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Yeah, I've read about many of these things, but i'm looking for things that don't take too long. I'd love to go to Alcatraz or walk around the big park for instance, but if I do either of those I might as well write off an entire afternoon.
Hi everybody. Next week's macworld is going to be my first in San Francisco (I went to NY in 2001), so while I pretty well know what to do at the convention, outside the Moscone center i'm going to be completely lost. I've been reading about some of the popular sights in the city but most seem like they require more time than I'll have. Are there any cool things to do right near the center? And along the same line, what are some good (and reasonably priced) restaurants...
Just got mine last night (low-end model). No problems except that the delete key sticks if I hit it too hard. But I'll take it to the store next week and hopefully all will be well. Screen seems fine, though I don't think I'd be able to notice if the basklight was uneven.
I just got a new powermac G5 1.8 ghz and I quickly found out I need a bigger hard drive. I remember a few years ago there was a discussion here about which brand was best (Segate, Western Digital, etc) and I can't for the life of me remember what the title was and can't find it. So I'll ask myself. Which HD do you have in your mac and is it any good? Thanks.
HOW!!!! That's what I want to do, but I can't copy any files!
My music is on my ipod, but I'm not going to delete it if I'm not positive I can restore it. Plus, the iPod is still only 5gb without music.
Is there a way I can do that from my iMac or off a CD and save it to my iMac. A guy at Apple suggested booting off the OS X cd and saving an image onto my iPod, but my iPod only has 1 gb left free and the HD is 9 gb full.
I did that. I ran Norton several times. I ran Tech Tool. I checked it with the disk utility on the OS X cd. I don't know what to do, and neither does anyone at apple. Also, if it helps, I can start the computer up ok, but it won't let me login (doesn't accept the password.)
I'm stumped. I need to format my computer, but I can't copy any of my files off it. I put it in target disk mode on my imac and it shows up fine. I open it up and all my files are there, but when I try to drag some of the files onto the imac, they dissapear ( I can't copy them). I know they are there but I can't do anything with them. Why is this?
I am going to buy a new digicam and have narrowed my choices to the Nikon 4300 and the Canon Powershot S400. Both have all the features I need/want and cost the same. So I am asking for help. No reviews I could find gave any opinions on the features I look at most, so I am asking you to give me some. I most need a fast shutter, fast write to disk time, a good zoom, and fast autofocus. If any of you own these cameras or any like them and have any opinions on the above,...
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