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I too, like the new Maps better than Google's for navigation. It hasn't let me down yet. I also have Navigon though I haven't had to use it (Use it when abroad), as well as Waze which I sometimes consult to double check. But Google was better for finding POI's, like my fave coffee shops.
I imagine the touch is the device that will be canibalized here. I only really see young kids with touches and they mostly keep them at home. They will welcome a larger screen. I can see the touch slowly dying as the iPhone and iPad mini will devour it.
Yes, I think you are right. The other give away are the folded in flaps (horizontal edge from the outside and in towards the centre, which would not be there in a plastic or aluminum design.
One in the can, one by the bed. Obvious, innit? Looking at the picture I would say its plastic because there are embedded metal screw anchors. But I may be wrong, maybe these are required for an aluminum chassis as well?
Yes, and sAdditionally - Big hands will have no problem holding this device single handed from underneath, and small hands are likely to use this in horizontal view. In fact, I'd wager this device will be used more in landscape view than portrait across the board.
Man. if this thing does come out and turns out to sell well... you are going to get hammm-errrd!!   Not that it matters and not that you won't enjoy it. 
At least one this way, please. 
Agree. It would little sense to have the headphone jack at the bottom on a tablet. This kind of device wouldn't be 'pocket device' like an iphone. I also suspect this device, if it is released at all, will mostly be held horizontally when used.
What do you expect, it's a mock-up.
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