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This, I think, will be the key to Apple's success in this area.
Exactly - it is a work in progress and there really are no shortcuts. When Street View came out (and still) there were many areas it did not cover. Apple should strike a deal with UPS and mount camera's on their trucks, just to get going, and develop from there.
Really? How do you navigate your way? a) Pull over in your car and unfold the map, pinpoint your location, b) pull out and drive for 1 minute and pull over again to re-check... (repeat a and b over and over until you reach your destination), or if you travel with your partner, keep driving until you find town hall and head for the divorce registry? You clearly have never driven (as a non-resident) in and around Paris (or just about any other major city). Digital maps have...
I wouldn't panic quite yet. Much as I get depressed whenever the name Browett is mentioned, this is not necessarily a bad move. A chat service is a useful additional means to access expert advice. There are many people who live too far away from a Apple Store to take advantage of the Genius Bar.
That seems like a shortsighted approach. Either AI should modify the CMS or else I am guessing people will drift away as it is such a pita to use. Didn't they do any testing at all? Now I can't read any article on my iPhone, and when i could it was such a pain it just wasn't worth it, scrolling left and right for each line. And the spell check.... 
It is hard to fully trust Samsung now. Their intentions on some levels may be faultless but its all about the culture. I wonder if Samsung actually believe they are in the right - that they didn't copy Apple and that this is legitimate business practice. If so it is worrying. 
Me, too. The new forum software is a disaster on IOS. I don't love it on OSX either but on IOS its useless. I spend more time on other sites now as a result. Why on earth would AI use a CMS and forum software package that works so badly for the specific community it serves? 
Agree - there is no way Android will disappear and I am sure Apple is comfortable with that. I am also sure that in the end everybody, including the consumer will benefit from this verdict if it stands. Like someone said: surely there are more good designers than Jony Ive out there. So let them get to work and think different. I suspect a hell of a lot of designers, even Samsung ones are happy about this outcome. Maybe now they will be tasked with coming up with something...
I am not quoting the rest because it is so long and trust anyone interested will read your post above   I am not disputing what Steve Jobs said and the work Apple put into the original iPad. And I am not disputing the 10" is the optimal size. ... THEN... It is only a short time ago but things have really changed. The market has matured, people have spent much time with tablets and become used to them. What was 100% true only a few years ago may not be as true now. There...
Like the 11" mba over the 13" mba, and 13"mbp over the 15"mbp?
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