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This site totally sucks on an iPhone, too. Reading the comments is a matter of zooming in and scrolling left to right as you go. The site also seems to disable the Apple spell checker's ability to correct a mistake by right clicking.
"I don't want your money. If you offer me $5 billion, I won't want it. I've got plenty of money. I want you to stop using our ideas in Android, that's all I want." - Steve Jobs
I suspect you fall outside of 'normal use'. In your case, as in many other who need to file things away in a particular way in order to keep track of projects etc, the best system is the traditional file system, tailor configured by you to suit your specify needs, imo. If you need to work across devices you can use dropbox or sugar sync or similar. 
It is not necessarily true that people have no clue. The file system is basically based on what people have been doing for years - filing. There is a desktop and there are drawers, shelves and filing cabinets. Most people will understand that and if related to a computer I think most people get it. But that isn't the problem... To see what the problem is go and see how most people organize their desks, their cabinets and drawers and filing cabinets. The theory is simple,...
Yes - and lets not forget the difference in the environmental impact of the construction and use of highways compared to railways. 
Clearly all data is not equal. 
Sure, but I think that the only sensible way of using an iPad as a thin client in the original sense of the term would be with 4g let. Wifi would be fine, of course but the idea of the tablet is portability. But as we all know using a tablet in that way would be fraught with problems unless you are certain to always have good internet access. And anyway, a 'thin client' in the way we are talking about it does not even have any apps installed. It would be a useless...
I wouldn't call the iPad a 'thin client' in the traditional sense. It is thin, and it has less storage than a modern desktop or laptop, but its reliance on a server's computational power and storage is hardly any greater than that of a common pc for most people.
I have to agree. The Green Peace hatred in this forum is very unlike the generally intelligent tone here. It is like the Juvenile Microsoft and Apple bashing that goes on over at Cnet. Apple and the rest of the big cloud service providers, and people generally will only benefit from Greenpeace making a fuss about this. I don't understand why people here are defensive to the point of infantile belligerence. So what if Greenpeace is not all wonderful, their point is still...
That would be awesome! I can't see anything on my computer when it is turned off. :)   Just kidding... I get your point and agree. Pointless if you have to have both computers running. This isa feature of iCloud, is it not?
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