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Spring 1968, Idea for Song: A mid-tempo rock ballad in which the singer, back by a spare piano arrangement, urges a young man to make it better. The arrangement gets more complex as other instruments are gradually added. Finally, in an extended repeated coda, there is the addition of a chorus and small orchestra.    If only I'd copyrighted this I'd be rich. 
!0% of the US market would put Apple ahead of Honda and only slightly behind Chrysler in terms of market share. Apple would have to produce high volume, low profit margin products in order to reach numbers like this. There is nothing in Apple's DNA to imply any interest or skill in this type of product. There are plenty of products Apple could develop that would be used in cars and require testing on the road. It is far more likely that Apple is working on one of those. If...
I noticed the word "may." I thought about it in this context but the moment they say upwards of "may" loses all meaning. They could have said "may have sold almost" but they did produce an article that utterly refutes the headline.  I am starting to think English is not the primary language of the editorial staff here.
No, it is not sensible, not if the headline uses the phrase "upwards of." Upwards of means more than. If they had said "almost" then the number would have been sensible. But for an article that states that analysts' predictions range from 50-58 million, the headline "upwards of 60 million" is not reasonable.  
@Rob53 ""upwards of 60" means close to 60. Literary license. :-)" That is not correct. "Upwards of" means more than or in excess of. Check it out: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/upwards%20of The headline should read "Upwards of 50 million."
Not one analyst seem to say 60 million iPhones. Where does the number in the headline come from?
No, but when someone invents a new and novel way of breaking a law it can sometimes be difficult to argue that the law has in fact been broken.  
No, they didn't beat anyone at their own game.  They are stealing, copying and rebroadcasting.  They may have found a way around some technicalities but that doesn't change what they are doing.     Beating them at their own game would be to create content and find a way to make money distributing it to people's homes.  
Forstall may have a lot of faults but the Maps debacle is entirely related to the company's famous secrecy policy. In the Bay area, the maps are amazing but the program lacks sufficient data to meet the needs of a world-wide customer base. How hard would it have been to get 1,000 iPhone 4s with a beta of the new Maps app into the hands of willing fan boys and pay them to drive around, getting directions to places and then going there to see if it worked, then reporting...
So, in lieu of brand new processors and some apparently unavailable technology we are getting a much cheaper path to some fairly high powered stuff.  If Logic can use 12 cores then the $3700 price seems pretty reasonable.  I was among the chorus crying foul when I first saw the specs but knowing that the path to high power comes at a lower cost is as much of a boon as the latest CPU, since i couldn't afford the 12 core before. 
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