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No, you brought in the mirroring. Before that it was about AirPlay only.
I am not actually 'mirroring'. All I am doing is using Airplay to watch from my MB on my 43" Plasma via ATV. Works a treat. 
No - I use a 13-inch, Aluminum, Late 2008 MB. I stuck an SSD in it and bumped the Ram to 8gb and there is no reason to upgrade ;)
Mine is an old MB - not MBP as I stated above. It works through iTunes. I can access the iTunes library directly from ATV but it's set up for the iMac and its too much bother to switch over. Playing directly form the MB is quick and easy.
An 'App' that functions as a 'live passthrough' would be awesome. If it came with an epg of some sort it would be even better. Maybe this is a way Apple could integrate cable cos, by allowing a pass-through and letting individual companies creat apps to control their own content. 
Love Airplay - use MBP to ATV often. I'm still pleased as punch when it works (every time). Its kinda magical.
There's a brand new netbook sitting in it's original box on a shelf in my house, rejected by both my kids as being unusable. I can't even remember what brand it is (asus maybe). Its been sitting there for nearly two years. I thought of giving it away but it was so useless I always felt giving it away would be mean and not nice.
Unless Samsung is interested. They'll take the completed store and innovate some Samsung poster here and there.
Why? Since when were comedians (in your view) illegal beings?
For you the world is entirely black and white - but really, it isn't. I can't remember what you do - you have said so - music, right? Whether it is engineering, or more artistically creating, or somewhere in between, you surely know that there is always more than one side to the story? Different points of view that 'temper' the 'truth'? There is truth, there is justice and there is 'the law'. The two first can be debated endlessly and the result often times is that the...
New Posts  All Forums: