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Or like Electrolux - This was an advertising campaign in the UK around 2000, that was quickly pulled...
Very surprised the iPod is in that list.
Tip of the week - great app. Thanks!
You are being too harsh. Obama has acomplished quite a bit in the face of what I'd call pernicious adversity. Here's a list of 225 things...http://pleasecutthecrap.com/obama-accomplishments/
1)  Google Delivery bots - to deliver packages and and services. 2)  Irresistible hooliganism - to pick off the bots using traps and weaponry. And to hack them to do their own mischief. 3)  Cop Bots - to protect worker bots. 4) Cop bots MkII - to Protect and Serve  
I am thinking this is an interim situation. At some point the ability to buy programming directly through aTV without the need for a subscription will happen. But whether we will be able to purchase or rent programs on a more granular basis is the question. The best model right now is just to buy the seasons of what one is interested in directly from Apple. All the other channels is mostly noise, to me.
 There, fixed that. You can't fool me! There is only one person who could possibly know this for a fact (except maybe his wife and a couple of elfs).
Of course it is. Haven't you heard of Gluttism? The beautiful axis where Gluttony and Capitalism meet in a holy orgy of excess. Its lovely. Not like the sordid Festivus celebrated by heathens and other lowlifes.
The guy stole copper pipe from a derelict building? Put him in the gallows! Display his photo all across the internet! Tar and feather him and fire him while you are at it.
Without checking the image that comes to mind is of dynasaurs. (?)
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