-one complains. Every time I pick it up I am struck by two things - its weight, and how well it still works. 
The thing is that whether absolute secrecy is a good thing or not depends on the circumstances. It is all relative. During the WW2 there were many resistance movements working against the Germans. From our pov absolute secrecy would have been fantastic. The Germans in turn were famously trying to communicate in secrecy to orchestrate  their u-boat attacks. Turing famously cracked the code and we are all grateful. Do I want 'the government' to be able to access any...
One word: BAM!
Funny how it has become the 'iPad event'. In my mind this is the 'Mavericks event'. Not that I have any info but the graphics are different enough from IOS to make me think this is not all IOS related.
For payments above $50.- (approx), Interac then becomes a cheaper option.
Browett  /  Ahrendts  - night and day.  Ahrendts already seems like a spiritual perfect fit for Apple. I can see her input go well beyond retail. 
I like that idea. Even a three year old iMac is a very capable machine so last years model is fine. A white plastic shell would look nice. The new e-Mac. Well, it's feasible but I'm not convinced.
Yes - I agree. And I am with Landcruiser. The kids are getting the C. And really, there is nothing cheap about the 5c. The future is bright for the plastic model. 
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