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All you do is discuss trolls, trolling , and their feeding habits. It is you in fact who keeps derailing every thread left and right.
Best Buy is 100 times better than Radio Shack- stop with your cheerleading already. Radio Shack is pure strip mall.
If I'm in a basement how could I also be outside in the rain? Unless you believe me to be omnipresent.
Maybe because it's- "free" and I want to read it. What's weird about that? \
I thought I was on your "ignore" list. Blah, blah, blah- whatever-you only speak for yourself. Please put me back on your ignore list- I implore you.
Trolls this, trolls that- do you understand how limited your vocabulary is?
Could have, should have , would have. I'm sure they wouldn't care if they sell now or at $150.
?? That's your interpretation only. I never inferred that in the least.
It's wrong only because you should buy one already cut to size which I'm sure PowerSupport and others will offer.
New Posts  All Forums: