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But Houdini was a 'brilliant' escape artist, were he not? If he was a criminal who spectacularly escaped from his captors in order to commit more crimes, would that make him a less 'brilliant' escapologist? It is nothing like your lawyer example. I may be a 'brilliant' conman. What would you call me? A despicable conman? But that is entirely different. Maybe I am a despicable yet brilliant conman, but once we have agreed that I am despicable it is surely OK to discuss the...
Huh... ? That doesn't make sense. Maybe I phrased it badly in that I suggested tactics can be honest or dishonest. Hitler may have been tactically brilliant but were I to argue that (which I am not), it would not mean I approved of his actions or thinking. If lying is part of your tactics you will be a liar, but possibly also a brilliant tactician. Hitler was commonly regarded as a brilliant orator, but that does not imply approval of the content of his speeches. 
Why? I am neither immoral nor dishonest, but I can see brilliance in 'immoral' and dishonest tactics just as I can see it in honest and 'moral' tactics. I may not approve of the former but that is beside the point. For you to see that a a sign that my character is questionable is ignorant and stupid, to be honest.
Sure, stealing is a valid 'tactic' in terms of the meaning of the word. There is no moral value attached to the term itself. Stealing can be a brilliant and efficient tactic to achieve a set goal, no matter how despicable or immoral in your's, or society's view.   Bernie Madoff was guilty of stealing, but he made a big mistake tactically if his aim was to get rich quick and reap the rewards thereof into retirement.
Oh yes of course. What was I thinking?
But how will it innovate?
I am pretty happy with Appple Maps, supplemented with several other options. But google maps is definitely more accurate around here. I reckon iOS maps misses by half a block or more a good 25% of the time.
I find iCloud very 'messy' and the admin of the services confusing. I am not sure which id's do what. I have no idea why I can't get iMessage on my computer, for instance. The admin part should cover all aspects and be identical and available on all devices as well as on iCloud. I'd like to get an overview of what is going on. I understand that this is hard to design but I don't know anyone who really 'gets it'
Great analogy. It's just like taxes. (Groan..)
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