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So don't upgrade. Your old music works just fine, doesn't it? Besides, you're now also getting higher quality files from the other three labels, so it's not like you're not getting anything for your money. Think DVD to BluRay...
From the earlier article, "People familiar with these plans have described the [iMac] refresh to consist of 'speed bumps' rather than major internal or external changes." So no one is buying iMacs because of a few "speed bumps"?
Well, you can actually cut off the left earpiece. Snip the left wire right at the "Y" and you'll have a "mono" headset. It should be obvious, but if you have set of iPhone buds, cut off the left side and NOT the right side with the mic and switch. Be sure NOT to nick the right wire when you make the cut. I have a couple of pair that I've modified this way and use them as a mono phone headset and to listen to audiobooks, podcasts, and TV shows on my iPhone. (None of which...
Apple is already shipping an aluminum notebook at 13". It's called a MacBook. As such you're not going to get a 12" machine. Not enough differentiation. I suspect that instead of a "netbook" we're soon going to see an iPad. An oversized iPod Touch.
Well... even if they'd kept DVI you'd still need a "bag of adapters" to connect to DVI and HDMI and VGA and anything else. Call it an "adaptor" or an "X to Y" cable, you still need one and you're still SOL without it. Reminds me of the days when they started playing around with the SCSI specification and you needed a half-dozen cables and adaptors to connect anything to anything.
I do the same thing, but only because the brain dead iTunes store doesn't let you save interesting songs, movies, and applications to Wish List.
Funny you should mention that. What if Apple were to open an "App Store" for Mac applications? What if smaller developers suddenly had access to millions of customers and access to a modern shopping cart/credit card payment system? What if developers knew that their software could be delivered securely, protected, and would not be ripped off and "shared"? What if users had "one stop shopping" for affordable Mac applications? What if?
Why does Target or WalMart get a "cut" of your product? Perhaps because it's their store? Because they are the ones providing access to millions of customers? Because they're handling the sales, credit card processing, "returns", and complaints? Try developing for, say, WinMobile. Now, go see just how big a piece of the action a major distributor like Handango wants as their cut. (hint: 50%+)Write a better application? Seriously. Because if your application isn't good...
Update also fixes the Emergency Call bug that would let you into a locked phone.
So? It already manages SD movies of that size fairly well. Sounds like a non-issue to me.
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