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 Uh... no. They may take up space, but an app you've never run isn't taking up memory. I also find it a bit funny that this is the same issue Microsoft had with unbundling Internet Explorer, in that other portions of the OS depended upon functionality provided by the browser.
Be cool if an app could tie into that audio stream. Or even just Siri could do so.   A, "Hey, Siri. Record." Feature could be very, very handy, especially if you're being stopped by police or find yourself in a dicy situation.
The Create looks more like my cup of tea than Apple's floppy soft keyboard.
Something everyone should keep in mind is that this is primarily a developer's conference and as such we're seeing a lot of features related to things developers need to do, like support size classes in their apps. As such, the final iOS 9 release could have plenty of new features that we're only going to see during the next iPhone announcement.
"If you want a product that's thicker with a bigger battery it's also heavier, more costly, takes longer to charge," Schiller said. "We model every thickness, every size, every weight and try to figure out what the tradeoffs are. I think we've made great choices there." Here's the thing: Next time process improvements let you make a thinner iPhone... don't. Keep it the same size and weight as it is right now. Doesn't need to be thicker, just the same.
Unless the RSS feed returns the entire article, all you see is a standardized summary and to read the rest you usually have to click on a link to the web site. And all of the different web sites are... shall we say... less than consistent. Not to mention loaded with ads and pop-up sign-up scripts.
Love the idea, but suspect that I'm going to hate the implementation, and for much the same reason I hate Flipboard and love Zite.   Cook mentioned that News would host excellent typography and a Times article would look like a Times article. Thing is, I don't WANT each and every article to look different, any more than I want to read a book or magazine where every chapter and page switches fonts, styles, and margins.   What I want in a news aggregator is CONSISTENCY....
 To be pedantic, but accurate, Force Touch is basically a long, "hard" press that a pressure sensor built into the device can recognize. That's also an input method, not feedback.  The Taptic Engine generates pulses and vibrations as notifications and as feedback to various actions, including Force Touch.  The new pressure-sensitive trackpad on the MB uses Force Touch as well as a version of the Taptic Engine to provide fake "clicks" that simulate the moving mechanical...
Siri also wants to be expanded, but I think for that to happen Apple is going to need to allow apps to be set as "defaults" for certain actions. E.g., all find-a-restaurant-related questions go to Yelp, all movie questions go to IMDB, and so on.   Otherwise you end up with the same problem as you do when you double-click a text document on the Mac. Lot's of people can open it, but who does so by default?   Similarly, lot's of apps could answer "where are the best...
I wrote about this years ago, as it's a classic case of marketing myopia, and not understanding their core business model. BB "thought" they were in the phone business, when actually they were in the secure communication business.   When iPhone and Android came out and took off, RIM had one chance: Take their secure messaging platform and port it to iOS and Android and Windows phone as apps.   If they had done that soon enough, they stood to own the secure corporate...
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