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I haven't had almost any of the bugs that other people seem to be complaining about with iOS 8. I have had problems though with my auto rotation not working or the "raise to talk/raise to listen" feature not recognizing that I've raised my phone. The autorotation seems to be particularly buggy on Messages. I often have to go back to the home screen and restart the app before it will rotate to the correct rotation. When I use the raise to talk feature I more often...
The presidency? I'd vote for him.
Seems like in the featured photo it would make more sense to hide the camera lens behind the glasses' lens. It would be invisible to everyone except the wearer. 1) it's more fashionable. 2) it eliminates the public perception problems. Pretty sure that's what Apple would do if they were to release a similar product... which I don't expect they would.
It's the Mail update that interests me. I have a high end Retina MBP and Mail nearly shuts down my whole system when I try to send a large attachment with Mail Drop. I've also had Finder showing my folders as being completely empty even when I know they're not. Not being able to access my files is kind of a problem.
Maybe Apple can get a few content deals worked out and then just launch, leaving the holdouts in the cold until they come around like they did with NBC. They don't have to get all content available at launch, they just need to get enough to promote widespread abandonment of cable subscriptions. That movement is already started thanks to Netflix, Hulu, and iTunes. If Apple can get a deal with ESPN or someone with good sports coverage cable's days will be over.
I'm excited about Red Bull TV but I wish they would just make Watch ABC work. All I get is "Accessing ABC" no matter how long I wait. And the option to make a video repeat. That would be amazing.
$100 for a MBP trade-in? You might as well just give it to a stranger.
I'm in love with the update. Very little trouble with anything and some major improvements to Siri, Maps, and others. I suspect the delay until after 5:00 for updating had as much to do with backed up servers as anything else. That's how long it took me to get the update downloaded and installed.
Helpful article. And who cares if they've always been there. I'm the go-to guy among all of my friends and family when it comes to Apple stuff and I didn't even know about the hidden .com feature. Smaller subtle features are often missed or forgotten when flashy new ones (like Control Center and the Weather app) are introduced.
What stood out to me is that he didn't bother mentioning Samsung, which to me indicates his agreement that they're just copying Apple. I haven't used Windows 8 but at least MS is doing something different. Ballmer is an idiot but MS has done some good work lately (Xbox, Bing, and even W8 looks interesting) and I wish them well in the future. I certainly like their approach better than Google, Amazon, Samsung, or BlackBerry.
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