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If you "dock" the watch you're going to miss out on the haptic notifications.   I'm not sure what you gain from "docking" it other than trying to keep it charged and personally, I've yet to have any battery life issues whatsoever. It's 4:30 and I've worn mine since 7AM and it's still at 67%.
 Ummm... tell that to Apple.
 Apple makes plenty of machines with more ports, so if that's your "deal breaker", buy one of those. However, for people who spend most of their time traveling or in meetings or  doing whatever, the single port probably works well. If you need to come home and plug in to a bigger screen and a drive, just buy a MBP or buy the adaptor and leave it plugged into all of those devices. (You know, what other people call "a dock".) I'm a developer and yes, I have a 15" MPB that's...
 Apple isn't going to enter the market with a dedicated camera because it's a steadily shrinking market. Pro's won't use it, and enthusiasts are happier with buttons and knobs. (Actually, sales aren't "shrinking" so much as they are falling off a 15,000-ft cliff.) If Apple dumps this tech into a phone and gains decent low-light capabilities with any kind of an optical zoom, then in 3-4 years practically no one is going to carry or even own a dedicated P&S camera. (Okay,...
Actually, what I want to see a story on is how Apple's going to appease its "Gold" customers when the next generation watch ships.    Unlike a traditional watch, this version is going to be "obsolete" within a couple of years as processors, screens, and batteries improve and evolve. What then? Just throw a $17,000 watch in the back of a drawer?
Pressure? "Anything in the price range of 500 francs to 1,000 francs ($500-$1,000) is really in danger," Mock told Bloomberg. "I do expect an Ice Age coming toward us."
 Too bad they didn't do the same thing with the automobile. Just think of all of the ways someone could act irresponsibly or, ever worse, commit a crime and then be miles away in minutes.  Yep, too many problems, and people are way, way too stupid to come up with solutions. Best to ban them altogether.
 Ah, the infamous "but" clause...
Nikon Coolpix S1
 Objective-C was showing it's age and many of the recent improvements added to it were more or less "bolted on". There were also some core assumptions built in, as well as a lack of support for "native" number and string types, that more or less prevented any further improvement without breaking existing software and code. To go with your car analogy, there may not have been "quantum" advances in automotive technology over the last 30 years (OC was created in early...
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