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If by "blow it" you mean "failed to innovate", you're correct. Palm enjoyed basking in past glories, and believed more in doing one thing and one thing only. Again, and again, and again, Palm has trailed behind the technology curve. Look how long it took them in the PDA market just to add a color screen to the silly thing. Their reason? People will prefer battery life over fancy graphics. Guess what? They didn't. And finally, you're wrong about Palm and Apple. Why?...
As in PCs, Apple will have the minority share in terms of units... but as the "last man standing" profit-wise, they will rake in the majority of the revenues. Android phones are the "commodity PCs" of the market place. Carriers will give them away, and manufacturers will fight over who gets the most nickels and dimes.
So what's the future of OS X Server? Especially with no true servers to run it on? Seems to me Apple should update OS X Server to run on ANY server platform.
Forget that. What I want to know is why the Apple TV rather conveniently lost the ability to rent standard-definition movies? Currently, you can NOT rent a standard definition movie that costs $2.99. It only shows $3.99 HD movies. Same for new flicks. No $3.99 rentals, only $4.99 ones.
I understand using RFID and NFC for things like digital wallets and credit cards, but why would Apple not also enable this over Bluetoth or WiFi? Then any existing iPhone, iPad, or Touch could act as your "Home" folder on nearly any current Mac. Just pair them up like you currently do with Apple TVs and Apple Remote apps. Or simply allow encrypted WiFi connections to a password-protected "folder" on an iOS device. As far as I can see, NFC hardware brings nothing to...
Do you idiots not understand how retail product distribution works? If you can get my app in front of 50 million Mac owners, and handle application delivery AND payment processingÂ… I will GLADLY give you 30% of the action.
Quite. I've bought quite a few shows from iTunes, and it's gotten to the point where I can't stand to watch regular television. I refuse to waste 20 minutes of every hour watching ads for Shamwows and Aptivia.... My time alone is worth the buck.
You do know about the Apple TV "Remote" app, right?
First, have you ever used the crappy interface provided by the standard cable box? This is simpler than that. And as to a Coverflow-only interface... get real. There are tens of thousands of movies and TV show/episodes available on iTunes... and you want to browse all of them sequentially with Coverflow??? I, for one, am glad you're not in charge of UI design at Apple....
iWork is currently in its second release cycle. iLIfe (iMove, Garage Band, etc.) have been out much long.
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