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Woo-hoo! I am so in need of an upgrade. The big question is how soon will the rd version come out. Can I wait. (shakes head)
John Browett makes me nervous. Very nervous.
Yes, there are usable styluses (styli?) that can be used on an iPad, and I know many artist do amazing things with one finger, but you'd have a hard time convincing many graphic artists or animators a finger or iPad type stylus is adequate. Bottom line - a larger iPad would a professional tool and as such would need the specs to satisfy its target user.
  Yeah, but not really.
I doubt Apple will ever make a larger tablet but if the do, it will be the iPad (graphics) Pro and it will compete with the lovely (OSX/Win accessory) Wacom Cintiq HD. I have my doubts whether Apple is interested in the Pro niche, though. The top of the line Cintiq Touch costs in excess of 3.5 grand (and it's not a stand alone tablet with its own OS)  
Totally with Andysol, here. We have to let go of this crapola. Steve said a lot of things but nothing he ever said was intended to be set in stone. If it was Apple would be nowhere. At the time he was selling the iPad which came in one size only, and most things Steve Jobs ever said was heavily influenced by his 'inner salesman'. I don't think he ever lied, per se, but he knew how to focus your attention. Since then the world has changed and now Apple is bringing out a...
There are many keyboard alternatives out there (non any good?), but I am surprised no-one has brought out a magnetic bluetooth cover keyboard for the Mac yet. Not sure how you'd make the pad stay upright, but... 
I echo Solip - it must indeed be a cold day in hell because I completely agree with DH. 8gb is purely for the price point. I expect Apple will release very few 8gb units. Even educational institutions will fork out the extra cash to safeguard their investment against instant obsolescence.
Yes - I have no idea why bluetooth is not more readily accessible. Whenever I want to use my Bose Soundlink I have to go several layers down in order to pair it up. 
Which is, perhaps, exactly why using a keyboard as a selling point for a tablet when Apple owns the market and has established the tablet as primarily a 'keyboard-less' device is neither convincing nor effective.
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