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You are putting a bad spin on this. A cheap shot just to be contrary. There are plenty options for Mac users that absolutely need an OD in their laptops. It not really a problem. I'd call it a shrug.
Disagree. There will be some cannibalization but more than anything this will open up the iPad customer base. It will be a surefire hit with kids and young teens. That I am pretty certain of.
But what the world doesn't need is more arrogance, ignorance and intolerance. And I am not talking about the ditch diggers.
Statement or defence? To say he is defending the price assumes he feels he is being accused. Who is accusing? It seems to me the price fell within expected range and that anyone who has seen the thing agrees it is well priced. So... who is accusing?
Bad headline. Not sure he thought he was defending it.
Baggy pants with large pockets will be the new fashion. Form follows function, what with 8" smartphones becoming the new rage.
One benefit is that it looks a lot nicer on your desk. The other is that it will sell a lot more if it looks nice. By the way you are talking I am not sure you remember what computers looked like 15 years ago. Hideous. Most people take pleasure in using a beautifully piece of equipment. Most people like their offices and homes to look nice. As long as the new iMac is as good, or better than its predecessor it's a win win. Remember that design can never stay still - if it...
Exactly. Doesn't anybody remember how they complained about the 8gb hd and how it was just about the price point? Well, they didn't and the price reflects that. I'd say it is right on target. Sign me up for two right off the bat. I also want, no... NEED, one of those 27" iMac's, and boy do I fancy one of those lovely 13" MBP's. Damn! Xmas has gone way over budget already!
Ooops - misread you and was gonna post something mean.... Edge thin/thickness is important in the sense that from most angles it LOOKS so impossibly thin and light. But my desk face the door to my office which means that I approach my mac from 'the back', so to speak. I wonder what the very bulbous looking back will look like in real life. Will I need to re-configure my office?
Sure - niche. But for the longest time, and still, people have been trying to niche away the iPad. Trying to define the category. Its OK to say that the iPad is a category but so what? Its meaningless in an of itself. When you categorized, classified or 'niched' the forthcoming iPad mini you called it a 'reader'. This is where the problem lies. Can you categorize the iPad along the same lines? A 'media consumption device' sure as hell doesn't work. I mean, who do you...
New Posts  All Forums: