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Certainly looks like the war on terror is a lost battle.
I don't play games, so maybe I fall outside the general norm, but I am happy to pay for my apps if it means they do what I want them to do, and if they have no ads.
Wifi in the car - what's been taking you so long?
Oh, help....  
Unless you know a lot more about this than the rest of us I think you may be speaking too early. Maybe the programmer will be very effective. The current educational methods have not changed much for years. Forcing kids to sit in rows in classrooms doing stuff they for the most part intensely dislike always struck me as a very poor way of imparting knowledge.
Why undermine your own argument with such a dumb statement?
Big Shame. I was wondering where the hell you were, but as you usually disappear over product launches (sensible) I expected you to reappear. Just saw this now and it is not good news. You were the voice of intelligent reason and incisive thought and the place will be less interesting without you.  But I gotta say - go put your brilliant mind to make the world a better place. The AI forums is probably not where anybody's future lies not the place where any souls will...
They did show people using Apple products in previous ads - I was thinking about the iPad ads which focusses on the product but it was very much a lifestyle ad, slow and contemplative. This new ad also shows people using the products but now as a very natural extension of every day life. I think it is good, myself.   I agree that this campaign is a response to the Samsung et all approach. It speaks to quality and true value as opposed to gimmicky, ad as you say 'flooding...
It certainly would have caught people's attention and caused controversy.  The new red neck ultra right wing Apple. Not sure it would have done sales a whole lot of good.
I actually love this. But I can see how it fails and why the ad is a mistake. I think it was intended as the new 'Crazy Ones'. A kind of mission statement. The trouble is it isn't needed, and so come off as a little smug. It is too low key, too subtle. It is very beautiful and I think the idea is very sophisticated and well executed, but I also think that what the ad is saying Apple shouldn't be saying. Let the public and the commentators say it. Or think it.   Apple is...
New Posts  All Forums: