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On my MBA I've found that Adobe Updater is the worst offender in regard to processor overloading. Downloading a simple PS update can peg the processor at 100% for hours at a time. Computer gets so hot it shuts off the battery charging mechanism. Of course, Flash video players come in a close second...
Incidentally, the iPhone 2.01 update is now available for download. Perhaps that will correct some of the issues mentioned.
I think you need to turn that statement around, and tell me the name of any large bank or corporation that DOESN'T us any Macs at all. Heck, I bet even Dell owns at least a few...
There's a big difference between precision and accuracy.
'Course, their estimates need to be taken with a grain of salt, as they've undoubtedly been done WITHOUT an actual iPhone in their possession to tear down, nor do I suspect that they have access to the numbers from Apple's supplier's contracts. In fact, it probably isn't so much as estimate as it is a WAG...
So whatever happened to the concept that you can't simply patent an idea? They may have talked to Apple, but what, in fact, did they have to license other than what appears to be a back-of-the-envelope sketch connecting a few servers and devices? Any technology? Any software? Anything at all?
Which one? Macs? iTunes? Apple TV and rentals? Accessories? Oh, you mean iPods. Well, that model is going away anyway, as evidenced by the Touch, leaving Shuffles for cheap presents and some nano-type device for joggers. But as Cook also said, it's better to canabalize your own sales than have someone else do it to you. A fact many, many companies learned far too late.
You state that the Air's SuperDrive doesn't need the extra power, but I believe this to be incorrect for two reasons: the first is that other DVD R/W drives need it, hence the need for extra power adaptors or Y cables, and the fact the drive doesn't work off a standard powered USB port even when connected to the Air. Second, you're basing this on information gained from the System Profiler, which is reporting power usage of 500ma. However, Profiler reports the same...
The only times I've had Safari go belly up has been on sites that make extensive use of Flash. Browse with plugin's off, and Safari just keeps going and going. Not to mention that you're spared from seeing most "rich" advertising.
According to the latest chart from AT&T, 38 states currently have some form of 3G support, though in many access is limited to just a handful of major metropolitan areas. Until we have a network to run it on, having 3G in an iPhone is like owning a Ferrari in the middle of a sandy desert. Nice to look at, but it's not going to take you anywhere.
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