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I am sure Apple will not be taken by surprise that the iPad mini becomes the new de facto standard iPad. That is why they priced it like they did. People may opt for the smaller size because of the price, but I think more people will opt for the smaller iPad for the reasons posters have mentioned above.
Yeah, we'll, Apple was never really known for 'quietly'. And they don't wear suits.
Steve should have called Woz over. He would have done a Back to the Future DeLorean job on the old Sunbeam.
I think speed is relative. If you want your machine to be as fast as possible so you can carry out your work on that machine as efficiently (and frustration free) as possible, then I'd argue the Fusion drive is as fast as you are going to get. The time you waste playing with your set up (not what you REALLY are supposed to be doing, right?) will prevent you from doing what you should be doing.   If you want speed above all, for the sake of speed, no matter how long it...
Nice. Does it appear as a single drive in OSX? Does it work with TimeMachine? What Mac did you do that on? Thanks
Well, Lamborghini have their Cool, Suave, Exclusive, Homer Simpson, Android phones, so why not?  
I really like Numbers and virtually never use Excel or Neo Office. Occasionally I have to dip in to either in order to get a conversion to work (dates!). But it amazes me that all the work that went into iWorks originally has not been built upon. There should be an annual upgrade cycle. We don't need a million new features but we need improvements and tweaks in order to make the suite a viable alternative to Office. Apple also needs to show that the suite is here for the...
'Funness', not 'funnies'.
Hmmm... mine failed because I dropped it in water. Maybe that'll catch on after the Retina thing has run its course. 
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