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Some of it, perhaps, but you don't have to look far to learn unsavoury truths about Amazon. I have nothing against Apple competitors but I have a lot against what I consider unethical business practices. I am sure Apple is not entirely squeaky clean but I keep being impressed by the way Apple appear to run their business, and seemingly attempt to do the right thing. You rarely read anything good about the way Amazons runs its business. On the contrary. 
Amazon is 'evil' and should be avoided. I never use Amazon and I survive just fine. There has been much written about this so its and easy search.  Here's just one of countless articles...   http://blog.seattlepi.com/trevorgriffey/2011/04/03/top-10-reasons-to-avoid-amazon-com/
I have to say I struggle with this too. Perhaps the millions and millions of users of WhatsApp is not your typical Facebook user and that Facebook sees great value in the ability to be in direct contact with this user base. Who knows what's Facebook's plans are for the future but I have to agree $16 billion is an insane amount of money. In fact, the amount of money is so large the whole transaction seems suspicious. How can the personal information of two hundred million...
Jan Koum famously does not like advertising so Google would not be a good fit. What happens with Facebook in terms of advertising and user info is another story, but it couldn't have been a worse fit than Google WhatsApp. Bottom line - Nice Payday!
I know (I didn't for a minute think Modal Garburator was a real title). And mine was a joke, too, though I did consider that just maybe his 'period' was in fact a comment. Subtle, but funny in itself. Instead of 'this', or 'what he said'. 
Is that 'end of discussion'? Now that you have become a Mogul Gaberator (even if self appointed) I am guessing you are qualified to finalize threads as you see fit? 
I am enjoying watching the ATV platform develop. I am using it more and more, though only iTunes, Netflix and Youtube / Vimeo. I also stream content via Airplay quite a bit - the rest is just noise for me. All the third party subscription based content apps are too niche. Perhaps great for a dedicated subset as in some sports, but the NHL app which would be interesting has image quality on par with VHS of old which is not great for hockey. The fact that you are not...
iPad nano (shakes head)
"Apple-Tesla talks fuel dreams of...." an Apple designed all electric self driven urban vehicle. A 'volkswagen' of the future.
Apple could be interested in the IP and the brains behind the company. What the watch looks like now matters little.
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