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Ok so I'm signed in on MobileMe on both machines and it still says I'm connected in as guest on the laptop. We have a family pack and both machines are signed in as my account, the master account. I tried clicking on "Connect As" on the laptop and then signed in as a "Registered User" using my MobileMe username/email alias and password as well, that didn't work. Any ideas? Anyone?
I'm trying to set up Back To My Mac on my two computers, my iMac and MacBook. Both are running Leopard 10.5.5, have Back To My Mac turned on, have MobileMe registered, and have screen sharing and file sharing turned on. I can access the MacBook fine from the iMac, screen sharing works great and starts as soon as I hit the screen sharing button. My problem is going the other direction. When using screen sharing from the MacBook to the iMac a dialog box comes up asking if I...
What a pain. Hmmm. Hopefully I work out something. Thank for your help.
Nice, This worked. Here's another question. When I add something to my iTunes on the MacBook it does not show up in the library on the iMac. Why is this. Do I have to do something manually to add it iTunes on the iMac. I was hoping that once I Downloaded something (podcasts, TV shows) they would automatically add them selves to all iTunes programs that point to the Media server. Do you know how I can get this done?
Yep Mr. Good Attitude.
Yes I had emptied the Trash. I have been going through my iMac to make more room. I have a ton of photography, and emptied the trash often to see how much room I really had. How do I set up my Mac to mount the networked drive at login? That would be so helpful. Thanks for the respone
Hey guys, I'm not a developer but this is an excellent idea. I just checked out the web app link and it looks great. Keep working on this! I wish I could help.
Hello All, I've tried searching this problem and have not had much luck finding a solution. So I'm asking you super smart people! Here's my problem (this problem will sound familiar, many people have had it): I moved my iTunes Library to my external Hard drive (500GB MyBook) using the "Change" button under the advanced tab in iTunes Preferences. Once my Media was copied over I checked the "Keep iTunes Music Folder organized" box and "Copy files to iTunes Music folder...
I also like these shields. The only problem I have (besides the corners) is that stuff tends to build up on the edge of the shield. Around the home button edge of the screen. It's like the adhesive used on the shield collects dust and grime and then builds up. Just run a toothpick along the edges of the shield and it will take it right off. Has anyone else noticed this or am I just gross and need to take a shower. !!!!!!!
I would totally use this. Maybe it will show up under MobileMe's new management!
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