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Not for these chaps, I suspect
Yeah! I'll be buggered!!
Yeah, not bad for a business there purely to support the profit making hardware business. I'd like a piece of a 'break even business' like that!
Time will tell if there is a 'real' and 'useful' purpose for a wearable or if it is just a 'need' that isn't really there. In my view the primary use will be health and fitness where most people seem to agree there could be a real usefulness. Depending on the health functionality of the wearables it could become something just about everyone over the age of 50 will want / need. That's a huge demographic. Obviously there will be plenty appeal for younger users, too. I...
I second what others have said. That is a great idea for a campaign. It should run in a little more depth on the Apple website. The usual ads featuring a wash of 'amazingness' often show impressive images and I often would like to know exactly what hey are doing and how. Kimmel is funnier but Fallon is good, too. He is a good musician. Did you see his Springsteen with Springsteen? 
Yes, hard to argue with Sorkin - Fincher - Bale. The movie may not be any good but you could hardly stack it any better. 
Hopefully one day someone will create an app warning you about all the health issues you are inviting by eating high carbohydrate high calorie processed foods when it senses you are approaching a fast food outlet. But how to get people who needs it to install....? Apple?
Yes, implied by omission. By oversimplification and only stating one very narrow pov you are implying. You will deny this but your comment was frivolous and silly. Nobody is arguing that one should not employ the best candidate but that is hardly the issue, is it? So, I don't have to try again. You know it.
You comment 'almost' makes you a racist because it displays such ignorance and unwillingness to understand the issue. Assuming that hiring a person of a different ethnicity ( or of different sexual persuasion or sex for that matter), is tantamount to hiring "one of each flavour" who can't do the job is... wow, words fail me. I don't think that is what you meant but you are kind of implying it. So - ouch!
Virtually every carrier promotion & advertising campaign I see in Canada features everything but Apple products. Plans are available at great prices to all but iPhones. If you want an iPhone you have to select an upper tier plan. I'd love to see someone challenging the legality of offering a less expensive plan to users of certain devices. 
New Posts  All Forums: