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That was short lived... The bundles are on sale for good prices but not for $10. Matrix and LotR collections are $18 and HP is now $60. Wish I'd been able to grab those before they changed it!
Most of those complaints could also be applied to Apple's iOS... It's not just about the technical stuff, it's about the user experience. Features that the Xbox One has for becoming the center of your entertainment system will go a long way in that area
I've never been a Microsoft fan but I'll give credit where it's due... I love Bing. I quit using Google months ago and never looked back. I'm also impressed with the Xbox One. I haven't played with the new Windows or Windows Phones yet but I like what I've seen. That said, I think a lot is being made over this supposed snub that I didn't really see. Google was still mentioned and used several times, even in the Siri screenshot of "Questions you can ask me". Chrome was...
Apple needs this. Even as a long time Apple fan I've quit using iTunes in favor of Spotify with occasional backup from Pandora, and I recommend Spotify to all my friends. Apple's video offerings could use some work too. I still keep up with a couple of shows through iTunes Season Pass but only the ones that aren't available through Hulu.
Rand Paul 2016. The only senator there with an ounce of sense.
They're just mad because Apple doesn't give them as much money through lobbyists...
Unless the statistics (web browsing, app downloads, etc) have changed since I saw them Android sells lots of phones to people who don't really use them for anything besides maybe phone calls. They're basically selling over-qualified feature phones, whereas Apple is selling iPhones to people who actually use them.
Sounds very much like an iRadio feature to me...
Everyone says (assumes?) the Kindle Fire is the major contender for sales compared to the iPad but I've been wondering if that's really the case. I've seen several friends carrying around Nooks but I have yet to see a single touchscreen Kindle around town. Did either company ever actually release their sales figures?
I've had iPhone 5 since launch, no case, and after careful inspection anyone would conclude that it's brand new out of the box. I've even been less careful about setting it on hard surfaces than I was with my iPhone 4, so I'm not sure where all the talk of how fragile it is comes from.Interesting that iPhone topped the list and iPad isn't even on it though.
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