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To search what???
Sorry if it sounded like trolling. AI's bashing of Vista is usually either justified or funny. In this case... it just went too far in my opinion. Anyway... enjoy Leopard!
I agree!
It has absolutely nothing to do with trolling. For the first time in months, I finally decided to create an account, just to reply to the nonsense that was enumerated in that article. Being a regular reader of AI, I feel insulted by your remark. On another note, I was not commenting on the general style and content of the article. Leopard clearly has a lot to offer to users, old and new, but the amount of useless Vista bashing in this article went beyond the friendly,...
The amount of Vista bashing in this article was unwarranted, unnecessary and in several cases completely untrue. Disappointing. An example: "On Windows, be prepared for a frustrating delay every time you wake your laptop. " Utter nonsense. Sleep recovery is virtually instantaneous. Have you ever used Vista?
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