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First, have you ever used the crappy interface provided by the standard cable box? This is simpler than that. And as to a Coverflow-only interface... get real. There are tens of thousands of movies and TV show/episodes available on iTunes... and you want to browse all of them sequentially with Coverflow??? I, for one, am glad you're not in charge of UI design at Apple....
iWork is currently in its second release cycle. iLIfe (iMove, Garage Band, etc.) have been out much long.
If I pay can I get it before friggin' November? And like one of the commenters above, I don't understand the long delay time either. (And yes, I am a developer.) Why is iOS 4 taking so long to release? This is especially curious since it's already available on the Touch. The download comment does make sense either..if the severs can handle eight million iPhones they can handle a few million ipads..
The shell was originally reported as being aluminum. Even the Gizmodo teardown of the stolen phone said it was aluminum. Which is, as the article states, no one guessed...
Yes, it was pulled. And it's already been reinstated. Shouldn't a news organization like, check for facts or something???
I find it interesting that the seams could provide an electrical break in the case between both sides of the device. Grab the phone, you close the gap. So.... anyone know why it might be beneficial to have a phone that "knows" when it's being held?
Or using them as photo / video buttons while in the camera app.
First, study some basic economics. PROFIT is what's left over AFTER you pay all of your expenses. Or didn't you figure that out after running your corner lemonade stand? Second, read for comprehension. $13 of the $26 for the hardback went to the bookseller (i.e. Borders or Barnes & Noble) and NOT to the publisher. Booksellers, in turn, have costs like... oh... a BUILDING, employees, utilities, and so on. People need to get past the idea that the physical cost of an item...
Besides, just how how "marketing information" does a magazine publisher get when I buy a magazine off the rack? Give me an incentive to share my demographic data with you and I might. Otherwise...
Actually, I think Verizon should make a 3G hardware accessory (dongle) and app for the iPhone / Touch / iPad. Imagine doing VOIP using a Verizon app on the iPod Touch!
New Posts  All Forums: