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I would be surprised if it was called iWatch. It would tell time but surely it would not be a watch?
The Bible app? You mean the one next to the Koran app? I think it's a great idea as long as iBooks has a copy of Christpher Hitchens' "God is not Great" in it
I live by 1password and Fantastical. Great apps.
You did? You lucky (clever?) sumenabitch!
Well, in spite of Apple being doomed to forever disappoint the market thank god they are focussed on what matters. 
Oh no! The descent continues. 20% is less than more than 20%. Doom.
There is an easy test. Start with Apple maps. If it doesn't work, or if it can't find what you are searching for then switch to Google maps and see if you have better luck there. If you do and this turns out to become a daily pattern, you have proof that for you, Apple maps is far less useful than Google Maps. It's the only metric that really counts.
Yup, second all of that. Exactly my experience.
Interim - Actually Steve Jobs called himself iCEO when he returned to Apple. I think that was 1997 and I am pretty sure it predated the release of the first iMac.
Yes,   and considering they are not 'radicals', they'll obviously be very reasonable. (I  mean we know what them damn radicals are like   /s
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