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But they were right about a bondi blue see through computer without a floppy drive was just a laughable gimmicky toy, weren't they?   Weren't they???
This is the only Apple machine that truly deserves the 'pro' moniker. Pros may use any of the other machines and devices in a professional context, but this is the only machine that will be exclusively used for heavy duty professional lifting and rarely seen in people's homes. There'll be some geeks who'll need to get one just to stop their drooling, and there will be some crazed gamers out there. Can't wait to test one of these out - at the Apple store.
Now, there's a crock.
On every April 2'nd Siri's reply should be "I can't do that, Hal" and the screen should show a red light.
No advertiser would be interested in pushing ads onto such a person's screen.
Agree. Hands down.I like TC but I find myself speeding through his slow and laboring declarations. He is too rehearsed.
Very true. Jobs had clarity and vision... or so it seemed. Famously he used everyone around him to get to that point. He had 'something' that resulted in great results an unusual number of times, but I can very easily imagine that Jobs must have been a nightmare to work for for virtually every agency creative. Not all ads under Jobs were brilliant. The smug Jeff Goldblum voiced ads come to mind.
I tend to agree. The reason JI shouldn't do (control) the ads is that he gets too introspective and philosophical. Nothing wrong with that but he is not a great communicator, which is why he doesn't present on stage. I am not sure there will be the kind of dynamic balance within Apple there was in SJ's days. Much of that was probably dysfunctional but it worked through sheer force of character. The fact that SJ was a multifaceted genius made it all work. For someone to...
Oh man, I couldn't disagree more. In this and age upstarts, 'know it alls' and 'media experts' are a dime a dozen. Creatives with clarity of vision, deep understanding of the message and the audience, and clear leadership, are very very hard to find. To get the marketing strategy right for a company like Apple is impossibly difficult, made more so by the fact that 'creative talent' and 'marketing nous' is something that seemingly every Tom Dick and Harriet has...
New Posts  All Forums: