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I don't agree. This seems to provide the Android market with a built-in excuse. "The PLATFORM is fine. It's all of those crappy phones that are the problem." But I doubt the market will see it that way. If too many companies tout their latest Android hardware as the greatest thing since sliced bread and then fail to deliver, plenty of that mud is going to stick to Android. "Android phones suck." The flipside, of course, is that they could in fact make great phones....
The whole world is in a recession... so why is why Apple is enjoying record sales, and why did the stock just hit a record high? If the recession is to blame, then why aren't they suffering as well? Look on Amazon's Best Selling Electronics list. The Touch (32GB) is #3, the 8GB is #5, the 64GB is #37, and even the old 16GB is #77. No games or consoles are listed in the top 100. (Though, oddly enough, the Kindle is somehow #1.) Even in the dedicated video game...
Does Flash support HARDWARE decoding of H.264?
If it means replacing Oracle or Sun servers with Microsoft products, then they would in fact be eating their own dogfood in that regard. That is, using their own products to do what they're designed to do and to fulfill those functions, and not use someone else's. It's part of the reason Balmer goes crazy whenever he see's a MS employee with an iPhone...
There's a bug in Snow Leopard that prevents mounting volumes via AFP on Netware and OES Linux and when attempting to mount OS 9 shares under OS X. The bug was present in earlier builds of Snow Leopard, but wasn't fixed in the final release. A friend has a cluster of old macs running OS 9 for some work and can no longer get to them from OS X after I upgraded his system to Snow Leopard. To say he's pissed would be an understatement.
When surfing "dark places" I use OS X Fast User Switching to bump over to a non-admin account and run Firefox with Private Browsing on and Java and Javascript off.
I was really hoping for a device with roughly four times the screen real estate of an iPhone, which translates into somewhere around a six inch diagonal. That would make a device that's pocketable (in a coat or jacket pocket), but not so big that you'd need a backpack to carry it. It would also make a good 'tween device for when you need more than your iPhone, but don't want to carry that 15" MacBook Pro. Make it too large (and 10" is too large) and you might as well...
Does Microsoft Bob mean anything to you?
A "less scratchable matte plastic body?" You mean a non-mirrored iPod/iPhone surface that's NOT a fingerprint magnet? Steve would NEVER let it happen.
Isn't turn-by-turn nav one of those things best left to dedicated devices and automobile dashboards? If you're on a trip long enough to require turn-by-turn directions, aren't you probably going to want to use your phone as, well, a phone? Check email or text messages at the stop light? Listen to music or audiobooks along the way?
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