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I've had iPhone 5 since launch, no case, and after careful inspection anyone would conclude that it's brand new out of the box. I've even been less careful about setting it on hard surfaces than I was with my iPhone 4, so I'm not sure where all the talk of how fragile it is comes from.Interesting that iPhone topped the list and iPad isn't even on it though.
I tried that, but still receive SMS when I'm out of service. It's not as big a deal now that I switched to a Verizon Share Everything plan with unlimited text, but on my old plan it was annoying. I was frequently out of service because of where I worked and kept having to pay for texts my friends would send.
FaceTime was down too. Got my mom a new iPhone and first time she tries out FT the servers are down. Servers go down though, not that big a deal. What I do find annoying is that if the message recipient has their phone off or is out of service it's impossible to send an iMessage instead of SMS. On a pay-per-text plan, I'd rather just send/receive a late iMessage than have to keep paying for every text.
I'd be all for a Spotify type service with access to the whole iTunes library. I haven't bought a song on iTunes in months because of Spotify, but there are still a handful of songs/artists missing.
The only problems I had with iOS 6 Maps is when updated the software on my iPhone 4. After I switched to the iPhone 5 I haven't had any problems at all.
I'd like to be able to access my music without iTunes Match, the same way I can ready access movies and tv shows. Or adding Spotify access would be nice. Have to agree with dreyfus2 though... ad-hoc networking would be nice. Would it work to just set up a hotspot on iPhone and connect ATV to that, or would that still somehow use cell data even if the content was stored on the iPhone? Hadn't thought to try that yet.
Not being able to use voice and data together has been my reason for not switching to Verizon until now, but I'm not willing to go down the road of AT&T deciding when and where I can use my data, so I'm paying an early termination fee and switching to Verizon. By jumping onto my roommates' Share Everything plan we'll all be saving money anyway.
I hope the websites are set up to allow pre-ordering a subsidized phone as a new line on an existing account...
Verizon's plans suck for someone who only has one personal phone. I called them out for that on Twitter and their only response was that if you add more devices in the future you could save. But unless/until you have multiple devices they just don't have any good options.
If they launched a subscription music service Ping could actually be useful. One of my biggest complaints about Spotify is that it sucks for music discovery, and that's should be one of its strengths given its social media ties. 10 years ago Steve Jobs was right... people wanted to own their music, not rent it. The market has changed now though. The iPod has become the iPhone and everyone has 3G and iCloud, so a subscription service is far more practical than it used to be.
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