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Anything else you're willing to compromise on? Build quality? Display quality? OS that works?
They didn't have Android in it's current form, they had it in that one, to compete against Blackberry. But it became obvious that Apple's iPhone had not only moved the goal posts, but the entire damn playing field. As such, they needed a couple of years to rework the user interface.
Actually, Android IS a clone in more ways than one. It wasn't enough to simply steal the iPhone UI. Google ripped off the Sun mobile JVM, changed things here and there just enough to get past the licensing requirements, and then marketed the result as Android.
And if the Android marketplace isn't profitable? An "open" OS sold to a bunch of people who don't believe in paying for software isn't going to support a lot of developers. Google itself is "unhappy" with the state of the marketplace. It's filled with tons of crappy apps that manage to hide the very few gems. Despite Android's parity in market share, by all reports actual sales are a fraction of those for iOS.
Since we don't have access to the part, we don't know the power requirements, now do we? Then there's the whole thing about dual-core processors and improved graphics chips. Apple doubled the resolution on the iPhone 4, added a faster processor to handle it, and INCREASED the battery life while doing it. As such, I'm not unilaterally prepared to say that they can't do the same exact thing on the iPad. Are you?
One didn't hear all that many complaints about screen resolution of the 3GS either, did they? As to why... competition. Many, many, many companies are going to releasing Android and WebOS and whatnot pads in the near future. But -- and this is a big but -- most will be spec'd to beat (or at least try to match) the specs for the CURRENT generation iPad. Now Apple has a chance, with the screen, with speed, with form factor, with battery life, to blow ALL of them out of the...
Ummm... you mean the same way the user experience was intact when the iPhone went to a Retina display? People seem to forget that Apple already did this. iPhone 4 went Retina. Existing apps looked just like existing apps, albeit with sharper text. Apps that updated their graphics were sharper all around. Why would the iPad be any different? At worst, an existing all-graphical app would look no worse than an app on the current iPad. The majority would be improved. Updated...
Yes... but... you're not increasing the size of the panel. A 9" Retina iPad screen is the same physical size as the current 9" screen. Those astronomical HDTV costs you're tossing around are due primarily to SCALE. Huge sheets of glass. Oversized manufacturing techniques. Rejection costs. Limited production runs. And so on. The only thing you said that made sense is questioning the existence of the part, itself. Which makes me wonder why no one is calling around trying...
You mean, like the iPhone 4?
If by "blow it" you mean "failed to innovate", you're correct. Palm enjoyed basking in past glories, and believed more in doing one thing and one thing only. Again, and again, and again, Palm has trailed behind the technology curve. Look how long it took them in the PDA market just to add a color screen to the silly thing. Their reason? People will prefer battery life over fancy graphics. Guess what? They didn't. And finally, you're wrong about Palm and Apple. Why?...
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