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Speaking of using the iPhone, why in the heck does it do a bluetooth auto-setup with WiFi and then not grab iTunes and iCloud credentials?
The biggest idiotic interface move by Apple was to eliminate the "seasons" menu from paid TV shows and instead line up all of the shows from every season into a single side-scrolling list.    The biggest idiotic move by Netflix was to eliminate the "My List" screen from and instead line up all 150 of my movies and shows into a single side-scrolling list that's only viewable four at a time.    Another idiotic thing was eliminating the ability to rearrange my movie Wish...
"The contaminated apps Lookout found were harvested from Google Play, infected with a payload and then republished on third party app sites enabled by Google's open app model allowing Android users to find and download apps from multiple stores " Sounds to me like someone was trying to get something for nothing and got more than they bargained for. "Let's see, should I buy Candy Crush on the Play store, or should I go to this other site and download a version uploaded by...
Apple maps seems to get confused as to what's nearby constantly. I was in Moline IL this weekend (don't ask) and did a Map search for "waterfront". Maps promptly showed me a map pin for "waterfront" placed in... Cape Town, Africa.
No, in plain language it will be offered for the $10 you already pay to put a cellular iPad or other device on a shared account.
Had this idea a couple of years ago. Why can't I, for example, have an iPhone 6s Plus and an iPhone 5s and just pick whichever device I need for the day? Or use the Plus for my workday and slip the smaller 5s into my pocket if I'm going out for the evening and I don't need the super-phone with me?
 You're correct in that the SAME tech tends to get cheaper over time. But how is redesigning the pad, adding force touch, rechargeable batteries and Lightning recharging circuitry translate into being the same tech?
Cool. Now some enterprising company just needs to resell them to us!
I have a 6s Plus and wonder if this is related to the Home screen rotation lock issue I'm having. Sometimes when I wake up the device it wakes up in landscape mode and won't rotate back to portrait mode. It's not just the device, iOS 9.0.1 on an iPhone 6 Plus did the same thing.
Just stick with Lightning. You can have a digital 3.5" dongle  if need be, use Lightning headphones, or just skip the whole thing and go Bluetooth LE.   Also, is it just my wishful thinking, or could Apple easily make a USB-C-Lightning cable?
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