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iPhones eat iPod sales. iPads eat MacBook sales. But it's better to cannibalize your own sales than let someone else do it. That's a lesson that DEC, Compaq, and many, many others never learned.
First, it would be nice if it worked more often. About 30% of the time I get the "unable to connect to my server" message. For Siri to make an impact, it has to be available. Otherwise, I don't think people are going to keep trying to use it. Second, more databases, sure, but I'd also like it to do more with my phone. Especially toggling settings that are tucked away. Would love to be able to say, "Turn on my personal hotspot." Or, "Disable Bluetooth."
I think it lists upgrades with every version, including faster and better battery life each time. It's just that the major redesigns seem to hit during the even years (and mid-contract starting with the 3G), with internal upgrades alternating during the odd years.
This site gives some insight into the iPhone upgrade cycles. http://www.iSights.org/2011/10/the-i...ade-cycle.html Basically, there are major cycles and minor cycles, with the major cycles rather strategically placed during the middle of the contract period. In that way Apple tries to entice people to upgrade mid-cycle.
I think someone else above nailed it: The funeral will overlap their marketing message, so they moved it.
Out of respect? Google, maybe. But Samsung? And an event that's still a week away? Odd. Maybe the Ice Cream is still a little soft.... Or, more likely, they don't want to be seen as attempting to trash Steve and his creations so close to his death. Whatever it is, there's a business decision behind it.
I know several women who'd probably love the Kindle's size as its something that's more easily thrown into a bag or purse. The iPad is a wonderful device, but unless you always have a briefcase or backpack you have to make a conscious choice to carry it.
"While half the price of Apple's tablet..." 'Nuff said. There's no doubt that Apple's hardware is better. But they will compete against one another, and at that price point the Fire will be "good enough" for a lot of people. Everyone does the iPad comparison, but to my mind the people who just got really screwed are Samsung, HTC, RIM, and the like. There's Apple, now there's Amazon, and then there's everyone else...
Actually, didn't I just read the Mac marketshare in the US just hit 15%?http://osxdaily.com/2011/03/18/mac-m...a-14-and-more/ Bascially, Apple's numbers here in the US have doubled over the past two-three years.
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