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It's thin enough. Hey, I have an idea! Keep the iPad 2 the same size, and fill it with a lighter battery that gives it 18-20 hours of battery life. Steve is always in love with thin, but often forgets that people outside of an office would like to use his wonderful toys for more than a few (okay, ten) hours a day.
I suspect it will be locked down pretty tight. At $250, they have to be subsidizing it in hope of gaining future book and media sales. Selling a device that can have all of the Amazon ties removed just to become an el-cheapo Android tablet... well, they're going to frown on that.
Well, it almost captures the feeling of reading a book printed with dull gray ink on a gray-green background. In other words, contrast on e-ink sucks. And poor contrast causes eye strain too, you know. You can compensate somewhat with larger text, but if the light is not great I found that I had to increase the font size so much that I found I could actually display more words per page on my iPhone than on my Kindle. Then there's the headache-inducing...
If you turn off the rearranging feature, full-screening an app always sends to to the last desktop space, thus you'd know that most of your permanently assigned spaces are to the left. Since I'm running on a Cinema Display, there are very few applications I fullscreen, mainly Aperture and Final Cut.
True, and I've requested it. (You can too, go to apple.com/feedback) You could, of course, also merge the desired name onto a set of different background images and get close to the same thing... (Mail, News, Development, ...)
Okay, I liked Spaces too. In fact, I loved Spaces. In fact, I was a Space-oholic, running 9, and even sometimes 12 of the silly things.http://www.isights.org/2007/11/confessions-of-.html As such, I was predisposed to hate Mission Control, which promised to screw with all of my carefully designed spaces and adjacencies. But to tell the truth. MC is better. You need to do four things to use MC effectively. One is to go to the Control Panel for MC and uncheck "Automatically...
I suspect that the current design becomes the new entry level design (as happened with the 3GS), and the redesign sports the larger screen, new case, and so on. One interesting data point: Element Case, who makes aluminum iPhone cases, is currently offering a trade-in-your-old-case-and-get-50%-off sale. To me, this means that they're trying to blow out their current inventory before something new hits...
Try reading for comprehension. I said, "could have".Let's see... a $500 device that can be taken from table to table and easily replaced... or replace every table in the restaurant at $7,500 a crack... hmmm.Actually, you have a set of general purpose machines modified and/or customized to take on specific tasks.
I never said anything about overtaking Apple. I did, however, imply that HP could have focused their efforts (and designs) on markets that Apple is never going to go after. If you're doing a custom restaurant menu system, you need a sturdy tablet that can take abuse, be dropped, and so on. Think iPad "Toughbook." And since it's also basically a custom terminal running custom software, the fact that Apple has 100 zillion apps is meaningless. It does what it does and that's...
HP bailed too soon. There's a consumer tablet (iPad) market to be sure, and then there's a business market. Look at the businesses that are integrating iPads in cash register systems, restaurant menus, and so on. There's a need for custom designs (pads that can be misused and dropped, for one) that Apple simply isn't going to fill.
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