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 Actually, I'd love a version of the iPhone 4/4s with the durable flat metal sides, but with the iPhone 6's curved glass front and back to provide the rounded edges.  It would be a lot more durable and scratch resistant than the aluminum back and sides on the 5 and 6.
"Contrary to a Wednesday New York Times report, %u201Cthere are no fines to MCX merchants%u201D who choose to partner with Apple Pay and leave the merchant group..." Nice way to sidestep the issue. Yep. there are no fines, but the MCX contract reportedly gives MCX a three year exclusivity window. IOW, if you want to use MCX, your payment terminals can't support any other electronic payment system. So much for a competitive marketplace. Also, you may be able to use a...
 I think the name Merchant CUSTOMER EXCHANGE pretty much says it all. A customer's information and data will be exchanged and shared to one and all.
""Removing this sensitive information from the mobile device significantly lowers the risk of it being inappropriately disclosed in a case that the mobile device is hacked, stolen or otherwise compromised," Davidson wrote." Ah. That explains the list of email addresses that hackers just stole from the "secure" cloud-based servers...
So, a question: What would a bank or credit card company need to do to have you use their card on Apple Pay and make it your "default" card?   Seriously.
Wells Fargo is paying to be "top of wallet" and hoping that once they're there the user will simply be too lazy to add additional cards and kick them out of the top spot.   The default Apple Pay card is the one that's going to get the lion's share of the transactions.
It may feel lighter, but it's largely an illusion. The Air weighs 1 pound, while the Air 2 weighs 0.96 pounds. I find it interesting that it's 18% thinner but it's nearly the same exact weight.
Besides, you can't make the silly thing much thinner with venturing into iPad "bend-gate" territory...
Just once I'd like to hear them say, "And we listened to our users. Instead of taking all of our new power-saving technologies and using them to make the iPad thinner, we made it exactly the same thickness and filled the interior with a larger battery, adding 18 additional hours to the battery life!" We call this iPad the "weekender"...
 If you're walking around carrying an iPad, you're carrying an iPad. So how, exactly, is it easier to put it down and dig out your phone instead? I think people taking pix with them look silly too, but they do it nonetheless.
New Posts  All Forums: