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Bye bye Waze. I am sure Apple evaluated a purchase and decided 'not' was the better option. Looks like Maps is developing well.
That demo was awesome bar the one little (ok, pretty major) hiccup. The demo showed the potential of the technology.  I wonder how the cars can be controlled real time. Was he doing that or was everything programmed?
Par for the course, I'm afraid. As soon as everything that has been endlessly foretold is announced this forum (and every tech article out there) will announce their disappointment at the lack of Wow!. 
You can do it without breaking the speed limit. Buy a roll or sticky tape (unless you have a dash holder) and tape your iPad / phone to the dash. Now you can watch while driving. best of both worlds.... I think.
It is much more than a banner. It is a message. It was thought about a great deal, it was designed with a purpose in mind. Very few man made things are ever 'just'. Well designed 'things' never are.
Yes, second that. It all signals a departure from what we know and the people complaining about so many shades of OSX grey must be feeling very hopeful. The new lettering and all the colours and shapes is all very far removed from computer and software imagery of the past. This is all very 'post-pc' where the nuts and bolts no longer are visible. 
Apple is buying Microsoft. Windows 7, meet OSX 10
S-voice? S for Siri AND Samsung. Samsung must be patting itself on its back. (Gotta admit, its pretty, you know... innovative)
I don't disagree with any of that - I think you're previous post was misleading, or I read it wrong. I am not against advertising per se and I am not against targeted advertising, but the amount of personal data out there is disconcerting. Here is a very entertaining radio program / podcast on the subject - http://www.cbc.ca/undertheinfluence/season-2/2013/03/30/hyper-targeting-how-brands-track-you-online-1/ I would like there to be an option to avid ads in exchange for a...
I don't use any streaming service at the moment - I used to use LastFM. The part I liked was to be able to see other people who liked what I liked and then listen to their song lists. A pretty good way to discover new music. I am not sure the music companies promotion aspect need be as ominous as you suggest - it wouldn't be in their interest to feed you anything the don't think you'll love.    I'd like a subscription model to allow me to download songs to my devices and...
New Posts  All Forums: